How Long does Memory Foam Mattress Last?

how long do memory foam mattresses last

There is no doubt that memory foam mattress is the most popular sleeping surface in the USA, but also all around the world. It is a synonym for comfort, pressure relief, and durability. The material these sleeping products are made of – memory foam, was designed by NASA in order to make rocket ship’s seats comfortable and pleasant to sit on for hours. So we can be pretty sure they managed to create a unique substance able to answer all our body’s needs.

Now, buying a mattress is a long term investment, and it’s not something you should do rashly. When it comes to this type of mattress, the question – how long do memory foam mattresses last is probably something you would wonder about. That’s why we decided to analyze this topic thoroughly and present you with a reality of what you can expect from this type of product.

Can I trust the warranty?

memory foamWe all know that mattress manufacturers are usually ready to give us a five to ten years warranty on their products, but also that there are those who are proud to present us with lifelong ones. But no matter how good and appealing that sounds, did you ever wonder how that can be possible? How reasonable it is for us to expect items made from deteriorating materials we use every single day for hours can last forever.

If we are honest, some memory foam mattresses are very high-quality made, and they truly can last for years, maybe decades, but you must expect from their structure to change a bit over time. In general, these warranties really are certain indicators of bed durability, they will show you how long should a memory foam mattress lasts, but that’s not something you should take for granted.

The quality of memory foam

There are different types of memory foam, and in different ways, this material is made. Some manufacturers even have their own formula. Memory foam is very durable and constant in certain ways, generally speaking, but it can deteriorate and damage. Some of the best mattresses are made of memory foam, and they can serve you well during many years, but their pressure relief, density, the ability to contour to your body, and provide you with the best possible support will change and debase with years.

The price of a memory foam mattress can definitely be one of the indicators that can tell you how well made it is and how long you can expect it to last. But also, there are two other things that can impact their durability and lifespan, and they both depend on you. The first one is the support you provided for your mattress, and the other one is the cleanliness.

how long does memory foam last


If you wonder how long does memory foam mattress lasts, it’s probably up to the moment you can notice there are sagged and recessed parts on the mattress surface. Memory foam sleeping surfaces, at least those high-quality made have a capacity to keep your spine well-aligned, and your body comfortably hugged. However, this type of bed can start losing its bounciness quite soon, and its foam can start degenerating if you don’t provide your bed with adequate support.

We are talking about bed frames that are suitable for memory foam mattresses. Every manufacturer will underline in their warranty what is the base their products need to be laid on in order for the warranty to be valid. For example, some twin beds need a foundation with four legs, while queen and king size mattresses demand having extra two legs in the middle, so the structure of the bed doesn’t change over time. It is important for you to read and adopt this information if you want your bed to last long enough and serve you as it should.


It is normal that our dead skin cells, our sweat, and other body liquids come in contact with the mattress we sleep on. Regular cleaning of the memory foam mattress should neutralize it all and make sure your health isn’t affected by these things. But there are other reasons why you need to remove all the dirt from your mattress regularly. 

If there is no mattress maintenance of this kind, these particles will accumulate and stay in all layers of the sleeping surface, which can lead to having a mold and dust mites in your mattress. And those things can seriously affect the bed structure and fasten the process of its deterioration. The memory foam density can be compromised by it, and result with sagged and dented areas. That’s why it is super important not to sleep on a mattress surface directly but to use a cover or mattress protector all the time.

how long should a memory foam mattress last

When is it time to replace the memory foam mattress?

If you want to know how many years does a memory foam mattress lasts, we cannot serve you with a certain number with absolute certainty since not one thing will dictate the lifespan of a bed surface. However, you should bear in mind that eight to ten years is an average limit. Its general recommendation to use one mattress for a maximum ten years, no matter who the manufacturer is, what the sleeping surface is made of, or how well made it is.

In this particular case, one whole decade will clearly leave marks on the memory foam, and your mattress won’t be the same as when you bought it in the first place. If you notice a certain smell, huge lumps, and dents, or you start waking up with a pain in some parts of your body, know that it is time to replace your mattress, no matter how much time has passed from the moment you purchased it.


We already talked about how important the good night’s rest is, and how crucial is the role of the mattress we sleep on. So the sleeping surface is definitely the thing you should invest in. But that doesn’t mean it is a purchase you take once in a lifetime, even if you get the lifelong warranty on your mattress. Mattresses made of foam are definitely one of the bests the market has currently to offer, and it is a really good deal if you can use them from eight to ten years, which is their expected lifespan if you do all the things right.