Best Price Mattress Review for 2021


  • Dimensions: 41″ x 17″ x 10″
  • Weight: 53lbs 
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Number of layers: 3
  • CertiPUR-US certified: Yes
  • Warranty: 10 years


Materials Quality








  • Super Affordable
  • Good Pressure Relief
  • Excellent Motion Isolation
  • Great for Combo Sleepers
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Three Memory Foam Layers


  • Not Manufactured in the USA
  • Off-Gassing
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Here we have a model of humble origins, so to say. It is not as famous as most other high quality mattresses you can find on the top 10 lists. So, what makes the best price mattress worthy of our attention?

The shortest answer lies in its name. The mattress is quite affordable, but of high quality. The manufacturer promises you’ll get a bang for your buck. Even though it comes at a friendly price, one would be wrong to call it a cheap mattress.

Restful sleep is important. But, not everyone can afford to spend a thousand dollars on a bed. That’s where models like this come in. By using easy-to-manufacture memory foam and by employing innovative sales tactics, companies like Best Price Mattresses can offer everyone an affordable solution.

The specifications look promising. On paper, the model has everything it takes to ensure a restful night. It has the right certification, thickness, and warranty. One could even compare it with some pricier models.

But, has the company succeeded in manufacturing a pocket-friendly bed? Does it have all you need for a good night’s sleep? Read our best price mattress review to find out more.

Best Price Mattress Features

The Construction

The best price full size mattress is an all-foam model. It features three layers of memory foam. The bed is 10″ thick. You can place it practically anywhere. Still, it’s best to avoid putting on the floor.

You can use it with a plywood base, box spring, platform bed frame, or slate frame support. Many love it as its an excellent fit for any RV. This might be the perfect solution for your RV adventures, as it is comfortable and inexpensive.

The model has a nice poly Jacquard cover that’s soft to the touch. The cover is a blend of polyester and bamboo fibers. It is easy to remove. The first layer is 3″ thick. It’s both attractive and breathable.

The top layer is the comfort layer, so it should be a bit on the soft side, but not too much. The first layer contours to your body. It adapts to one’s shape quite nicely. It offers the one of a king “hug” that memory foams are known for. 

It’s one of the main reasons many people opt for memory foam. The material offers sufficient support for all sleep styles. The top layer is infused with charcoal.

Charcoal is probably the last thing that comes to mind when thinking about getting some sweet shut-eye. Many manufacturers add “exotic materials” that inflate the price, but don’t do much.

So, naturally, we are skeptical whenever we see some unorthodox materials in our bed. However, charcoal has a practical purpose here. It wicks away moisture and helps with temperature regulation.

The charcoal also helps neutralize any unwanted smells. So, even though there is some off-gassing at first, you can expect the model to smell fresh for quite a long time.

The second layer is 2″ thick. The manufacturer has dubbed the middle layer’s material, “Super Soft Foam.” As the name indicates, it is incredibly soft.

The layer is designed to offer pressure relief. It does quite a good job of doing so. It targets the pressure points around in hips, shoulders, and joints.

Many verified users who have aching joints claim that the model offers sufficient pressure relief. The softness helps distribute the sleeper’s weight evenly.

The bottom layer is comprised of 5″ of high-density foam. It lends extra support and durability to the bed. The extremely dense PU foam helps the mattress retain its original shape over time.

The Feel

For you to feel comfortable on a mattress, you need to find one of the right firmness. For most people, this is where it gets tricky. How do can you tell whether a model has just the right feel for you?

It’s a real conundrum, as firmness depends on your impressions. The same mattress might be too firm for one person, and just right for the other. We did our best to assess the firmness as objectively as we could.

Our firmness score is based on the verified feedback from sleepers, genuine best price mattress reviews, and material thickness and density. On a firmness scale from 1 to 10, we rate this model a solid 5.

The Best Price is considered to be a mattress of medium firmness. As such, it’s quite versatile. Medium and medium-firm mattresses cater to all sleep styles equally.

If you have any doubts, it is always best to go with such a model. Unless you require an orthopedic or super-soft model because of health concerns, this should be a safe choice.

Memory foam mattresses are generally a good choice for side sleepers as they provide excellent pressure relief. This model is no different. If you like sleeping on your side, you can rest assured you’ll be sleeping comfortably.

Most side sleepers should experience optimal sinkage. Stomach sleepers will also benefit from the mattress as it does a great job of relieving pressure off the joints. It supports the neck and spine quite well when you in this position.

It prevents stomach sleepers from sinking in too much. It’s a solid choice for back sleepers as it takes off the pressure from the neck and shoulders.

If you like to sleep on your back, you won’t be waking up sore in the morning. The model ensures neutral spine alignment in all three positions.

Since it’s comfortable for all sleep positions, it’s naturally an excellent choice for combo sleepers as well. This model is more responsive than your standard all-foam mattress. As such, it allows for easy repositioning.

Memory foam works in a unique fashion. It reacts to your body temperature. As you warm the mattress up, it contours to your body.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support

When you buy a memory foam mattress, you can always count on it to deal well with a motion transfer. Again, this model is no exception in that regard. All of its three layers ensure proper motion isolation.

It’s mostly thanks to the responsive active suspension. Many people underestimate the importance of motion isolation. If you have a restless partner or kids or pets that like to jump in and out of your bed, motion isolation can help you sleep soundly.

On the other hand, just like most all-foam beds, this one also lacks proper edge support. You won’t roll off the bed in the middle of the night, but it’s certainly not the most comfortable choice for sitting.

Generally, edge support is not a deal-breaker. If you’re sleeping on a bigger model, or sleeping alone, it won’t pose a problem under most circumstances.

Temperature Regulation

Just like edge support, this is one area in which memory-foams do not excel. If you are a very hot sleeper and live in a hot climate, you must know that memory foam won’t help you cool down. In most cases, it will have the opposite effect.

However, even though it won’t help you sleep cool, this model won’t exacerbate any temperature issues you might have. The manufacturer managed to combat the problem of heat retention by using ventilated foams.

The material helps promote breathability. It doesn’t trap heat like classic memory foam. The cover is also made extra breathable to help wick away heat.

Cleaning & Safety

When it comes to poly Jacquard, it’s best to refrain from aggressive cleaning methods. Abrasive cleaning can lead to distortion, shrinking, and color bleeding.

To spot clean stains, use a mild solvent and a damp cloth. You can maintain the fabric with regular, light brushing. That can help prevent stains.

You need to know how to wash memory foam as it is a delicate material. You can’t really throw it into a washing machine. What you can do is vacuum it regularly. Other options include removing it with a baking soda water solution or a vinegar and water solution, but that may nullify the warranty.

Other Considerations

The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. That’s pretty much the industry standard. However, since this model is super affordable, one would make a mistake by calling it a generous warranty. Entry-level models often come with shorter warranties.

However, it doesn’t come with a trial period. However, if you buy it on Amazon, you get the standard Amazon 30 day return period.

There is a bit of off-gassing that shouldn’t last longer than a couple of days.

The model is manufactured in China. The mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, which is a guarantee that it doesn’t contain harmful levels of hazardous chemicals.

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When it comes to mattresses, you get what you pay for. However, there are always exceptions, and the sleep industry is no exception. It’s safe to say that the Best Price Mattresses offer a bit more than they charge you for.

Even though it’s essential to manage one’s expectations when it comes to entry-level beds, it’s safe to say that this model is a reliable and affordable option. We hope that our best price memory foam mattress review has helped you in your pursuit of better sleep.