How to Choose the Right Mattress and Achieve Better Sleep?


How to Choose the Right Mattress

You might’ve figured it’s time to get a new bed, but you don’t know where to start. Even though it seems simple on the surface, there’s so much more to buying a new mattress than meets the eye.

A new bed is a considerable investment. And not necessarily in a monetary sense. How you sleep can very much dictate your quality of life. You’d want to make sure that in the next decade of your life, your bed will be the sanctuary that will provide you with plenty of rest every night.

Ironically, because of the stakes involved, thinking about how to choose a mattress can cause one to lose sleep. But that won’t happen to you. By following our guide, you can rest assured you’ll make the right choice.

When Should You Change Your Mattress?

As a rule of thumb, if your mattress is over eight years old, it is probably best to get a new one. But, to every rule, there are some exceptions. This rule doesn’t apply to all mattresses, necessarily.

For instance, your average all-natural latex bed can last well over ten years. But, if it’s not providing you quality sleep, why stick to it?

Also, almost all best mattresses are covered by a 10-year warranty. However, the terms of the warranty vary greatly. If you get a cheap mattress with a 10-year warranty, that doesn’t mean it will survive the decade easily.

It’s best to ask yourself a couple of questions. Do I wake up feeling well-rested? Are my nights restless? Do I wake up feeling pain? Where?

Think about your sleeping patterns. If there is room for improvement, you will probably benefit from a new bed.

Try mattress before you buy it

Try The Mattress Before Purchasing It

Naturally, you’d want to have a chance to try out a model before you buy it. Online, that’s not quite possible. In a brick-and-mortar shop, the awkward three-minute trial with the salesperson hovering over your head doesn’t help much.

Luckily, the people in the industry have thought of a solution that suits both the sleeper and the manufacturer. Many mattress in a box companies offers free trial periods on their products. The trial periods can vary greatly.

There may be no trial period at all, or it can last up to a whole year. However, when buying a mattress on Amazon, regardless of the seller’s free trial policy, all products in this category come with a 30-day return period.

It’s essential to read the fine print. Make sure to check who is paying for shipping, in case of a return. Sometimes, returning a model can prove to be quite a hassle, so make sure to wage the pros and cons before you place an order.

What Size of Mattress do You Need?

It’s important to know how to choose a mattress that will fit your size. That’s even more important when you’re sleeping with a partner. Most models come in six standard sizes. King, California King, Queen, Full/Double, Twin, and Twin XL.

You may also see some less typical sizes, such as Short Queen or Full XL. Twin and Twin XL are each suitable just for one person. Full/Double and Queen can each fit either two adults or one adult and their pets.

When it comes to The King and California King, well, you definitely won’t be worrying about the room. The king can fit two adults with a child or a large pet, while the California King can fit two adults with multiple children or pets.

It’s important to note that even though Queen-sized models can fit two people, they are not the best option if both of you like to spread out. On the other hand, if you live in a smaller apartment, a King-sized model might not fit in your room.

What Type of Mattress Should You Buy

The most vital considerations when choosing a mattress should be the material. Not that long ago, there was practically just one option – innerspring. Even today, the most common type of bed sold in the US, as well as worldwide, is innerspring.

But, nowadays, there are plenty of other options. Memory foam mattresses are likely the second most common, and the popularity of latex mattresses is exponentially growing. There are also hybrids. A hybrid combines innerspring with latex or memory foam.

Due to the innovations in the science of sleep, many would say that innerspring mattresses have become obsolete. That is not entirely true. With the advent of individually-pocketed coils, spring mattresses have become worthy competitors to foam and latex models.

So, which one suits you? Each structure has its pros and cons. One isn’t necessarily better than the other. It mostly depends on what kind of sleeper you are and on your personal preferences. Let’s see different types of mattresses and what each material brings to the table.

Memory Foam

This material was engineered by NASA. It’s safe to say the science behind it has strong credibility. However, these days, there are more types of memory foam. Their core properties are all the same. And those are excellent contouring, pressure relief, and motion isolation.

A typical memory foam mattress model has to have at least one comfort layer made of memory foam or polyfoam. The bottom layer is, in most cases, made of high-density polyfoam. That is the support foam. The average memory foam model is perfect for a side sleeper.

