How to Get Pee out of a Mattress in 5 Easy Steps

how to get urine out of mattress

If you have a small child or a pet that is allowed to sleep in your bed, there was certainly a situation at least once, where one of them peed on your mattress. Toddlers or even the older kids sometimes cannot control themselves during the night, when they are in a deep REM phase of sleep, while pets can just be too lazy. Nevertheless, you probably don’t want to leave it like that and keep the pee stain on the surface you tend to sleep on again, so we suggest you read the lines below in order to learn how to clean urine from a mattress.

You should know that immediate reaction is the best one, just like with blood, because it will guarantee you will not have any marks on your bedding. The longer you wait, the bigger the chances are you won’t be able to remove it completely.

What You’ll Need To Clean Up Urine?

We have a recipe for homemade purgative that will easily remove all traces of this unfortunate accident. But before you start the cleaning process, you should get everything you need. That includes lavender essential oil, hydrogen peroxide, liquid dishwashing soap, baking soda, vinegar, and an empty spray bottle.

To prepare this cleaning solution, you should mix three tablespoons of baking soda, half a teaspoon of dish soap, and eight ounces of hydrogen peroxide. Pour the resulting liquid into the spray bottle that is for sure totally empty. If you want to, you can also add a few drops of lavender oil, but that is not mandatory. It will immediately neutralize the urine odor that can be quite strong sometimes, and help you get back to sleep afterward.

It is preferable to first try this substance on a small mattress spot, like the side of the surface, or its corner, just in case it produces some adverse reactions. But there are extremely poor chances of that happening. So here are the instructions on how to clean a mattress.


how to get pee out of mattress - cleaning the mattressStart with vinegar

If the accident just happened, use a towel or toilet paper to soak up all of the moisture. After that, take vinegar and spill it on the urinated area. But before you do that, make sure you are using the white vinegar. If the zone was already dry, then use the vinegar immediately. After that, take a cloth and blot the rest of the liquid until that section is dry.

Use the purgative

Now take the spray that contains the compound you prepared and apply it on a contaminated spot. Let it soak up to ten minutes, and then blot it again. If the pee was there for some time now, you could leave the cleaning mixture for 20 minutes or so. And in case the stain isn’t removed until now, keep repeating this step.

It is very important not to wipe or rub the spot with towels because they will only distribute the stain. You have to blot it, preferably with white paper towels. That way, you will be able to see how the stain is being lifted.

Leave it to dry

You need to have some patience and leave the mattress to dry fully after the appliance of this solution. That is probably going to take up to six hours, but maybe even longer. You have to restrain yourself from putting new sheets set because the sleep surface needs to remain naked. Also, make sure there is enough airflow, you need ventilation and evaporation to happen.

clean the mattress with baking sodaTime for baking soda

After you make sure the stain is completely removed, you should think about the odor. You don’t want your mattress to smell like pee, or to have a sense of that disgusting odor in the bedroom. In order to get rid of that too, you should take a baking soda. It’s excellent for this kind of request since it will completely neutralize the stench, but it will also absorb the moisture.

Take a substantial amount of baking soda and cover your mattress with it. It needs to be on top of the specific urinated place completely, but also to include a bit more space around it. Our recommendation is to leave it like that for around three hours, but it can be longer. Parents who are in a hurry said that sometimes they just take the fresh sheets, place them over the soda, and leave everything like that until it’s time for a new bedding change.

Now vacuum

This is the last step of this interesting cleaning procedure that will make sure no traces of urination on the bed ever happened. It’s not important if you do it right away, or after a couple of days, the effect will be the same. So, take a vacuum cleaner, use only the pipe, and vacuum baking soda entirely. Make sure you cover all folds and cracks, you need to get it all out. Baking soda can be very gritty after it absorbed the moisture, so this step is necessary.

Extra safety

If accidents like this one tend to happen quite often, you can consider purchasing a waterproof mattress protector. Sure, it will cost you some, but it will make sure something like pee stains never happens. On the other side, they have the ability to protect your mattress surface from deterioration, which will prolong their lifespan. It is quite a good move, especially if you just bought a new mattress for kids. You may not know this, but even though you have a warranty, the stains that can occur like this can void it entirely.

Steps on How to Get Dog Pee out of a Mattress

how to get rid of dog urine smell from the mattressIn case your pet made a mess in your bed, you will see that the odor is slightly stronger, so the procedure of removing both stain and smell will be slightly different. And no, you will not have to dispose of a mattress, there is a way of restoring it to its original state.

Begin with baking soda

The first thing you should do is to take baking soda and sprinkle it all over the peed spot. You need it to absorb the urine. Leave it that way for a couple of hours at least. You will start noticing soda is becoming darker in color. That’s good, it means it is doing its job. When you assess, it is the right time, vacuum it all, and repeat the process as many times as necessary. In the end, vacuumed soda needs to be completely white.

Apply purgative

Now it is time for a cleaning solution you previously made. Spray the messed up area with it, and feel free to soak it well. Just try to apply it evenly across the entire surface. Wait until the area is completely dry, and then vacuum it thoroughly. This is the answer to how to get urine smell out of a mattress. At this point, your sleeping surface should smell and look like nothing ever happened. And if you are wondering how to get cat pee out of a mattress, just repeat this same process.


How long will the pee odor last?

If you do things properly, as we explained above, you shouldn’t be able to sense any kind of bad odor. But you need to make sure you followed all the steps, especially the last one with baking soda. If you don’t, you may risk having a mattress that will smell like urine forever.

Why do adults pee in bed?

First of all, accidents can happen, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. It’s actually quite common for people who had too much to drink to have this kind of experience. That’s because when they fall asleep, they cannot be woken up easily, not even by the urge to relieve themselves from the accumulated fluids. On the other hand, some individuals have medical issues that can lead to this, like diabetes, hormonal disbalance, sleep apnea, constipation, urinary tract infection, stress, etc.


This homemade recipe for removing the urine stain and odor is proven to be great and very effective, whether we are talking about the fresh accident or the one that happened a while ago. But, if for some reason it turns out it cannot do the job properly, and you can still see some traces of this misfortune event, then you should try enzymatic cleaner. You should know that both human and animal urine contains uric acid crystals, and while regular cleaning products don’t have the capacity to break down the structure of those crystals, purgative based on the enzyme is the one that can beat them. This way or another, you will be free of this ugly reminder of what happened. But if you are surrounded by toddlers and puppies, think again about purchasing a bed mat, preferably the waterproof one, it will clearly save you a lot of trouble.