IKEA Morgedal Honest Review:
Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money?

We aren’t here to judge, but some mattresses, like this one made by IKEA, are not worthy of your money. At least, that’s our opinion. It’s up to you to assess if we are right or not, but here’s what a great number of people who used it for some time had to say about it.

Every mattress manufacturer likes to believe they have the best product – the most reliable one you can count on for many years. But some technologies are not so advanced, some materials are not high-quality made, and some sleeping surfaces simply don’t have the construction that’s good enough.

We don’t believe anyone is trying to mislead their customers, but as it turns out, some products aren’t providing what it takes, and it is important for you to know that when planning to invest in a new mattress.

We are now going to introduce you to this IKEA mattress, after which we will present what most mattress review sites had to say about it. The fact is, most of them only praised this product because they have an interest in selling it – they live on a percentage of it.

But we believe that’s not fair, so we would like to point out some negative aspects of it as well, so you can have a real picture of what you can and cannot expect from it if you decide to purchase it.

About IKEA Morgedal Mattress

IKEA Morgedal mattress is a bed-in-a-box, budget-friendly mattress you can find both online and in stores. It is a 7-inch thick lightweight model you will be able to set up by yourself without the help of other people.

We are talking about a product that’s been made by a famous Swedish brand that’s all about providing a balance between functionality, quality, form, low price, and sustainability. It is an all-foam sleeping surface that comes with zoned support that provides its users with good pressure relief, or at least it’s what the brand says.

This mattress is made from only two layers of polyurethane foam, and on top of that, it has a polyester-cotton blend cover that’s breathable and easy to remove. It is available in many sizes and in two firmness options – medium-firm and firm.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • Good motion isolation


  • Low quality made
  • Deteriorates quickly
  • Too firm
  • Bad pressure relief
  • Bad customer service

What most mattress review sites claim?

According to most IKEA Morgedal reviews, this is an ideal bed for people who prefer firmer mattresses and the feeling of sleeping on top of the bed instead of in it.

IKEA mattress should provide you with great support and good spinal alignment, but also with a certain level of comfort, which means you shouldn’t experience any sort of back and neck pain.

Apparently, it is long-lasting, but quite an affordable sleeping surface that will not let you sink into it, but stay on top with your whole body well aligned. And thanks to the comfort zones, your hips and shoulders will remain very cozy and not exposed to the pressure.

According to the manufacturer, the foam the mattress is made of will guarantee great responsiveness.

When it comes to this product, there are also claims it will offer excellent support to all IKEA bed customers, given its construction is based on the zoned support principle.

They say it is especially a good choice for individuals who have problems with the lumbar body area. But the review sites do point out that heavier people should look for the thicker sleeping surface.

What you can hear the most about this bed is that it’s a great model for stomach sleepers, as well as for couples, given it has excellent motion isolation and a high level of firmness.

The IKEA Morgedal mattress reviews say that this sleeping surface comes with a 365-day exchange policy and with a 25-year warranty, which is quite impressive if you compare it to other bed manufacturers who will give you a much shorter warranty period and, in the best case, 100-night free trial.

Our honest review of IKEA Morgedal Mattress

After we enlisted all popular and the most common descriptions about IKEA mattress, we are now going to see how much they showcase an actual experience of sleeping on this surface night after night. We made sure to see what real customers had to say about this highly-praised mattress.

CLAIM 1: It is an ideal mattress for people who like to sleep on a firm bed.

TRUTH: Some individuals do like a firmer mattress for their night’s rest, but apparently, this IKEA bed made many of them feel like sleeping on the stone. It is extremely firm, up to the point some of them had to place an additional comfort layer just to be able to get through the night. They say it is a very uncomfortable model they regret buying in the first place.

CLAIM 2: It is a good quality mattress that will have a long lifespan.

TRUTH: It is true that people should not expect this to be a high-end mattress given it is a low-budget piece, but the fact it starts deteriorating after only a few months of usage is simply unacceptable. Some customers said the mattress started sagging very quickly, and that it became increasingly worse as time passed. And those were the people who have normal weight, not the ones who belong to the heavier category. It seems like this mattress is made from extremely low-quality and low-density foam.

CLAIM 3: IKEA mattress is suitable for people who suffer from back pain, especially in their lumbar region.

TRUTH: It is recommended that people with back pain sleep on firmer surfaces, and this model was presented as the one that could solve this problem, but in reality, it had quite the opposite effect. Those individuals who bought the IKEA mattress for that purpose explained that after only a few months, their problem became even worse, mostly because their bodies didn’t have the right alignment. They claim that they started waking up with terrible pain in their back, but also in their shoulders. Some of the customers additionally had a high level of numbness in their body after spending the night on this mattress. People said that this was the worst mattress they ever slept on.

CLAIM 4: This mattress made by IKEA will offer you great pressure relief due to the comfort zones its construction is based on.

TRUTH: The amount of pressure many customers faced when sleeping on this mattress night after night completely disputes this claim. As it appears, the lack of elastic in IKEA bed’s layers makes people feel a great level of pressure in their shoulders, hips, and other parts of their bodies. They claim that this mattress did not adapt well to their body shape.

Other complaints


Some customers complained that the mattress they bought online from the IKEA platform was not the same as the one they tried when visiting the store. It turns out it is much more uncomfortable and firmer than they remember it feels when they tried it on.

Customer service

Even though the brand says that you will have a 365-day trial period, it turns out that they are willing to exchange one mattress for the other one, but they will not give back your money. Apparently, this policy applies only to products that are unused and still in the original packaging, which has no sense. You will even have to pay for the return. Also, some customers complained that IKEA’s customer service didn’t respond to their questions and requests. They simply went silent on them.


You wouldn’t believe how many people said the same thing about this IKEA mattress – that it was so comfortable and pleasant to sleep on at first, but that after a very short period of time, they had the worst experience ever with it and started looking for a mattress replacement. And that says a lot.

If you are looking for a bed for a guest room that will not be used that often, this may be a good solution solely based on the price of the product, but otherwise, we do not recommend you to buy it. It is cheap, but given the low quality it is made of, it will still be a bad economy to make that purchase.