Learn How to Clean a Memory Foam Mattress Easily

How to clean a memory foam mattress


So you started your day determined to clean a mattress and remove the stains entirely. The problem is, it’s not just any type of bed, but memory foam mattress. This material, as we’re all probably aware, absorbs liquid with astonishing speed. And once the water or cleaning solution is applied, it’s impossible to prevent it from spreading to other layers.

However, there are ways to clean a memory foam mattress without soaking the entire surface in water. If you haven’t done this before, you’re going to need all the help that you can get. And we’re happy to provide instruction on how to do it properly. Bear in mind that if your mattress has a specific cleaning technique stated by the manufacturer, stick to that one, and ignore the rest. 

Vacuum and Memory Foam

Wondering how to clean a memory foam mattress? Your best bet for maintaining hygiene and keeping the mattress clean is to vacuum it. It’s a fast and efficient way to remove a portion of dust and mites that have accumulated over time. No one wants to see mites under a microscope and learn about their daily routine. Instead, we’re content knowing what little truth we find along the way. As, naturally, we have to learn something about these microscopic beings throughout our life. The fact is that we can’t create a sleeping surface that’s mite-proof. That is why dry cleaning your mattress is essential. But how frequently should you do it?

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As dust specs aren’t just random pieces of microscopic debris but also our dead skin cells, mites consider it an ideal source of food. The problem is, their debris ( mainly feces) is harmful to us as it affects our immune system in many ways. Mites residing in our sleeping surface are the ones associated with allergies, responsible for stimulating asthma. And because mites found in our beds don’t have a natural way to get rid of their debris, it tends to pile up pretty fast. That is why you should vacuum your mattress on a regular basis

So the first step in cleaning your mattress is to vacuum it thoroughly. There are specialized vacuum cleaners that are quite efficient in removing dust and mites from mattresses and soft surfaces. So the better model you have, the cleaner your sleeping surface will be. 

Clean With Solution

Clean your memory foam mattressThe next step in our how to clean memory foam mattresses guide includes mixing and applying the cleaning solution. After you have vacuumed your mattress and removed a considerate amount of mites and dust, it’s time for step two. In order to apply the cleaning solution properly, you’ll definitely want to sprinkle it. This way, you’ll be able to regulate the amount of liquid that enters the memory foam. Try to limit it to a bare minimum, as you really don’t want to soak the mattress. 

When it comes to cleaning solution itself, you can use baking soda mixed with water. However, if you’re trying to remove a really persistent stain, you can add hydrogen peroxide to the mix. The proportion should be one measurement of peroxide to five of water. After you’re done mixing, pour the solution in a bottle. You can use Windex bottle or anything with a similar spray nozzle. 

Before you start spraying, place the mattress in a vertical position. You can pull it against the wall, furniture, or any other way. The important thing is that it’s secured and that it won’t bend or fall down as you clean.

Now that everything is ready, you can start spot cleaning by applying the solution using a spray nozzle. Spray a couple of times and rub the area. If the stain is persistent, repeat the process a couple of times until it’s completely gone. Just be sure to dry it out after each session. Which leads us to our third most important thing about cleaning a memory foam mattress – drying the mattress/surface.

Dry the Mattress

As you apply the mixture and rub the stain, prepare a cloth, towel, or anything that can absorb liquid efficiently. After each rub session, dry the surface so that you can repeat the process. If you try to do it in one attempt, you’ll end up soaking the layers, and we don’t want that. So have patience and repeat this tedious process of applying the mixture, rubbing and drying off until the stain is completely removed.

Because you’re using baking soda, you’ll eliminate the odor coming from stains. And by adding hydrogen peroxide to your cleaning solution, you further ensure that even persistent stains are bleached and entirely out of the picture. 

However, you will need to clean the remaining dirt from the mattress after you’re done. Baking soda will absorb the liquid and bad odor but will dry off in a while. So once you’re done with rubbing, dry the surface as much as you can and leave it to ventilate. After a while, you’ll notice the remains of your cleaning solution ( at this point, only dried baking soda and peroxide) appear on the surface. Now all you have to do is vacuum or remove it any way you can, and you’re done. 

How to Keep Your Memory Foam Mattress Clean

Clean your mattress with VacuumAs we’ve mentioned before, we haven’t found a solution for keeping mites and dust from entering our furniture and mattresses. Although there are some mattresses like latex models that create an inhospitable environment for them to live and thrive in. Mites are less than a millimeter in height, and although not exactly microscopic, the term is often used to describe their size. The good news is that they can be removed from our sleeping surface, their natural habitat, by vacuuming them out. This is the best way to maintain hygiene in mattresses.

If you vacuum on a weekly basis, you’ll find a considerable amount of mites and dust. Although it’s perfectly normal to do this on a two-week basis, standards for clean aren’t the same for all of us. This being said, to keep your mattress fresh, simply turn on the vacuum every two weeks or less, and you’ll make it significantly cleaner. Using other cleaning techniques, like dry cleaning and one mentioned above, also helps. 

With these two methods, you’ll contribute to maintaining a sleeping surface clean and fresh at all times. Again, vacuum cleaner models are being upgraded with each new release. So, naturally, finding the most efficient one should also be your priority. Specialized, deep cleaning, models are your safest bet.  


Just like anything, the surface on which you sleep needs to be clean. And the only way to make sure you’ve done enough to keep your memory foam mattress fresh is to follow the above-mentioned method. The alternative is to follow strict instructions that the mattress supplier is legally bound to include with the product they’re selling. So again, if you have a manual for dry cleaning your memory foam mattress, use that method and that one alone. In other cases, our and similar methods are the next best thing. 

You will notice the results immediately, as these techniques were tested, and satisfaction is guaranteed. The alternative is to go for the expensive method, that is, professional cleaning services. Although they cost quite the amount of money, you’ll leave the matter to a professional company that has its own cleaning solution and better equipment than most households.