Dynasty Mattress Honest Review:
Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money?

Whether or not you are going to buy a Dynasty mattress is up to you, but we believe this particular bed surface is not worthy of your money. If you wonder why just continue reading the lines below, everything will be clear as soon as you do.

We are not on a mission to completely discredit Dynasty mattress, we just believe it’s not perfect like so many mattress review sites present this sleeping surface to be, and that it’s important for you to know all its flaws before you make a decision to purchase it.

Today’s mattress market is very competitive and diverse, and mattress review sites tend to exaggerate when praising sleeping surfaces they write about because of the percentage of commission they get when each item is sold. We don’t believe that’s fair to any potential customer, so we made sure to take things into our own hands.

We are going to present you with what the manufacturer and most of those sites had to say about the Dynasty bed, and then we are going to compare those statements with reports of the people who actually bought and used this mattress for quite some time. We want to see to what extent they match.

About Dynasty Mattress

Dynasty mattress is an all-foam sleeping surface that can be bought online, as well as through local retailers. It’s known as a pretty affordable piece that’s worth the money.

It’s made of materials that are CertiPUR-US certified, and its construction has four layers overall – there’s a supportive base foam, airflow foam, cool gel foam, and fire barrier layer at the top.

It comes with a wide variety of firmness options, from extra soft to very firm. The manufacturer is offering a 120-night free trial during which you have the right to return the product for a refund, and a warranty period that’s different for each model.

There are three main Dynasty mattress models people can choose from – 12-inch p,Cool Breeze, 15.5-inch Grand Atlantis Breeze, and 15-inch Luxury Grand.


  • Affordable price
  • Different firmness options


  • Bad customer support
  • Bad pressure relief
  • Inconsistency of support 
  • Low-quality 
  • Starts sagging quickly
  • Bad temperature regulation

What most mattress review sites claim

According to most Dynasty mattress reviews, people find this sleeping surface quite comfortable and cozy because of the high-quality foam the manufacturer used.

They say you will have a memorable sleep time if you decide to purchase this mattress, and that your whole body will be contoured properly and well-aligned.

There are claims that this is a less expensive option for individuals who are looking for a great quality mattress, and that it is a sleeping solution with real orthopaedic features.

Apparently, Dynasty mattress is built in a way that will reduce the most common problems of memory foam sleeping surfaces, like temperature regulation.

It seems like this model of the mattress will make sure its users have a great airflow so that even hot sleepers can use it.

They say it has a state-of-the-art cool airflow technology integrated into the quilted foam layer so that it can remove the heat cumulated from the boy of the sleeper.

Also, according to the manufacturer and other review-based sites, this mattress should provide you with a great level of support.

It will not allow you to fall into its foam and remain trapped inside of it, but it will make sure you stay on the top all the time while experiencing the welcome cushiony feeling.

Its responsiveness should be excellent, and the pressure relief on a high level. That means you should not have sore shoulders and hips when you get up in the morning.

This sleeping surface is an apparently good solution for any sort of sleeper, especially since there are several different models of Dynast mattresses that come with different levels of firmness.

If you choose the right one, you should not have any sort of problems, and you should not experience pain in any parts of your body.

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After we established what the most common claims regarding Dynasty mattresses are, we are now going to see what their customers had to say about it.

CLAIM 1: This is a durable mattress built from high-quality foam.

TRUTH: Even though pretty much every Dynasty mattress review says the materials that are used in its construction are very durable and reliable, most customers complain that their sleeping surface started showing the signs of sagging after only a couple of years. It became all worn out and had huge dips, in some cases after a year or two, and those individuals weren’t able to have a good night’s rest at all. Even after they rotated it for a couple of times, and used proper bed foundations, the problem remained the same.

CLAIM 2: The Dynasty mattress can be returned or repaired during the warranty period.

TRUTH: It seems that this is the claim that works only on paper, given that a huge number of people have complained about a variety of things, but none of them was able to get the replacement mattress or even to get the manufacturer to try fixing the problem they had.

For example, some of them reported their mattress started emitting some blue substance that stained the cover and bedding, but the only response they got was that the Dynasty mattress could not leak. Any further effort to get them to fix the issue was unsuccessful.

Others complained about the sagging spots in their mattress, but the company’s rule is that the sag must be 1.5 inches visible for the mattress to be replaced. That means you will have to wait for years for the sagging to be so bad that it can be accepted as a mattress failure.

CLAIM 3: This mattress will provide you with an excellent level of support, and it will keep your spine well-aligned.

TRUTH: So many Dynasty mattress complaints were based on the fact this sleeping surface started losing its consistency pretty quickly.

Because of that, people’s heads, necks, and entire bodies weren’t able to remain well aligned during the entire night, which led to them waking up with pain, especially in their back area. The same problem was reported from people who used different models of Dynasty mattresses.

Also, it seems like this mattress becomes softer after some time, so those individuals who prefer sleeping on a firmer surface found themselves in a position to have a soft and uneven mattress under them each night.

CLAIM 4: Dynasty mattress is designed with a cool airflow technology that will provide good temperature regulation and prevent you from sleeping hot.

TRUTH: We have to admit that not many complaints were based on this matter, but still, there was enough of them to show this wasn’t an isolated case.

Apparently, Dynasty bed doesn’t have such a good temperature regulation, given that people who bought it and never had this problem before, started waking up sweating and feeling uncomfortable because of the heat the mattress emitted.

And we are not talking about overweight people.

Other complaints

Customer support

Some Dynasty customers reported how they were unsatisfied with the mattress they got, and how they wanted to use their warranty right and return it based on some failures, but it turns out they couldn’t because customer support remained silent to their requests.

They say they tried numerous times to contact Dynasty central and forward their desires, both via email and phone calls, but they simply never picked up or responded to them. They explained how they felt very disappointed and scammed.

There were also other complaints regarding Dynasty customer support. Some people said how they were friendly and tried resolving some of the problems, but when it came to the point of where they asked for a money refund, the customer service again went radio silent.

In other cases, they simply didn’t send the people to set the bed for days, so people had to sleep on the floor.


Almost every complaint about this mattress, besides the fact it starts sagging pretty quickly, is about the bad odor it emits after it arrives and is unpacked.

It is a well-known fact that all-foam mattresses have some off-gassing that can last for several days, but many customers reported the one that comes from Dynasty mattress is simply unbearable.

They say they had to sleep in a different room for a week until the odor completely disappeared.


Pretty much all unsatisfied customers agree that at first Dynasty mattress was a great surface to sleep on. But then, after a year or so it started showing its true colors, and people who bought it were shocked by its performance.

Either it started sagging rapidly, or it lost its firmness and support, or it happened that this mattress caused some serious back pain among its users.

Whatever the reason was they do say that this was the worst investment in their life and they never plan on purchasing from this company. Now, we are aware they were probably a bit harsh, but that doesn’t change the fact they regretted their decision.

We are not here to judge, but you really should take all of this into consideration before you potentially make the same mistake.