Full vs Queen – Our Mattress Size Guide Comparison

Even though they are similar in size, a full and a Queen bed still have plenty of notable differences. In this comparison, we’re going to delve into those differences as well as some similarities, so read on to find out which mattress size is best for you and your partner.

Although many would argue that the difference in size between a Queen vs full-size bed is too close to call, there’s a world of difference to be found in the few inches that separate them. This is especially true if you’re sharing the bed with someone since, in that case, every inch of space is worth double. 

Many factors could contribute to your decision on whether to buy a full or a Queen bed, including the size of your bedroom, your preferred sleeping position, and other personal wants and needs. We’ll deal with these in more detail below.

Difference Between Full and Queen Mattress- Specifications

In terms of specifications, there aren’t any differences between a full vs Queen bed, since their only difference is related to their dimensions, namely their width and length. 

Since mattress height is not standardized and can vary significantly even with models made by the same company that belong to the same category in terms of size, this is not a factor that we can include when we look at the differences between these two types of bed. 

Difference Between Queen and Full Bed – Dimensions

Simply put, a full-size mattress is smaller than a Queen-size. This includes its length as well as its width, and even though it’s only a few inches on each axis, it can make a world of difference depending on what kind of space you need when you’re sleeping. 

A standard full mattress is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long, making the personal width you get if you’re sharing this bed with a partner only 27 inches. And how big is a Queen-size bed? With one of these, get an extra six inches of width, extending it to an even 60, and in terms of length, there are an additional five inches as well, compared to the full, making it an even 80.

What to Consider When Choosing Between Full size vs Queen Mattress

As we mentioned previously, there is a wide variety of factors to consider when looking to purchase either a full or Queen-size mattress. These factors are mainly going to depend on your personal preferences and needs, but there are also some real advantages and disadvantages of each, and we are going to try and elaborate on these as much as possible in this comparison.

On the face of it, this may only seem to be a case of ‘bigger is better,’ and you may think that the only reason to go for a full-size mattress is that you cannot afford a Queen, but you’d be wrong. A host of considerations should be made regarding your priorities and preferences before making the call, and we’ve tried to do just that.

In each of the sections below, we introduce a crucial factor and do our best to compare the two mattress sizes concerning said factor. We also offer some specific tips on how to choose between the two mattress sizes.

Bedroom Space

It is vital to consider your bedroom size before purchasing your bed. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people end up realizing their bed is too large for their room only after setting it up. 

Having enough room for any bed doesn’t only mean having the space to put the bed inside the room. You need to consider how much space you want to have around the bed for comfortably walking around or placing nightstands or cupboards. These may seem like less important things now, but having to squeeze out of your bed every morning or not having a surface to put your phone or alarm clock on can get old quite quickly. 

If you have a smaller bedroom, the few extra inches of space you get from a Queen bed might prove to be too much, and you may want to consider opting for the smaller full version.

Sharing the Bed with Children and Pets

Depending on the age of your child or the size of your pet, chances are neither of these beds is going to provide an incredibly comfortable experience if you’re trying to accommodate someone other than yourself and your partner. 

A full bed is unlikely to be large enough for anything bigger than a cat or small dog, and even those could be a nuisance if you’re used to having a lot of space when you’re sleeping. Don’t count on your kid sleeping between you if you have one of these.  Instead, look at some highly-rated crib mattresses or mattresses for kids.

A Queen should be able to accommodate larger pets at the foot of the bed, due to the additional five inches of length it provides. It should also be wide enough to sleep a small child between the two of you, provided that the child is not an aggressive sleeper that likes to kick around and shift their position often. 

Your Height

Height and general body shape are huge factors when it comes to deciding on the type of bed you want. Obviously, a longer mattress will be required by a taller person or couple, while shorter people will be fine with a shorter bed. 

Also worth mentioning is the fact that taller people are also heavier on average, so it’s essential to look at what kind of support the mattress you’re looking at is capable of providing in your weight category. This isn’t strictly related to the full vs Queen comparison, but we feel that it’s a vital consideration that doesn’t get brought up nearly as often as it should. 

When it comes to our size comparison, though, it’s clear that tall people over six feet should not even be considering a full-sized bed, unless they like their feet dangling from the edge.

Double bed with a sheet and pillows. Isolated on a white background.

Sleeping Position

Just like your height, your sleeping position should play a vital role in choosing your mattress. This is not only true in terms of the size of the bed but, even more importantly, in terms of its type, firmness and feel. Mattresses for back sleepers or those for side sleepers differ in many ways from a mattress for stomach sleepers, for example. However, for the sake of this comparison, we’ll assume that you’ve looked at some highly rated mattresses and found the one that will work for the way that you prefer to sleep, and you’re now merely trying to decide which size to go for. 

Just like with pretty much every other category, it’s easy to see that a Queen bed is capable of accommodating more sleeping positions due to the greater length and width of the Queen bed. The fact that it is longer allows even the slightly taller individuals to stretch out completely, and its greater width means that combination sleepers can move around and shift through the night without disturbing their partner.

Bed Frame

Unless you want to sleep on the floor (no judgment) you’re going to need a bed frame to set your mattress onto. You’ll also need pillows if you don’t have those already, as well as blankets and sheets that fit the size of the bed you’ve chosen. 

The great thing about full and Queen beds is that these are two of the most popular sizes of mattresses. That means it will be easy to find bed frames and bedding products that fit either size. Therefore, availability is no issue and the only difference between them once again is the size, which is also reflected in the price. The larger Queen bedding and frames are going to be more expensive than the smaller full-size. 

In terms of pillows, you can use whatever’s comfortable, but if you want them to fit the width of the bed, ideally consider the appropriate size for your mattress. 


As we mentioned in the previous section, price is a factor when deciding between these two mattress sizes, since Queen beds are usually higher in cost. Buying a mattress can be a significant investment, so you could potentially save a few hundred dollars by picking a smaller size. 

Think carefully about your budget and whether spending more on a Queen over a full would be worth it in the long run. If you have room to spare in your bedroom as well as in your budget, we would recommend going for a Queen bed since their larger size makes them superior in many ways. However, even if you have the money, putting a Queen in a cramped bedroom could prove a significant nuisance over time. If your budget is limited, on the other hand, it might be wise to go for a full mattress and save up.


Through this comparison, we’ve hopefully demonstrated to you that the difference between a full vs Queen mattress amounts to more than just a few inches in their length and width. Or to put it differently, those few inches can mean a world of difference in terms of comfort, functionality or price. This is especially true if you have a small bedroom that could not accommodate the larger of the two beds, or if you’re a tall person that would end up with their feet dangling over the edge of the smaller one. 

There are other components involved, such as your comfort when sharing the bed with your partner, and other potential sleepers such as children or pets. Hopefully, you can find value in this comparison and that it has given you the information you need to make a decisive and smart choice.