Foam density and thickness of the model can also play a pivotal role. Generally, the denser and thicker the layers, the better. Heavier individuals should always go with thicker and denser models. High-density foams have a longer lifespan.

The average lifespan of an all-foam model is from seven to ten years. Low-quality models are prone to early indentations and sagging. Typical downsides of memory foam models are off-gassing, weak edge support, and bad temperature regulation.

However, since traditional memory foam was introduced, there have been many improvements to the technology. Nowadays, manufacturers have come up with ingenious and innovative enhancements to memory foam that does a great job of tackling its downsides. One thing is for sure; a high-quality memory foam bed is worth every penny.


Coils are the primary source of support in such mattresses. In such models, the comfort system is usually comprised of polyfoam. Traditional innerspring mattresses are mostly a thing of the past. However, manufacturers have made various improvements to the technology, so some models are indeed a worthy option.

Pocketed Coil models feature individually encased coils that are wrapped in cloth or fabric. The coils react to your body weight individually. That allows them to provide better pressure relief than traditional innerspring models. Because the coils operate independently, they provide excellent motion isolation.

Entry-level models typically feature Bonell coils (hourglass-shaped), while higher-end models feature offset coils (hourglass-shaped with a hinging effect).

The thickness and gauge of coils typically dictate the durability of a model. Coil count can also affect longevity, but not necessarily. The best performing models usually come with coil counts between 600 and 1000.

Coil count over 1000 usually doesn’t make a difference. However, heavier individuals should always go with a higher coil count. If you want to see whether you’re looking at an extra firm innerspring mattress or not, pay extra attention to the coil count and gauge.


For a model to be considered a true hybrid, it must have a pocketed coil support core and a comfort layer comprised of at least two inches of latex, gel, or memory foam. Of course, the support core can include all three materials. As with standard all-foam mattresses, the number of layers usually varies from two to five.

It’s challenging to put all hybrids in one category as, due to their versatile construction, the quality and performance can vary greatly. Judge each model on its own merits.

The best hybrids offer the best of the two worlds. Just like with standard innerspring and all-foam models, pay attention to the density, gauge, and coil count. If you’re looking for an all-foam feel, but want strong edge support, a hybrid would be your safest choice.

Adjustable Bed

Every type of mattress can be adjustable. But, not every model is adjustable. Make sure to check the label.

Some can be used on all adjustable bases, and some can be used only on the adjustable foundations manufactured by the mattress’s manufacturer.

However, there’s another kind of adjustable bed – the airbed. You can’t use it on an adjustable foundation. However, airbeds have some advantages over standard mattresses. The inflatable air chambers allow you to adjust the firmness and support.

Recently, airbeds have become much more than a simple solution for camping trips. A high-end model can easily cost $2000. Such models have actually proven to be a viable long-term solution. The average lifespan of an airbed is eight years.

The major downside – many sleepers report having a “trench” in the center of their airbed. That can cause discomfort and a lack of support. The width and depth of the trench vary from model to model. Higher-end models typically don’t come with such flaws.


Latex is similar to memory foam. However, the latex models are generally considered to perform better than memory foam. They offer the same perks but more enhanced. They are typically more expensive than other all-foam models.

Latex models have great cooling properties. They also last longer than other types of mattresses. Natural models are a great choice for those who want a more environmentally friendly bed. This material delivers excellent contouring and pressure relief.

However, latex allergy is present in a small number of the general population. So, the number one lesson in how to pick a mattress: make sure you are not allergic to it. When it comes to latex mattresses, there are two types of manufacturing processes – Dunlop and Talalay.

Talalay is usually reserved for comfort layers, although it may be used for support layers as well. Dunlop is a fluffier foam that’s used for support. Like all-foam models, this type of mattresses offer great motion isolation but comes with weak edge support.

What Firmness of Mattress Is Best for You?

Firmness is more subjective than objective. However, it is usually tied to two factors: your weight and your preferred sleep position. Side sleepers typically prefer softer models.

Firmer models are better suited for people who prefer to sleep on the stomach or back. Lighter people (under 130lbs) may benefit the most from a softer mattress as it can offer them better pressure relief and contouring.

