How Long Does a Mattress Last?

how long does a mattress last


Modern mattresses have a relatively long life span. Depending on the type, they can last from five to ten years. Premium quality mattresses last even longer. But how do you know when it starts to wear out? Do you judge by its appearance, or perhaps by features and feel to determine how well the mattress is doing? Whatever the case is, it’s best to know the expected lifespan of each mattress type. You’ll be able to preserve it better, but you’ll also avoid possible misuse and enjoy even longer in your preferred mattress type

How Long Should a Mattress Last

How long does a mattress last? This question always pops up when buying your first mattress or considering to replace your old mattress. Well, before you can address that question, you should pick the right type. One that suits your own and your partner’s sleeping preference or need. Usually, a mattress of medium quality lasts at least five years. That means it will keep its features for at least that long. It won’t start to wear out, performance, or appearance-wise. However, misusing the mattress or not taking proper care of it can lead shortening it’s lifespan

Foam Mattress

Foam Mattress lifespanOne of the most popular types of mattress is a foam mattress. Mostly due to its superb pressure relief features and comfort. It’s the first and only choice for many as the weight gets distributed equally on the entire mattress, and it has therapeutic properties. People with joint, leg, and upper body pain tend to get significant pressure relief from this type of bed. When it comes to longevity, these mattresses can last from eight to ten years when maintained properly. You can protect the mattress and ensure that it lasts longer in many ways, but it is recommended that you replace your mattress after a decade of use.

Latex Mattress

If latex mattress is your preference you don’t have to worry about longevity much. But how long do mattresses last, particularly, how long does a latex mattress last?  Natural latex beds can last much longer than other types. Because latex in these mattresses is made from a natural sap from rubber three, the material degrades much slower.

This sap used in the manufacturing process of these beds also has natural fire-retardant properties and is antimicrobial. The typical lifespan of a latex mattress is around ten to fifteen years. Although some suggest that it can last even more than that, it depends whether the mattress is all-natural or a blend between latex and memory foam. Lower quality blends have a significantly shorter life span, usually six to eight years. 

Innerspring Mattress

Made with a specially designed layer of coils that offer great support to the entire body, these mattresses are comfortable but have a relatively short life span. On average innerspring mattresses can last from seven to ten years. There are two main types of innerspring mattresses: one with individually wrapped coils and another with a grid of interconnected springs.

The innerspring mattress with interconnected coils tends to break easily. Because they are all connected, once a dent occurs in these mattresses, the chances are that more than one coil is damaged or broken. It makes a repair impossible, and owners usually have to rely on their warranty as the entire layer needs replacement

Hybrid Mattress

If you’re into hybrid mattresses you’re probably wondering how long should a mattress last anyway?The hybrid mattress consists of different types of layers – usually a mix of latex, memory foam, and innerspring grid. They offer a blend of support and pressure relief and are often the best choice for couples with different sleeping preferences. On average, a hybrid mattress can last from six to eight years.

Models with layers of natural latex and high-quality density foam can last a bit longer. To combine the best features of three mattress types is a good idea theoretically, but it comes at a cost as hybrid mattresses have the shortest life span next to air mattresses. 

Air Mattress

These mattresses are quite practical. They store easily and are always a right choice when you need a sleeping surface for camping or other outdoor activities. They can last four to eight years. Although practical and lightweight, the level of comfort that you get from this air mattress can’t compare with that of other types like latex, innerspring, etc.

Air Mattress lifespan

The best way to ensure that an air mattress reaches its maximum lifespan is to avoid using it outside of your home. They can be a great way to accommodate guests. Also, by using it indoors only, you minimize the chances of having your mattress punctured or damaged.

What Factors Influence The Lifespan of a Mattress?

The durability of each mattress type is closely tied to its intended use. So, to make sure that your mattress lasts as long as possible, you need to know what affects it’s lifespan the most. Some beds can endure heavier weights, other’s don’t have edge-support, and some even lack proper base support that improves overall durability. Many things impact the lifespan of any mattress. Here are just some of the most common factors

Jumping on the Bed

Jumping on the bedAlthough kids find jumping on a new mattress incredibly fun, it doesn’t help with its lifespan. Memory foam mattresses, for example, can absorb pressure and still retain its original form. However, applying to much force at once can wear it out pretty fast. 

Body Weight

Sleepers with obesity problems usually tend to pick firmer beds to avoid sinking in while sleeping. Because weight affects the lifespan of a mattress, it’s important to choose one that supports your weight. 

Improper Use

Another factor that can make a big impact on a mattress is how you use it. Having a frame without proper base support can ruin your entire sleeping experience but also further degrade the lifespan of a bed. Most of these mattresses aren’t waterproof, which makes cleaning a bit complicated. If the mattress soaks water or too much liquid, it will affect some of its features and properties. 

How to Increase Mattress Lifespan?

To ensure your mattress lasts, you only need to take care of it and avoid misusing it. This means cleaning, using proper covers and sheets, and flipping the bed from time to time. You’d be surprised how these simple steps of precaution can extend the lifespan of any mattress. 

Clean it Regularly

Cleaning your bed regularly is extremely important. Not only because of hygiene but to improve it’s lifespan as well. Be sure to use a damp cloth and clean only the surface of the bed. Soaking the mattress in water isn’t recommended, as it’s tough to dry it out.

So always use dry cleaning techniques, and you’ll keep your bed fresh and clean at all times. More importantly, you’ll improve its longevity. You can use a unique vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter to keep dust, mites, even pollen away from your mattress. 

Use Mattress Covers

Mattress covers can make a significant difference in improving the longevity of your mattress. There’s a wide range to choose from. Some are even water-resistant, so you can have your morning breakfast or drink on your bed without worrying about stains.

Use Mattress Covers

But that’s not the only reason why it’s recommended to use a cover. Some covers can act as an extra layer and further increase lifespan while adding more comfort to it. Covers can be made from cotton, bamboo, wool, and other natural material, but they can consist of synthetic materials as well. Another reason for using covers is to avoid abrasion that further deteriorates the mattress.

Flip The Mattress

No matter how well you take care of your mattress, its quality will deteriorate over time. This is simply inevitable. The good thing is that this way, it will degrade much slower than it usually would. However, in addition to the methods mentioned above, there is another that further prevents it from wearing out.

This is, of course, flipping the mattress. Having a mattress with interchangeable layers allows you to rearrange them so that one side becomes softer, or more responsive than the other.

You can also flip the bed after time and use the other side to prolong its lifespan. As pressure and other effects wear out the mattress over time, flipping it and sleeping on a “fresh” side makes it last way longer than it would usually


It’s in every sleeper’s interest that their mattress lasts as long as possible. But to do that we need to take good care of them. This means using it correctly, cleaning, etc. The durability of the mattress and expected lifespan are two entirely different things. To ensure your mattress lasts, what’s important is not to test its durability with improper use as the warranty only covers unexpected dents that can manifest due to a manufacturing error.

Not, the deterioration that occurs over time, naturally. So if you really want to keep your mattress last, practice the above-mentioned methods and techniques, and you’ll definitely enjoy sleeping on it more than you usually would.