Emma Mattress Honest Review:
Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money?

Is it worth it or not buying an Emma mattress? In the end, it will be your decision, but if you want to have full insight into what to expect – both good and bad, you should continue reading. We are here to offer you full disclosure of this product, and to point out all the negative features that may affect your judgment. 

There’s no doubt that the Emma mattress, just like any other product of this kind, has some good, if not great features. Depending on our personal criteria, we can see something as entirely fine, while some other people will perceive the same things as completely unacceptable. And that’s okay, we have the right to our own opinion.

But did you ever think about how honest all those review-based sites are? How they tend to sometimes wrap some unsatisfactory features of a product in a way it looks and seems better than it actually is? 

Sure you have, and with a right, because many of you rely on those reviews when purchasing some new things, and it can be very infuriating finding yourself in a situation to second guess every claim the site has made. That’s why we are going to do a little bit of unwrapping and presenting the things as they truly are, without wanting to be unfair or unjustifiably judgmental.

Quite the opposite.

About Emma Mattress

Emma mattress is a bed-in-a-box type of sleeping surface that comes from a German-based company. It is very popular in Europe, and it’s an award-winning model, according to the manufacturer.

We are talking about an all-foam made sleeping surface designed with both responsive and memory foam. Over time, it had some great and some pretty bad reviews from its users, so let’s see what we can conclude from that.

Also, we are going to look back on what some popular mattress review sites had to say about it.


  • Good pressure relief
  • Good body contouring
  • Good responsiveness
  • Good motion isolation


  • Low quality foam
  • Too hot to sleep on
  • Too soft
  • Bad foam odor
  • Too expensive
  • Uncomfortable
  • Poor customer service
  • Grippy bottom

What most mattress review sites claim

According to a huge number of mattress-related sites, Emma’s sleeping surface is a very comfortable model that will provide its user with a great level of pressure relief and body contouring, especially in the shoulders and hip compartment.

If we are being honest, they do say that it’s not an adequate piece for heavier people, or for stomach sleepers since it probably won’t provide them with enough amount of support, but they also claim everyone else will find it to be extremely comfortable.

Now, even though we are talking about an all-foam mattress that, in general, tends to cumulate heat that comes from the sleeper’s body, many review sites are pointing out that even hot sleepers will be able to use it as a mattress of choice. Allegedly, that’s because of an open cell structure that can allow the sleeping surface to constantly breathe and cool off.

Besides that, both the manufacturer and review sites say Emma mattress is very responsive and that it will quickly bounce back. They claim that thanks to the Airgocell that’s part of Emma’s structure, people won’t feel stuck in it, but that they will be able to freely and easily switch their positions. Another benefit of this specific mattress, according to most reviews, is the fact it is designed from a high-quality foam that will guarantee a great amount of support.

There are also some claims that this mattress is awesome because of the fact it’s designed with zoned support layers. That means that it should be firmer in the center of the construction, so that the sleeper can have his spine well aligned and well supported, and softer near the edges, in order to provide each individual with pressure relief in the shoulder and hip area when sleeping on the side.

And then, there’s the matter of price. Most of the mattress reviews sites have pointed out that a bit less than 500 dollars for Emma Twin XL bed is more than fair price, and that your investment worth of 700 dollars you made in order to purchase the California king model of the same mattress is a great one and that it will pay off for sure.

Also, the majority of sites mentioned how the manufacturer is offering an impressive 10-year warranty on the product, as well as a 100-night free trial with a possibility to return it with no cost at all.

Our honest review of Emma Mattress

Now we are going to compare all previously made statements to some actual reviews that came from Emma mattress users and see how much they truly match.

CLAIM 1: The zone support layer is an outstanding patent that will provide each type of sleeper with a great level of support and comfort.

TRUTH: Truth: There’s no doubt that the concept of zoning layers regarding the support is a good one, but the question is how good the manufacturer executed it. Many Emma mattress customers reported that sleeping in the middle of this bed is like lying on a rock – extremely firm and just as uncomfortable. So it doesn’t look like they managed to do this thing right.

CLAIM 2: Emma mattress is made of high-quality foam.

TRUTH: According to our research, the most negative reviews that came from Emma users are based on this statement. Evidently, the foam manufacturer used is very flimsy, they even called it cheap and soft as a bad pillow. Besides that, some of them say the mattress is not filled with foam enough and that it didn’t expand full days after it was unrolled.

CLAIM 3: The mattress is very breathable and suitable for hot sleepers.

TRUTH: This is also another thing very few people agree on. It seems like Emma’s mattress is extremely hot to sleep on, especially during summer days, so some Emma users decided to switch rooms for some time and sleep on another bed surface in order to remain a good and pleasant night’s rest.

CLAIM 4: It’s a high-quality mattress worth every penny.

TRUTH: We are pretty sure many won’t agree with this claim. Some would even say it’s so very much overestimated. Some of the Emma customers pointed out that this was the worst investment of their lives. There were claims that the tabs on the bedside ripped when moving the mattress, and that the mattress started sagging after only ten days. So based on bad customer experience and the fact that this product really doesn’t belong to the category of high-quality made mattresses, we would disagree with this statement.

CLAIM 5: The mattress can be returned within 100 days from the moment it was purchased, without any cost.

TRUTH: The Emma customers who wanted to return the mattress found this to be a very challenging task. They complained about poor customer service and the inability to exercise their right immediately. Numerous people didn’t manage to do that, and those who did had to make several attempts and to remain persistent.

Other complaints

The smell of memory foam

It is a well-known fact that memory foam from bed-in-a-box mattresses needs some time to expand and set up and that you will have to face a certain amount of off-gassing during that process. That unpleasant smell usually goes away after a day or two, but with the Emma mattress, it stays a bit longer, and it’s quite strong.

Some people said that it was unbearable to sleep on it for the first several days.

Grippy bottom

Most people would agree that having a mattress with an anti-slip feature is a good thing, given it will prevent your sleeping surface from sliding down your bed frame every time you toss and turn. But in this case with Emma’s mattress, it turns out this is not something to look forward to.

Apparently, if you don’t place the mattress exactly where you should, you will have to make a tremendous amount of effort in order to move it again. That’s especially an issue if you don’t use bed foundations and want to place the mattress directly on the floor.


People who bought Emma mattress expected to have a really comfortable bed, given that the manufacturer pointed out it belongs to the category of soft mattresses, but many customers complained that it’s simply too soft, up to that point it created a totally opposite effect.

It turns out that for many Emma users sleeping on it was way uncomfortable. They reported that their bodies sink in it very deeply so that they felt like sleeping in it instead of on top of it.


It’s no secret that many review-based sites tend to praise certain items too much because they live on a percentage of that product’s sales. And it’s understandable they boost things up a bit, or that they place some average features under the spotlight and present them as sensational, but anything else than that is just a scam.

Our intention was not to denigrate anyone or to put some brands and products on the pillar of shame.

We simply wanted to be honest and to offer you a fair and square review of a mattress product that was glorified by many, but without reasonable and justified arguments as it turns out.