Heavier individuals (weighing over 230lbs) should consider firmer models in order to avoid excessive sinkage. Medium to medium-firm models usually caters to most types of sleepers equally.

Choose the Mattress for Your Sleep Position

When wondering how to choose a mattress, it’s best to think in terms of your preferred sleep position. Many factors depend on your sleep style. Your sleep style can even have a significant impact on your quality of life.


Back sleepers must have proper support and firmness. If you have back pain issues, a good bed can significantly ease your pain. On the other hand, an inappropriately selected bed can exacerbate the problem.

Back sleepers need the right amount of pushback. Softer mattress creates pressure points for such sleepers. As a result, spinal alignment suffers, and your back hurts. On our scale from 1 to 10, beds that score anywhere between 5 and 7 are the best solution for back sleepers.


Stomach sleepers also need sufficient support. That translates to a firmer mattress. The major pressure points are in the torso. For that reason, a stomach sleeper requires a bed that offers equal support and weight distribution.

If the center of the bed sinks underweight (usually happens with models that are too soft), it can cause lower back pain and other problems. A stomach sleeper needs a model that will allow them to sleep flat. That way, the spine stays in neutral alignment. The best option for stomach sleepers is a medium-firm mattress (5 to 7).


The average side sleeper doesn’t always lie on the side. If you’re such a sleeper, chances are you rotate during the night, bend and straighten your legs, or turn to your stomach or back occasionally.

Side sleepers benefit the most from softer models as they address back, neck, and shoulder pressure points quite well. However, if you are a side sleeper that sometimes likes to sleep on the stomach or back, your best bet would be a model of medium firmness.

Determine your Budget

It’s possible to find a high-quality bed without breaking the bank. A decent model can cost as little as $200. That’s more of an exception than a rule. If you find such a deal, chances are it’s on an innerspring or memory foam model. A quality model usually costs anywhere between $500 and $2,000.

Spring, gel, and memory foams are typically more affordable. Quality hybrid and latex models are more expensive. The average latex model costs $2000. The same goes for hybrids. If you’re looking for a long-term airbed solution, you need a budget of about $2,000.

How Important Is the Warranty?

Almost every model comes with a warranty. A 10-year limited warranty is the industry standard. However, the fine print on the warranty is essential.

Make sure to check what’s covered under the warranty. The warranty should protect you from manufacturing flaws and excessive sagging and indentations. Although some sagging is excepted, sagging over 1.5″ of depth should be covered by the warranty.


There’s no replacement for a good night’s sleep. Buying a new bed requires extra caution. There are many factors that can easily slip one’s mind.

Take time to consider your sleeping habits and preferences. If your sleeping with a partner, make sure to talk it through with them. Now that you are equipped with the right knowledge, you can rest assured that you will be sleeping soundly on your new bed.


10 Different Types of Mattresses Explained


types of mattresses

With so many different models of mattresses available, getting one that’s just right for you may be harder than it seems. And being in a mattress showroom with a pushy salesman on your back doesn’t help either. That’s because you can’t feel the mattress and notice all the benefits when you lay on it for a couple of seconds. Instead, why not try a different approach? One that will answer all your questions about different mattress types and give you an idea of how your perfect sleeping surface should look and feel.

What is the Best Mattress Type for You?

Does a perfect mattress exist? The answer is yes, it does exist. But individual taste and sleeping preference, as well as level of firmness, is different with every sleeper. So naturally, there can’t be one ideal mattress for all types of sleepers. To determine which is the best type of mattress for you, let’s review these ten unique models and find the one that’s absolutely perfect for you.

1. Memory Foam

These mattresses are great for relieving sleepers of joint pain while providing exceptional comfort and support overall. The material was invented by NASA back in 1966 and was used in airplane cushions. It molds perfectly to your body type and shape, and once the pressure of your body weight is removed, it returns to its original form. Memory foam mattresses use a unique formula containing polyurethane, which contours as heat and pressure are applied.

The term “memory” refers to the material’s unique ability to “memorize” its original shape. Therefore it never changes the structure of the mattress no matter how long you sleep on it. Memory foam also has anti-microbial properties. Some models have layers with charcoal or cooling gel inside. This way, next to comfort, pressure relief, and support, they also regulate temperature. They come in different firmness levels. The thinner the layers are, the softer the mattress is.

