Luxi Mattress Honest Review
Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money?

We are not here to tell you what to do, but we are willing to advise you not to spend your money on a Luxi mattress. This is not a paid negative review that’s motivated by some shady marketing interests, but a simple and honest summarization of what this sleeping surface has to offer, and a conclusion we made after having a thorough analysis of the product.

Nowadays mattress manufacturers are so eager to please us and satisfy all our needs that they are willing to do every possible thing you can imagine just to make sure that at the end of the day you will choose them and purchase their product. But the thing is that particular attitude can, and quite often is very contra-productive, just like in the case of a Luxi mattress.

So after pointing out that there are definitely some good things about this sleeping surface, we are going to talk about all the bad features it comes with, but also about the fact that most mattress review sites are not willing to be honest all the way because of their own personal agenda. The thing is, most of them live on the percentage of product’s sale, so they tend to present it as an ideal product by all means, even when it’s more than clear that it’s not.

About Luxi Mattress

Luxi mattress is a bed-in-a-box type of sleeping surface that’s designed and made in the USA, and it’s based on the revolutionary concept of the customizable 3-in-1 mattress. Now, you must be wondering what does that mean?

The way the manufacturer thought about it is to provide you with the possibility to change the organization of mattress layers in order to achieve a different level of mattress firmness. So you will need to pull off the cover and shift the layers up and down depending on whether you want to have a soft, medium, or firm sleeping surface.

When it comes to a queen-size mattress or every other bigger size of the bed, you will have an additional option of splitting sides and adjusting each one for two individuals who are sleeping on it. The mattress is made of memory foam that’s Certi-PUR US certified, and it’s 10 inches thick.

It’s available in several sizes – twin, twin XL, full bed, queen, king, and the biggest California king size.


  • Good pressure relief
  • Good motion isolation
  • Good airflow
  • Good temperature regulation


  • Low-quality construction
  • Unsupportive enough
  • Non-consistency with firmness level
  • Inability to return the product
  • Bad customer service
  • Too expensive

What most mattress review sites claim?

Most mattress review sites praise this product. They talk about this customizable concept as an ideal solution that’s suitable for all types of sleepers since each individual can adjust it to their needs.

Whether or not it’s actually a good and practical solution, we will see later on in the text.

They also say that it is a super comfortable, high-quality made sleeping surface with great pressure relief, reliable support, and excellent capability of providing spinal alignment, adding that people with back and neck problems should not feel any sort of pain after spending each night on this mattress. They attribute it to the brand’s support balancing technology.

According to the manufacturer and other mattress sites, the grid system of the bed allows it to conform to your body shape, especially when you are on the sides, so your shoulders and your hips should be relieved from excessive pressure and the feeling of soreness.

Even though it is designed from several layers of memory foam, this mattress is, according to the company that made it an ideal solution for hot sleepers.

The explanation that lies behind this statement says that there are holes in the latex layer that allow the air to circulate, as well as large channels that are built into the SBT grid.

When it comes to motion isolation, they say it is one of the best features this mattress has to offer, especially if we talk about those models that are split in the middle.

The brand and review sites both claim this product should be a number one choice for couples since they won’t disturb each other with their movements at all.

But they do say that the edge support of the mattress is pretty weak.

In the end, there is always a statement that assures all potential customers that they won’t make a mistake by purchasing a Luxi mattress, first because of its quality, and second because of the fact that the product comes with a 10-year warranty, as well as with a 100-night free trial period.

There’s also a claim you can return the item free of charge if you don’t find it to be suitable for your needs, and that their support center is at your disposal any time.

Our honest review of Luxi Mattress

Now we are going to see what the customers of Luxi mattress have to say, and how much these statements are actually aligned with the real facts.

CLAIM 1: The ability to customize the firmness of the Luxi mattress will make sure you always have the right feeling of support under your body.

TRUTH: According to more than a few reviews from people who actually bought this mattress and spent months and years sleeping on it, that brand’s customizable and adjustable feature is not really a success. Quite the opposite. Evidently, what happens is that after some time (we are talking about several weeks to several months) the mattress starts losing the level of firmness it should provide, no matter if it’s adjusted to soft, medium, or firm settings.

CLAIM 2: This is a high-quality made mattress that will last for years.

TRUTH: As it turns out, this is far from reality. Most of the people who complained about the Luxi mattress mentioned that it started sagging very quickly and that it made them feel very frustrated. Apparently, it tends to create discernible valleys at places where people spend most of the time sleeping, no matter what the setting of the layers is. Some of them tried to shift it to the firmest option hoping it would help, but it didn’t, the valleys became even worse. And we are talking about people who have regular weight – from 100 to 160 pounds.

CLAIM 3: Luxi mattress is an affordable mattress that’s worth investing in.

TRUTH: Even though most review sites mention the Luxi mattress as quite an affordable piece that will be worth the money you plan on investing, the real-life reviews are not complementing that statement. This is actually a mattress that can be categorized as an expensive one since its price goes above 1000 dollars, and based on the fact that many Luxi mattress users are not satisfied with what they got from it, we cannot say this investment will be worth it. It’s pretty clear we don’t agree with that.

CLAIM 4: If you are not satisfied with the Luxi mattress, you will be able to return it easily, free of charge, within a 100-days free trial period.

TRUTH: There was not only one complaint about people not being able to return this mattress and get their money back. Even though the manufacturer claims they have a 100-night free trial, it turns out those who were not satisfied and wanted to return it actually couldn’t, because the company remained silent to their requests and wishes. They simply went silent or didn’t send the return label customers need in order to actually send the product back. Also, many of them never got the pillow they paid for or were promised to get for free. In their own words, they felt really disappointed and scammed.

Other complaints


According to the complex layer structure, this mattress should provide its users with a great level of support in general, but as it turns out, it’s not a case. Back and stomach sleepers often complain about not having the body well aligned when sleeping on this surface, and waking up with pain in their lower back, their neck, and sometimes some other parts. Even if you shift the layers and adjust the mattress to a preferable firmness level, it will never be firm enough because of the softer layers that are above that top one.

Customer service

Bad customer service is unacceptable when we are talking about online-based sellers, and according to numerous customer reviews, that’s what you should expect when buying a Luxi mattress. People say there’s no customer service since most time they don’t respond to people’s questions and claims. And that’s especially the case when the customer is not satisfied with the product and wants to return it. Apparently, they simply go radio silent.


We believe that it’s pretty clear by now that we do not recommend you to buy this mattress. Sure, it has some good features, but if we are being honest, there are only a few of those, and the price that high should be justified by several more, don’t you think?

Anyways, our general belief is that mattresses that are designed in a way to be suitable for every single person are no good. It’s simply impossible to achieve that, at least not in a high-quality manner. This sleeping surface simply doesn’t provide adequate support, it’s overpriced, it starts deteriorating extremely fast, and the company has bad customer service and a shady approach when it comes to returning the product.

So we vote against the Luxi mattress.