Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Unbiased Review:
Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money?

If you ask us, you shouldn’t buy the Alexander Signature hybrid mattress. There are several things about this sleeping surface we do not appreciate, so if you are thinking about investing in a bed that will justify its price, this is not the one, and our stand is that you should skip it.

There are so many different mattresses you can choose to buy, and even though most mattress review sites will claim pretty much all of them will be a dream come true, we are here to provide you with blunt truth and to point to all those things people were not satisfied with when it comes to the specific sleeping surface. The same is with the Alexander hybrid mattress. 

The truth is, not every mattress is ideal, and not all of them are suitable for all people, but review sites tend to praise all products they write about because of the commission they get from sales of those items.

We are aware that people’s trust is something one should not gamble with, so we will now present all the claims regarding this particular item, but also the truth that lies behind it based on reports of people who actually used it for some time.

About Alexander Signature Hybrid

Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress is made in the USA by hand, and it is built from the most innovative titanium infused foam on the planet, according to the manufacturer.

It also contains individually pocketed coils that should provide you with great support. The materials that are used in this process are CertiPUR-US certified, the mattress comes with a 100-night free trial, and it is covered with a lifetime warranty.

This mattress has three different firmness options – Plush, Medium, and Luxury Feel, it is 13.6 inches thick, and it is designed from five distinctive layers. The company that stands behind it – Nest Bedding, has been present in the market since 2011, and they are early innovators of bed-in-a-box type of sleeping surfaces.


  • Good motion isolation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Pretty durable


  • Inadequate support
  • Too firm or too soft
  • Bad temperature regulation
  • Off-gassing
  • Bad pressure relief

What most mattress review sites claim

According to the company that creates this mattress and most of the mattress review sites, this is a high-quality sleeping surface that will meet all your needs and help you wake up each morning rejuvenated and well-rested.

Given that it can come in different firmness options, it is suitable for all types of sleepers – back, side, stomach, and combo.

It should provide you with a great level of support and your body well aligned. They all claim that the Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress has excellent pressure relief, especially in the lumbar region.

Also, they are united in saying that this bed has good motion transfer and that people who sleep together shouldn’t be disturbed when one of them gets in or out of bed.

The soft-to-the-touch material apparently is designed to regulate the temperature of its surface so that people don’t experience sleeping hot. This mattress should offer a plush feel, and it should have the ability to contour well to the body shape of every individual.

The high density of the foam that’s used in its construction should guarantee the mattress’s durability.

There are also claims that this sleeping surface has excellent breathability and a good bounce effect.

The mattress review sites say that given this is a great hybrid model of a mattress, its price is very well balanced and that investing in this product will be nothing but a good judgment.

Also, the company says their signature foam is always left out in the factory to air out, so the off-gassing would be minimal.

They are claiming their customer service is excellent, given that it is at the disposal of their customers all seven days a week, and that their personnel will make sure your requests and questions are always managed in the shortest period of time.

Our honest review of Alexander Signature Hybrid

Now, let’s see what the actual people who used this mattress for some time had to say and what real Alexander Signature hybrid reviews point out as the most troubling about this product.

CLAIM 1: Alexander Signature Hybrid is designed for all types of sleepers, in three different firmness options.

TRUTH: This is a true claim, but only on paper. Because in real life, people who bought a soft version of the mattress claim it is unsupportive and overly plushy, while people who slept on a luxury firm bed report it is like sleeping on a board – extremely unpleasant.

Sure, these are only the subjective opinions of several people, but the fact is their soft mattress seems to be too soft, and their firm mattress overly firm, so neither stomach nor back and side sleepers seem to be satisfied.

CLAIM 2: This mattress will provide you with great pressure relief, and it will make your body well aligned.

TRUTH: Well, this may be the truth, but only at the beginning. So many people reported they started experiencing severe back pain every morning after sleeping on this mattress.

Their bodies simply didn’t have adequate support, and the memory foam started losing its ability to contour to a person’s body shape. In most cases, this started happening after a year or so.

CLAIM 3: The customer service of Nest Bedding will be at your disposal seven days a week, and they will make sure to provide you with answers in the shortest time frame.

TRUTH: According to a significant number of people who had certain problems with the products made by this brand, their customer support is simply terrible.

Their experience shows that you will probably get what you want, but only after dozens of emails or phone calls. Some of their customers reported they managed to get a full money refund for the mattress they decided to return, but only after they spent days on the phone and after they wrote tens of emails asking them to honor their word.

CLAIM 4: Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress has great breathability and temperature regulation.

TRUTH: Well, we did expect this to be true, especially given that hybrid models of mattresses do have great air circulation, and therefore are able to make sure people do not sleep hot on them. But there are reports this sleeping surface is not ideal in that matter.

Thanks to the cover fabric and gel-infused top layer, the surface temperature will be under control, but the middle foam section tends to cumulate the heat and emit it in a certain amount.

That’s why this is not the best mattress for hot sleepers, but it can be a good solution for average sleepers who aren’t bothered by this.

Other complaints


Even though the company is so proud of the fact they air out their foam in the fabric so that their mattresses don’t smell bad when unpacked, it seems like they failed to provide exactly that.

Several people reported Alexander Signature hybrid having a terrible odor days after they unwrapped and set it up in a room. The fact is they didn’t expect that, first because of the manufacturer’s claims, and second because of its coil core that should provide the mattress with great breathability.

Edge support

We have to be honest and say that neither mattress review sites nor the manufacturer itself claimed this sleeping surface has great edge support, but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be disappointed with the absence of this feature. Not only that this bed does not have good edge support, but it is awful.

So many individuals who decided to invest in the Alexander mattress explained they slide from the bed every time they came close to its borders.

And even though sometimes it was fun, the inability to sit normally on the bed, close to its sides, was simply unacceptable for them.


The bottom line is that this isn’t the worst mattress you can find in the market. Not even close. It doesn’t sag quickly, which is the main problem with so many other foam or hybrid models, it’s pretty durable, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

But on the other hand – this is not the mattress we would recommend you to invest in because it’s not comfortable enough, supportive enough, it won’t provide what the manufacturer promised – pressure relief, and even though there are three firmness options for this bed, it seems like the structure of each version isn’t satisfying enough, in the matter of how a person feels when lying on top of it.