2. Innerspring

Innerspring mattresses aren’t popular nowadays as they were before. And they are available on the market since the early 1900s. So it’s only natural that newer and better models are replacing innerspring mattresses. But there’s one thing that these mattresses are great for. They provide excellent springiness and bouncy feel.

They are constructed from metal springs that are either individually wrapped or come in the form of a grid. Because there’s a lot of space between these coils, they allow air to circulate freely and provide better temperature regulating properties than other types of mattresses. The only downside is their relatively short lifespan. You might feel the need to replace your innerspring mattress sooner than you would with memory foam or hybrid mattresses. Next to that, they can be quite noisy. They’re also really affordable, and that may be the reason why they were so popular. However, with the rise in numbers of newer models, their features are becoming better.

3. Gel

One of the most significant downsides of memory foam mattresses is that they tend to trap heat. They are quite supportive due to the density of the material, but that has drawbacks. So to fix that problem, scientists in the mattress industry have invented a special cooling gel. This gell is infused with memory foam to regulate heat. The heat will get trapped inside the layers overnight, but the cooling properties of this gel allow it to absorb and reduce the temperature.

So basically, you get the support and comfort of a memory foam mattress plus temperature cooling features. Bear in mind that it will take time for cooling gel to regulate heat, which means that the effect isn’t instant. Instead, it takes quite some time. Again, the formula of this cooling gel is improving with each new model released. So, if gel-infused mattresses are your favorite, and you don’t mind the delayed temperature cooling effect, you can expect even better models in the future.

4. Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses combine the best features of both innerspring and foam mattresses. Hence the name hybrid. Usually, they consist of one base innerspring layer and up to 4 layers of latex or memory foam layers. They offer a more customized feel and are great for a variety of sleepers.

The type of memory foam and latex vary from one manufacturer to another. So be sure to check the level of quality each model has to offer. You can expect to have the support of a memory foam and springiness and aerated properties of innerspring mattresses. They feel different than most types of beds, and you can notice that difference the moment you lay on one. They are popular among sleepers that can’t decide whether to buy a memory foam or innerspring mattress. Unfortunately, they are also most commonly recommended by salesmen as the best possible mattress, no matter the type of sleeper you are, which is classic misinformation.

5. Latex

The latex found in these mattresses derives from a natural material. There is a tree, native to the Amazon region, which produces a unique type of sap. The sap from Hevea brasiliensis, or the Rubber Tree, is collected and processed into latex that the mattress companies use in their products. There are two ways or methods to get latex from a Rubber tree – Latex and Talalay. Due to the manufacturing process, Talalay is lighter but more aerated, while Dunlop has higher density and weights more.

Latex mattresses provide superb comfort and support, especially if the model features both types of latex. With Dunlop latex used as the base layer, you get all the support that you need. Talalay latex is lighter and provides more comfort and is used for top layers, usually. These mattresses are generally made from all-natural material and, therefore, the perfect choice for eco-conscious couples.

6. Organic

Made from all-natural materials like Dunlop or Talalay latex, premium quality wool, or cotton, these organic mattresses are comfortable and eco-friendly. That’s why organic mattresses are always an excellent choice for eco-friendly couples. If you want to be 100 % safe from off-gassing and toxins, your best option should be this mattress type.

Although many companies label their mattresses as entirely natural, it’s best to focus on the certificate. If you spot a mattress with the Greenguard Gold or OEKO-TEX certificate, you can rest assured that they are tested for low emission and harmful chemicals. Also, natural wool has flame retardant properties, meaning that these mattresses regulate temperature even better than the rest. Due to its structure, wool requires more oxygen to ignite. Therefore it’s burning temperature is really high, around 600 ° C. So, with these mattresses, you will sleep safe and sound.

7. Air Mattress

Easy to set up with generous support and comfort level, these mattresses are practical and quite affordable. Modern air mattresses are pretty different in terms of design and material used than earlier models. They are usually made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). However, some mattress companies use textile-reinforced urethane plastic as well as rubber in their products.

