Aireloom Mattress Honest Review:
Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money?

The market is full of mattresses, but not every one of them is a good choice. Aireloom sleeping surface is the one you should think twice before purchasing because there are a lot of aspects its users complained about.

That’s why we decided to analyze this model thoroughly and to compare the claims of the brand itself and mattress-based sites with comments of customers who had and used it for quite some time.

We are aware that not every product of this kind is ideal for all people – some prefer the firmer ground to sleep on, some like that cushiony feeling the mattress can provide, some are side, and others are stomach sleepers, but what everybody agrees on is that they need a mattress that has great support, good pressure relief, high-quality construction, and that it’s worthy of the money they invested. 

Most mattress review sites tend to praise every product they come up with because of their personal agenda and business deal, but the fact is, not all of them are perfect with every feature in their place.

They have flaws, and we decided to point them up because it’s the only fair thing we can do.

After all, most of you rely on us and other similar sites when looking for a product review and when deciding whether or not to invest in some specific mattress model.

About Aireloom Mattress

Aireloom is a brand that’s part of a California-based company that creates luxurious sleeping surfaces you can purchase solely in the exclusive mattress retailers across the US.

We are talking about a deluxe model whose price goes up to a couple of thousand dollars, and it is famous for its Aireloom lift patent that can increase the areas of low pressure.

These mattresses are hand-crafted with luxurious materials, they are a mixture of memory foam, Talalay latex, coils, and natural substances. It’s pretty clear that we refer to the hybrid mattress model that has a medium firmness and a quite good reputation.

The manufacturer is not offering a trial period for their mattresses, but they do give warranty periods of 5, 10 or 20 years, depending on the model you chose.


  • Handmade design
  • Traditional bouncy effect
  • Good breathability
  • Good motion isolation


  • Too expensive
  • Quickly starts sagging
  • Inconsistent support
  • Low responsiveness
  • Back pain
  • Too firm
  • Warranty issues

What most mattress review sites claim?

According to most Aireloom mattress reviews, this is an extremely high-quality sleeping surface that will provide you with royal comfort, excellent support, and a unique and traditional bouncy appeal so many people love.

They all claim that reliability is what you can count on when it comes to this product and that their performance is incredibly good.

The specific construction of this bed designed with five layers, is apparently very durable, firm, and reliable.

The latex surface is the one responsible for a great level of comfort, but also for the excellent breathability of the mattress, while the transitional memory foam is there to make sure you have good additional support in order to keep your body well aligned.

As they all claim, this layer is responsible for perfect body contouring, and the pocked coil system placed in the foundation is the one that provides a primary support system that will cover all your needs.

Also, this bed should reduce the motion transfer very well, which means it’s a good choice for couples who have a habit of restless sleeping, and it should be very responsive so that you can stay at the top of its surface and don’t feel trapped by the bed.

The mixture of a luxurious feel, outstanding comfort, and the fact this mattress can relieve pressure points is what the brand is most proud of.

Even though it is in the medium-firm category, the mattress review sites claim that sleeping on this mattress is like spending the night on a cloud – super cozy and cushiony.

Also, they say that Aireloom latex mattress is a great solution for any type of sleeper, but especially for back sleepers who won’t wake up with pain in this area anymore, and for side sleepers given a coil mechanism will provide them with great pressure relief.

They all proudly claiming that this is the mattress built to last and that investing in it will pay off, regardless of the fact its price is way over others that belong to the same class.

It is apparently suitable for people who are average to heavy in their weight, and people who tend to sleep hot since its structure, the coil system, as well as the cotton-based cover can provide enough airflow and good temperature regulation.

Our honest review of Aireloom Mattress

These were all the statements you will most likely come across when researching Aireloom mattress review.

But since very few mattress review sites mentioned negative aspects of this sleeping surface, we are going to compare all these claims with what real customers of Aireloom had to say about it.

CLAIM 1: This is a high-quality mattress that’s built to last.

TRUTH: Well, the manufacturer sure made an effort for this to be true, giving they did use high-quality and luxurious materials, but because of some reason this sleeping surface starts sagging pretty fast.

A significant number of people who bought and used it reported there are indentations created in places where they sleep after only two to four years of using this mattress as the main sleeping surface.

Some of them were overweight, but others were regular size builds and had the same problem. Also, others reported their Aireloom mattress simply collapsed on one side after only several weeks, and the same thing happened to the replacement item of the same kind, which means it was not an isolated case.

CLAIM 2: Aireloom has great construction that will provide you with adequate support.

TRUTH: Not one person who spent some time sleeping on an Aireloom mattress said they didn’t have the right amount of support, which led to several problems, among which is the pain in their back.

And let’s not forget both the manufacturer and review sites claimed how this product would keep your spine well-aligned no matter in what position you like to spend the night in.

Apparently, many oh Aireloom customers started waking up with excessive pain in their back, but also in their hips, and that the problem didn’t go away even after they rotated the mattress several times.

CLAIM 3: Thanks to its high responsiveness you will stay at the top of the mattress surface, you won’t sink into it.

TRUTH: It turns out this is another problematic statement. Even though the manufacturer swears on the quality of this mattress, and claims you won’t feel trapped by it like it’s the case with some other, mostly all-foam mattresses, the Aireloom also didn’t meet the expectations.

Some Aireloom users explained that at the beginning sleeping on this surface was a dream come true, but that they started sinking into the mattress structure pretty soon after they purchased it.

It was something they didn’t expect at all, and something that wasn’t just temporary.

Other complaints

Warranty issues

The manufacturer does offer up to 20 years of limited warranty for their mattresses, but it turns out that it can be quite hard to cash it out.

Evidently, if you have a complaint and want to call on your warranty, the company will send its inspectors who will probably conclude there isn’t enough sagging for the warranty to be effective.

The customers who had this problem explained that they didn’t take into consideration the fact mattress sags only when someone lies on it, because the indentions cannot be detected when the mattress is relieved of the body pressure.

That pretty much means you will have to wait several years for your mattress to become completely bumpy in order to be able to use this right.

Too expensive

There is no doubt that the price of this mattress is a huge issue so many people have complaints about it, especially after they bought it and used it for some time.

Not only that it’s way more expensive than any other mattress, but its price is not justified given this sleeping surface has some serious flaws. So before you decide to invest all your savings into this mattress hoping it will be everything you wished for, stop for a minute, do the research, and check what other Aireloom consumers had to say about it after several years of usage.

Too firm

There are several complaints about this mattress being too firm. Even though it belongs to the medium-firm category, and that should provide a soft and cushiony feel based on memory foam and latex layers, this bed has been marked to be hard as a rock by more than a few Aireloom customers.

They reported being unable to spend every night on it because they were very uncomfortable on it, so many of them moved to another room for a while.


As you can see, Aireloom mattress reviews are full of complaints, and they are not insignificant. The fact is most people who were willing to put down 4000 dollars for this mattress expected to get a superior product they can count on for at least a decade.

But it turns out they weren’t right, and now they feel trapped and miserable because there’s nothing they can do about it. They are stuck with this mattress they are very unsatisfied with until they are able to afford to buy another one. Now, we do not claim this is a general stand of every Aireloom buyer.

Of course, there are people who find it adequate and suitable for their needs, but we wanted to make sure you have all the facts before making this potentially life-changing purchase.