Saatva Mattress Review:
Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money?

To buy or not to buy a Saatva mattress? Well, we vote against it, but it’s just our humble opinion this mattress is not worthy of your money. If you want to know why continue reading the lines below.

The mattress market is full of choices. Some of them are great, others not so much, and that’s okay because these two extremes belong to two different price ranges and quality categories. In simple words, there’s something for everybody. And as long as things are transparent like that, everything will be fine.

But when it comes to presenting a product as something that’s not, making it look like a shiny little penny with perfectly shaped edges, and it’s more than clear there are some serious deficiencies, then we start feeling really annoyed and ready to go to the bottom of the truth.

Sometimes it’s the brand who’s hiding what’s below the surface, and sometimes those are mattress review sites who live on a sale’s provision and find it to be in their interest to sell you a specific sleeping surface no matter what.

We simply don’t find that to be fair to the whole bunch of potential customers out there who are saving for the good sleeping surface. And there are so many false Saatva mattress reviews.

That’s why we decided to point out all the negative about the Saatva mattress in this case, since it’s mostly been praised, and it does have some serious issues.

About Saatva Luxury Mattress

Saatva mattress belongs to the line of luxurious sleeping surfaces, and it is designed by the same-name company that’s been founded in 2010. Their innerspring mattress model is called Saatva Classic, and it’s made from two layers of coils, combined with two layers of polyfoam and one layer of memory foam.

You can get this mattress in three firmness options – soft, medium-firm, and clearly firm, and in two heights – 11.5 and 14.5 inches. It’s currently sold only via the website, but you can try this mattress on at the SleePare showroom in New York City, or at the Saatva viewing room.

It comes with a 180-night sleep trial, as well as with 15-year warranty.

The company will offer you a white glove delivery that includes removing the old sleeping surface from your home.


  • Good temperature isolation
  • Good motion transfer


  • Too firm
  • Starts sagging quickly
  • Cause back pain
  • Too expensive
  • Bad customer service
  • Not enough pressure relief
  • Bad odor

What most mattress review sites claim

This is the part where we are going to present you with everything other Saatva mattress review sites are claiming, as well as the brand itself, after which we are going to see to what extent those statements are true.

According to them, we are talking about one of the most popular online innerspring mattresses that are considered to be a high-quality made piece suitable for all types of sleepers.

They claim that this is even one of the best mattresses for people who prefer sleeping on their backs since it can keep their spine well-aligned and that it will offer back pain relief for those who suffer from this sort of problem.

Apparently, the Saatva mattress is made from exquisite materials that will provide its sleepers with the ideal contouring, and it seems it is considered to be worth every penny, even though we are talking about a pretty expensive sleeping surface.

There are claims that this is a very reliable mattress with a long lifespan and extremely firm and durable construction.

Also, there are indications that this innerspring will make sure you always stay on top of the mattress instead of falling into it during the night.

However, there is a claim Saatva isn’t the ideal solution for individuals who like spending the night on a soft mattress.

As it turns out, most reviews say this mattress will provide you with a great level of support and comfort, unless you are very lightweight. The micro-coil layer should make sure your body is well contoured all the time, and that your hips and your shoulders won’t feel sore after sleeping on it.

We have to be fair and say that they are suggesting side sleepers should choose the soft plush model of the mattress because the other two may give them a more firm feel.

They also say that this is a great mattress for stomach sleepers.

According to the manufacturer and review sites, Saatva mattress has an excellent level of breathability thanks to the organic cotton-made cover, as well as a double coil layer that will provide good airflow.

They say it has a good temperature regulation and that you won’t sleep hot on it. And even though it is an innerspring piece, apparently Saatva has good motion isolation and a quite decent pressure relief system.

And since this is not a bed-in-a-box mattress, and there’s no unwrapping it and waiting for the mattress to set up, according to the company, there won’t be off-gassing of any kind.

Our honest review of Saatva Mattress

So now, let’s see what real customers of Saatva mattress had to say about all these claims. We were pretty surprised to see that there are a lot of Saatva mattress bad reviews, which is a reason we become intrigued and ready to share it with you.