Air mattresses are easy to store and therefore take less space, which makes them the perfect choice for camping trips or guest use. There are also air mattresses that are specialized for RV use. Because they’re made from PVC, they are incredibly lightweight. So if you need a temporary solution for a sleeping surface or want to be prepared for every outdoor situation, an air mattress is an ideal solution. Depending on the model, you’ll either have an electric pump or a foot panel to inflate it.

8. Waterbed

Waterbeds were extremely popular around the 1980s, as almost everyone had one. They were invented even before innerspring mattresses, by Dr. Neil Arnot – a Scottish physician. Although they were designed to help sleepers with therapeutic needs, nowadays, they aren’t so popular as newer models have far better features.

There are two main types of waterbeds. The hard-sided that consists of a water-filled layer that’s secured with wood frame resting on plywood. And then there is the soft-sided version, with sturdy foam surrounding the water layer, zippered inside a casing. They don’t look much different than standard memory foam, latex, or innerspring mattresses. You will, however, notice the wobbly feel the moment you try it. Due to simplicity in design and lack of support, they aren’t so popular nowadays. They account for less than 5 % of bed sales. So if you’re looking for that unique wobbly feel in your sleeping surface or feel nostalgic, a waterbed is your best choice.

9. Adjustable Mattress

As the name suggests, with the adjustable mattress, you get a customized sleeping surface. This way, you can have an elevated sleeping surface for the upper or lower part of the body. They are great for people with blood pressure issues or those that prefer unconventional models. These frames work with most mattress types like latex, memory foam, and innerspring.

They are, however, a bit more expensive than the rest. But if you want a customized sleeping surface that will add style to your bedroom, go for one. There are two main types. One has split frames that allow you to place two smaller mattresses. These are great for couples with different sleeping preferences. The other type is a standard frame that supports one mattress of any size. Just make sure to get a frame that supports a specific size ( Queen, XL, Full XL, King, etc.)

10. Pillow Tops

Pillow top models are innerspring mattresses with an added layer on top. They provide adequate comfort and support for the back, side, and stomach sleepers. They have a noticeable extension on top that looks like a big pillow, hence the name pillow top.

There are several pillow top types, some of which include: summit top, box top, euro top, euro pillow top, etc. Euro top, for example, minimizes motion transfer. This way, you won’t even feel your partner rolling next to you. Euro top also has a cover that goes on top, making the mattress look as a whole, as opposed to box top, or other types. They consist of cotton, wool, or memory foam and have similar features with mattresses made entirely from one specific material.


The best way to find the best type of mattress that fits you perfectly is to review them all. This way, you can eliminate those with features you don’t like and focus on those that are important to you and your partner. If you choose your mattress using this method, you won’t have any second thoughts after you buy it. More importantly, you’ll enjoy sleeping on it that much more, as it’s exactly what you wanted. Just try not to rush and avoid overthinking, and you’ll find the perfect sleeping surface in no time!


How to Pick Your Perfect Mattress –

When is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress?

Buying a new mattress can be quite confusing nowadays. Not only are there dozens of types and styles, but also more brands and outlets than ever before. One thing that makes shopping for a mattress even more confusing is the fact that these products are well-known for having sticker prices that are typically way above their actual costs. 

A significant factor that affects the obtained value on a mattress is the time of purchase. When is the best time to buy a mattress? Some parts of the year provide a much bigger chance for one to buy the best mattress at an affordable price. If you’re on a tight budget and want a new mattress, this is something you should keep in mind. 

In this article, we’ll try to find out when do mattresses go on sale and what’s the best time in the year to get a new mattress.

When to Start My Search?

There are several reasons why a person might want to start his or her search for a brand new mattress. For example, you’re finally an adult and want to buy bedding with your own money. Or, you’re about to move; and want to leave behind everything difficult to move to a new home. 

There are a couple of other reasons that may push you to start searching for the best mattress deals. These include your comfort and the age of your mattress. As you probably already know, a miserable night’s rest is never a good thing for one’s health. 


The Age of the Mattress


As time goes by, the materials inside your bed begin to compress under your weight and slowly wear down. This almost always causes issues with the user’s comfort. 

Cover fabrics will start to fray and tear. Coils will become incapable of supporting your weight and sag down. Foams will start having indentations in the areas you usually lay in. If any of this sounds familiar, there’s a pretty good chance that your mattress’s lifespan is at an end. It’s time to look for a replacement!  


