What is SleepBot?

Human beings have a complicated relationship with sleep. We dream of it, we dread our need for it. A third of our lives are spent in bed yet we don't even feel the hours passing by. How much sleep do we get each night, and what happens during that time?

Edison Wang Twitter Homepage Email
Edison Wang, Android

Edison likes eating spicy foods and learning new programming languages. He codes random projects in his spare time while listening to Spotify.

Jane Zhu Twitter Homepage Email
Jane Zhu, Product

Jane never thinks that her work is good enough, so she keeps iterating until she ends up with work that looks like it was made by a ten-person team. She still won't think it's good.

Daniel Amital Twitter Homepage Email
Daniel Amitay, iOS

Daniel is an awesome developer who loves making really interactive apps. He has a bunch of open source projects and is overly sarcastic.

The Story...

SleepBot was founded off a conversation Jane and Edison had one morning at 5am about how great it would be if they knew how much sleep they weren't getting. They realized that after having a second or third all-nighter, they'd lose count of how many hours they'd missed and still feel awful even after their schedules went back to normal.

After unsuccessfully searching for an easy way to track sleep, they created SleepBot Tracker Log, a simple app that anybody could use to log their hours. Since then, SleepBot's received overwhelming support from people who are just looking for easy tools to learn more about their sleep!