CLAIM 1: Saatva mattress is ideal for people who prefer sleeping on their back and who suffer from back pain.

TRUTH: That may be something they hoped for, but in reality, the Saatva mattress even made the back pain problem worse for so many people. Not only it doesn’t provide adequate support and a proper sleeping surface for individuals who have back issues, but it’s responsible for creating pain sensations in people who never suffered from this sort of a problem before.

And let us be clear, the people we refer to were physically active, and they were not overweight.

CLAIM 2: This is a high-quality mattress that’s built with a firm and reliable construction, and it comes with a long lifespan.

TRUTH: As it appears, so many people complained about noticing dents and sagging areas in the middle of the mattress after only one or two years of using it as their main sleeping surface. Even after they rotated the mattress several times, the problem didn’t go away. And again, we are talking about regular-sized people who are normal sleepers.

CLAIM 3: Saatva mattress will be an adequate solution for all types of sleepers.

TRUTH: Well, it seems like not everybody will agree on this one. First of all, it should be an ideal solution for back sleepers, and we already proved it’s not. Second of all, a huge number of side and combo sleepers said that it did not provide them with a great level of comfort, as promised, and that their shoulders and hips felt uncomfortable, even painful after several nights on the Saatva mattress. Some of them said they had to visit a chiropractor after several weeks of sleeping on Saatva.

CLAIM 4: This is not a bed-in-a-box type of mattress, so there is no off-gassing.

TRUTH: There are customers who bought this mattress mostly because of this claim since some are pretty sensitive to bad odor and have an issue with sinuses or asthma. And it’s little to say they were shocked and frustrated when they sensed a bad smell coming from the bed.

Apparently, it was so intense that the smell transmitted to their sleeping clothes and their beddings, and several people suffered from a headache. The off-gassing was present even after several days.

Other complaints

Too firm

According to a huge number of customers, this mattress is simply too firm. Even those people who prefer sleeping on a firmer ground said that at some moments, it was unbearable to spend the night on this sleeping surface.

They even tried to cover it with a soft and comfortable topper and to change the bed’s foundation, but they still haven’t had a pleasant sleeping experience. The number of individuals who explained that the firmness of the mattress was not aligned with the standard and that it caused serious pain in their bodies, especially their back is enormous.

Customer support and policy

So many people reported they were very disappointed with how Saatva support central treated them. There were cases when people were unsatisfied and wanted to return or exchange the product, but they weren’t able to or were told they would be additionally charged for that.

Those who managed to make a deal with them were only offered exchange possibilities, while a refund was not an option. Also, some reported bed bugs, but the support center completely denied that possibility and was unwilling to help.

Others were told that sagging is a normal process and that it is not covered by a warranty. Also, their claim that there’s a free trial is simply not true since they will charge you $99 if you decide to return the product.


Even though the company has a white glove delivery, it turns out they aren’t at the level of professionalism as it would be expected. Some customers reported they were very frustrated because the delivery was late, and after they came, they behaved unprofessionally and left dirt and mud all over the customer’s house.


Saatva mattresses are advertised as high-quality and luxury products, so as expected, their prices are pretty high. The average price for this mattress is somewhere between $1100 and $1800, which is not a small amount.

It is expected when you pay for the mattress that much that it will provide you with everything that’s promised, and even more. And according to our experience and so many Saatva mattress complaints, we really think this mattress is overpriced and not worthy of your money.


We were very disappointed with what we heard from Saatva customers. Not only that these mattresses are super pricey, but they are designed with so many flaws that it’s unbelievable. We will not tell you what to do, or whether or not you should invest in this or any other product, but if you ask us for an opinion, this is it – do not purchase this mattress because it is almost certain you will regret it pretty soon.

We do not think the manufacturer wanted to scam you, but that really doesn’t justify the fact that they are calling this mattress a high-quality piece, or that they are ready to sell it to you for the price of luxurious products when it’s so obvious it doesn’t belong to that category.