The Comfort 


Sleep comfort is yet another reason because of which you may want to consider replacing your mattress. As it ages, it stops being as comfortable as it was at the beginning of its lifespan. 

If you find yourself struggling to sleep well, or waking up with pains and aches, you probably have a poor fit for your usual sleeping position. Most people are entirely unaware of how vital their sleeping preference is when it comes to the overall comfort of the mattress. In case you’re having any of the problems mentioned above, consider getting new bedding.

What is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress Online?


The enormous boom of the online mattress industry has brought a myriad of benefits to the customers. 

The climactic increase in competition brought down the prices, letting every potential buyer get more bang for his buck. Furthermore, a larger number of brands also introduces more choices to choose from. Having more designs and types of mattresses to browse through is always a good thing. 

Another benefit is the ease of shopping and a new level of convenience. Nowadays, these products are compressed and delivered directly to one’s door. The costs of delivery are typically low, and installing a new mattress is quicker and easier than ever before. 

So, what’s the best time to buy a mattress if you want to do it online? An important thing to remember here is that online sales are sometimes fleeting. The deal can be offered for a minimal amount of time. Moreover, the number of discounted products can be meager. These “flash deals” require the user to have all the necessary info in order to be able to move quickly and grab the deal before others do. 


Black Friday


This is the informal name for the Friday that follows Thanksgiving Day. Many consider it to be the holiday shopping season’s launch date. For a long time, Black Friday presented an opportunity to find wonderful discounts on various products. Although historically applied exclusively to brick-and-mortar stores, nowadays it also has its place online. 

The reason behind this is in the fact that many well-known brands now sell their offerings online. Furthermore, numerous e-commerce shops compete with in-person stores by bringing down their prices on Black Friday


Cyber Monday


Those looking for the best time of year to buy a mattress should also consider the Cyber Monday. As the name suggests, it’s the day when online merchants offer their biggest discounts. Most online shops promote their Cyber Deals weeks and months in advance. These can also include significant price cuts on more expensive products such as latex mattresses.  


Amazon Prime Day 


Amazon Prime offers its customers free 2-day shipping on a myriad of different products. It has driven tremendous growth for its mother company, which now leverages this program to enhance sales of many kinds of products. As you can already guess, these include mattresses. 

Prime members should pay special attention to the event called Prime Day. Lasting a couple of days in the second week of July, it offers a vast number of deals on mattresses of all styles and sizes. 


Labor Day 


Occurring on the first Monday of September, Labor Day is still a significant event for many in-person bed stores. As they want to compete with their retail rivals, many online sellers cut their prices, too.

Online Deals

Are your circumstances preventing you from waiting for one of these sales events? If yes, you’ll be glad to know that there are still some ways of getting a better price online. Each of the following things will help you get your brand new mattress at a lower cost:




Before you cash out a full price for an online mattress, do some coupon research. Just a couple of minutes of online research may leave you with a $50 coupon for a multitude of online mattresses. 


Site-Specific Referral Coupons


In some cases, a website will offer referrals for particular products. These products can include mattresses such as air mattresses, hybrid, memory foam, and others. As you can already guess, the referrals will include a price reduction – typically of $50 – $70. 


Pop-Up Promotions


If you’ve visited websites selling bedroom-related products, you’ve probably encountered some pop-up ads that offer lower prices. In case they don’t appear, initiate a chat with the online seller and ask them if there are any discounts available at the moment.

What is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress in-Store?

So, you’re wondering when’s the best time to buy a new mattress in one of the retail stores. These places typically start with artificially increased prices for their products. As a result, it can look like they’re running big sales or offering discounts at all times

Seeing a mattress store advertisement in the Sunday newspaper is a common thing. In some cases, these advertisements will offer price cuts that actually mean something. However, these deals often don’t represent good value. Typically, the best deals come around during particular times of the year. 


The Months & Holidays


Just like the majority of brick-and-mortar retailers, the places selling mattresses have to cycle through different inventories regularly. With big brands continually introducing new models, there’s always the need to clear out the outdated models. As you can already guess, this often leads to substantial price reductions. 

