Do You Need a Box Spring for your Mattress?

do you need a box spring

If you’re thinking about making your bed area more comfortable and supportive than it already is, but you already bought a great high-quality mattress, maybe you should consider having some kind of mattress foundation. Or, more precisely, the box spring. Since many people tend to praise this product as the best and most suitable base for the sleeping surface, we decided to address this topic properly, and conclude if there is a reason to invest in this thing or not.

We are talking about a construction designed to be steady ground for your bed, which will give you an extra firmness feel, and additional protection for your mattress. Those who are fans of this sleeping accessory are saying it will prolong your mattress’s lifespan since it won’t be in a position to wear fast, and it will raise it higher so you can easily get in or out of bed.

The only question is – do you need a box spring? It’s time to find out.

What is a Box Spring?

Box spring is a base, a flat foundation for your mattress that has a function of providing the buffer between bed frame, or the floor, depending on your preferences, and the mattress itself. Classical box spring is made from a wooden frame and actual steel springs, while more modern versions mostly use metal mounting and tend to change its original spring structure.

What does a box spring do? Well, they have a couple of functions. The first purpose of box spring is to take on itself the weight of the sleeper’s body and distribute it evenly. A person should have a feeling of better supports than lying just on the mattress, and this kind of pad is supposed to prevent any premature wear of the sleeping surface as well.

Also, it’s quite popular again to have a high placed bed, the one you need to climb up to, or take a little jump just so you can get off it, and the box spring is a piece you will need in order to achieve that. So, this is why they are quite often used nowadays.


what is a box spring

Why do You Need a Box Spring?

Most modern-day mattress manufacturers are claiming that you don’t really need the box spring since they are doing their best to provide you with a good night’s rest. So you don’t really need it, but if you want to invest some more in this area, you certainly can.

If you don’t like bed frames, you can use the box spring as a ground pad, and just put the mattress on top of it and stay on the floor. But you have to have in mind that traditional innerspring mattresses aren’t the best fit for box spring. The memory foam beds are a much better choice.

They will give you better support there’s no doubt about that, especially when it comes to tossing and turning during sleep – they will mitigate the shock and provide with proper body weight distribution. And if you are looking to buy a mattress for back pain, know that box spring will be an additional help resolving this issue too.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Box Spring

do i need a box spring

There are a couple of both, to be honest. In a pro list, we can put the fact they will extend the life of a mattress for sure because the foundation will minimize its deterioration and prolong the feeling of sleeping on a new surface. The box spring will prevent its sagging and keep its shape for a long time.

Then, it will raise the bed considerably, which can be just a matter of aesthetics, but it’s also a good solution for keeping the bed cleaner and away from small insects that crawl on the floor. You will get on and off it more easily, which is a benefit, especially if you are at a certain age.

They will absorb the movement quite well and give you a chance to have a restless night as well. And if you compare the price of the average box spring and other foundation choices, you will see that it’s much more affordable.

Regarding the disadvantages, owners of box springs have to rotate them quite often in order to save their supportive function. Also, they don’t have a space for storage, like other bed frames, and although most of them can be simply put on the floor, some require having some additional frame.

Alternatives to Box Springs

Bed Frames

They are usually made of wood, metal, or combination of those two, and covered with fabric or foam upholstery. The bed frames will create a tremendous supporting base for the mattress and provide a firm feel while lying on top of it.

They are usually part of the canopy beds since those are most likely constructed with four posts banded with overhead mounting, or similar four-posted beads with a design that doesn’t include their attachment on the upper level. Also, panel beds have a framework thanks to the combination of headboard and footboard. They are called box spring beds because in between those flat boards, they usually have side rails, which can support both mattress and base. You could also read more about how to keep a mattress from sliding here.

Platform Beds

While bed frames have a more traditional vibe and style, platform beds are mostly a modern designed foundation for the most used foam mattresses. They are made from various materials and can be positioned at a different height. They used to be only a simple flat surface created for the matter of support, but they evolved, and today, they present the ideal solution for your unique interior design.

They are still quite lower than bed frames, and therefore don’t leave much space under the bed for storage, for example. But, their advantage is that you can combine them with box spring and adequate mattress in order to raise the profile significantly.

Adjustable Bases

These are a bit unusual and nontraditional bed bases, used mostly by people who have some kind of sleeping problems. They have the option of raising the top or the bottom part so you can sleep in a specific angle to stop snoring or release yourself from back or neck pain.

There are some cases where the double bed is split in half so that each side can be operated separately, to meet the needs of both sleepers. Some adjustable bases even include massage options as well as zero gravity features, which is excellent for people with high blood pressure.

Warranty Considerations

When choosing a mattress, there is a warrant in the picture most of the time. If you decide you want to purchase a box spring as well, make sure to read carefully what does it say regarding these types of constructions so you can be sure you didn’t overstep the permissions, and you are still covered with it.

In most cases, manufacturers will specifically say what kind of bed frames you can or must use, so the mattress will keep its shape and function. Most of them allow any type, including box springs, but you have to make sure it’s the right size. For example, twin or full-sized mattresses require frames with four legs, while the queen models or king-size beds ask for five to six posts.

Be careful and don’t risk with this matter because improper use of base can lead to indentations, sagging, and premature wear, which can void the warranty. The foundation is one of the answers if you are wondering how long should a mattress last.


If you are wondering do I need a box spring, it seems that these products or any other type of bed foundation isn’t the necessary thing you need to purchase, but it is recommended. Whether we are talking about keeping the lifespan of a mattress or the support it will most certainly provide. There’s now the question of your personal taste and the aesthetic you aspire to, as well as the amount of money you are ready to invest.

Since the mattress shopping is a huge deal for any household, you should consider doing everything you can in order to prevent a situation where you have to seek for another one before you truly have to. Making the box spring the base of your bed might be the best solution, after all.