With new models usually coming out in June, there’s always an enormous pressure on these places to sell their older mattresses during May. This is precisely why you often see or hear ads promoting huge price cuts in May. However, even if you don’t, it’s always good to know that May is the best month for purchasing a new mattress in-store. 

When it comes to holidays, on the other hand, try to go shopping for new bedding on the Black Friday, Columbus Day, New Year’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, or 4th of July. Each of these holidays offers a chance to find a steal of a deal on a brand new mattress. 

For example, mattress sellers usually celebrate the 4th of July with big discounts. Independence Day presents the first opportunity to get a lower price on the newest models that came out in June. Similarly, New Year’s Day requires the stores to sell the extra stuff in their inventories. To do that, they offer significant discounts and major sales events.


Money-Saving Tactics


In case you need a new mattress but can’t really wait until sales events or holidays, you’ll be glad to know that there are some other money-saving tactics

Search for Closeout Sales 

If any stores, including those selling bedroom-related products, are going out of business, they typically provide huge price cuts on the stuff remaining in their inventory. You can check local advertisements or search online for closeouts taking place in your neighborhood. 


Unlike in online stores, in-person stores allow one to engage in negotiation. When shopping in person, one should never pay the full price for the bedding he’d like to own. Let’s take a look at a couple of tricks that will help you with negotiating a better price:

Stay confident and go for it

Even though you don’t usually like to haggle, try to psych yourself up for it and remember that’s an entirely normal thing in this industry. If you refuse to haggle, you’re bound to overpay. 

Research past sales

An excellent way to find out how much of a discount could be available is to research recent sales. You’ll have to look into the cuts that the company has offered during their last sales event. In order to sell you the product, the salesperson will probably honor an old sale price. If not, at least you’ll have a reference point for the cost you want to aim for. 

Ask for extras

In case the salesperson refuses to offer you any discounts, you should try to negotiate for additional items to be included for free. Some of the examples include free delivery and installation, high-end sheets and pillows, a frame or foundation, and so on. 

Always have a walk-away price 

In case you’re inexperienced when it comes to haggling, knowing if you should agree with the cost can be difficult. In order to avoid this, decide in advance what’s going to be your walk-away price. This is the price that the salesperson must offer you; otherwise, you won’t buy the mattress. 

Make sure to set the number firmly in your mind, and leave the store if the seller does not offer it. This is an excellent way to bolster your negotiating strength.

Should You Buy a Used Mattress?

When thinking about the best time to buy a mattress, many people start to consider purchasing a used model. Unlike buying used kitchen appliances, for example, purchasing a used mattress is not advisable. In fact, these products should always be bought brand new – and in no other way. Here’s why: 




You won’t notice bedbugs until you’ve actually started resting & sleeping on the used mattress. By then, bedbugs will spread to other furniture and put you in a messy situation. You’ll probably have to thoroughly clean your mattress or even throw everything out since removing these critters is notoriously tricky. 


Internal Damage 


Buying a used model online is especially risky. This is mostly due to the fact that the buyer can’t see if there’s any internal damage. It will be too late when you realize that your innersping mattress has a saggy side or broken springs. 

Even if you get an opportunity to examine the product before purchasing it, you may still miss the damage. After a couple of days, you’ll start waking with an aching back, and by then, it will be too late. 

With sleep being so crucial to your happiness and health, always remember that investing in new bedding is worth the money. 


No Warranty 


With these types of products, only the original buyer is covered. 

For that matter, buying a used mattress leaves one with a product of a shorter lifespan and no warranty. In case you need anything, the manufacturer won’t be able to do it for you. Compare that to a brand new model that’s not only comfortable but also has a long lifespan in front of it and is covered by 10 or 20 years of warranty.


So, when is the best time of year to buy a new mattress? As you can see in our article, there’s a colossal amount of different opportunities that one can take advantage of. In most cases, this includes holidays – such as the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or Veteran’s day

However, with the advent of online mattress stores, one should also consider getting new bedding on one of the “big discount” days. These include the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Amazon Prime Day. During these days, most online merchants offer huge discounts – make sure to take advantage of them. 

Speaking generally, the best time of the year to buy a mattress is during May. As we said, this is when most retail stores put huge discounts on older mattresses. This is because they have to make a place for new models that are typically rolling out in June.