How to Keep a Mattress From Sliding?

how to keep mattress from sliding

A mattress that’s moving underneath you when you are sleeping, sitting on it, or changing positions during the night can be quite frustrating. It often happens that a sleeping surface placed on a box spring, metal frame, or any other foundation slides from it a bit, and besides the fact that it really doesn’t look good, it can disrupt your resting time and annoy you tremendously.

Many people have reported they experienced back pain and soreness in their bodies because they woke up with half of their mattress hanging over the bed frame, and they were asking for some kind of solution to this issue. Luckily, we conducted some research and found quite an amount of DIY ventures for this matter. So, if you were wondering how to keep mattress from sliding, here are some options.

But first, let’s see what causes this problem in the first place.

What Causes a Mattress to Slide Around?

There are several things that may cause your mattress moving from its foundation and hanging over the edges. One can be the absence of friction between the sleeping surface and the frame, the other can be the design of the bed frame that doesn’t include rails, the fact you have an old and saggy mattress you need to replace, or the wrong size and inadequate support of the foundation.

If you would like to keep the mattress from sliding, you should establish what the main reason for it actually is.

Lack of Friction

Even if you have the best possible mattress, the one that’s new and high-quality made it may occur that it doesn’t fit your bed foundation as it should, and as a result that it moves around a lot. That’s because there isn’t enough friction between its surface and the foundation it lays on. The flippable mattress is the one that usually experiences this kind of a problem, and the reason for that is hidden in its smooth cover that should provide with great comfort whichever side you choose to sleep in. It is super slippery, and it can easily go over the bed frame edges. Besides that, it can happen your mattress doesn’t have a good grip on the bed frame.

how to stop mattress from slidingInadequate Support

It’s very important to establish what is the type and quality of your foundation’s construction. As it turns out, box springs and platform beds more often than others have a sliding problem since they have a flat surface. They don’t have any grippers or rails that could keep the mattress in its place. The question – how to keep mattress from sliding on platform bed has a simple solution. This problem may be solved by adding a grip to the bottom part of the mattress, but if that doesn’t work out, you should consider buying a new bed foundation. The other problem may be the wrong size of the mattress, the fact that it’s incompatible with the bed frame you possess. Whether it’s too big or too small for it, it will move around quite a lot.

Missing Rails

If you want to prevent the mattress from sliding, you should have a bed frame with rails. Most of the bed foundations you place your mattress on are slightly higher than slats that go between them, and that’s what keeps the mattress right on its place. Besides that, some of them, like box springs and metal frames, don’t have a footboard and headboard, which is another problem. Not only is their surface super smooth, so that the mattress can float constantly, but there are no limiters that could stop its movement at some point.

Old Mattress

No matter what type of mattresses you have, if they are old and sagged, there is a huge probability they will slide and bend over the edges of a bed. That’s because over the years our sleeping surfaces collect a lot of dead skin, bodily fluids, and dirt, and they all gather at the bottom of the mattress, making its surface to lose its grip and become more slippery. Even the expensive and great quality made mattresses will come to this stage, it’s simply inevitable. You should know that in that case there’s nothing you can do but to go and buy a new mattress.

prevent mattress from sliding

How to Prevent Mattress From Sliding

In order to learn how to keep a mattress from sliding, you should be creative and think of the things that can make friction at the bottom part. Here are some tips and tricks that will show you how to stop mattress from moving, if we are talking about a simple bed base.

Carpet tape

First, you have to remember that this is only a short-term solution, not a permanent one. You know those tapes people use to make sure their carpet won’t move around at all? Well, you can also use them for the purpose of fixating your mattress to the bed base by simply attaching it to the bottom of your sleeping surface. It will do the work just fine but bear in mind that these tapes will most likely leave some traces and loosen the bed threads.

Rubber pads

Here is another solution that people usually use for flooring purposes, but that can also be applied here. These rubber pads are great for making sure your fabric made items don’t move around too much.  If you need a box spring, or you already have one, this will be the perfect solution. You should establish what are the measures of your sleeping surface, and then purchase a rubber pad that’s a bit larger in dimensions. After that, you need to simply place this pad on your bed foundation and put your mattress on top of it. It is a very economical and simple solution.

place your mattress on a frameFoam rubber

Here is one more DIY project people say works on how to keep your mattress from sliding. You will keep your sleeping surface in the right place during the entire night if you use foam rubber. It is based on slip-resistant foam padding from one side, and paper adhesive on the other. You need to take these rubber strips and place them over the inner edges of your bed frame carefully. Just don’t forget to measure its width and length properly before that. Then place your mattress on a frame and voila, problem solved.

Velcro tape

Using a Velcro tape is quite similar to using carpet tape. It will provide you with some additional fractioning that will stop your sleeping surface from moving and sliding off the bed foundation. You can find strips of Velcro in many sizes, but you can also cut them so that they fit your mattress dimensions. You should put these tapes at the bottom of the mattress, the one that comes in contact with the bed frame, and check if you matched the looped and hooked sides properly.

How to Keep Mattress From Sliding on Metal Frame

As it turns out, these solutions we previously suggested won’t work with metal frames. So if you have one of those in your bedroom, and you want to know how to keep mattress from sliding on metal bed frame, this is what we propose you do. In order to solve this problem permanently, you could create rails that should be placed at sides of your metal frame by using trim stocks.

You will need to place them all around your bed, but you should know that they will not be in a position to stop the mattress from sliding entirely if there is a tremendous amount of movement, like during sex. Another solution includes the usage of straps that are quite elastic. You will have to band them around the bed frame, but also to place them around the mattress. When you put the mattress cover, you won’t be able to detect them, but know that they might leave dents in those soft, all-foam sleeping surfaces.

How to Keep Mattress From Sliding Off Box Spring

Last but not least is to teach you how to keep mattress from sliding off box spring. The construction of this sort of foundation will make even the best mattresses hanging from the edges of the bed when you wake up in the morning. You will definitely need to use some sort of anti-slippery products. That’s the case if you already have both the mattress and the box spring. However, if you didn’t buy the new sleeping surface yet, you should consider choosing the one that has non-slip sides that will make sure everything stays in its right place.

Also, if you are currently looking for a box spring, pay attention to those that have a friction base foundation that will keep the mattress in its place.

how to stop mattress from moving


How do I keep my adjustable bed from sliding?

The adjustable beds are designed in a way that allows you to lift them up and bring them down if you like. They are a super practical and very comfortable sleeping solution because they will answer all your needs, but a common problem with them is the fact that the mattress can easily move and slide down from the foundation. That will happen when you lift the bed up. If you already have an adjustable bed, try with one of our DIY solutions, or purchase the one that has advanced technology that will keep the mattress within the bed frame all the time.

Do mattresses slide off from platform beds?

Platform beds usually have a very wide foundation area, so the mattress won’t cover all of it. There will be quite an amount of space on every side of the bed so you can sit on it or place some items. Depending on the material, this bed platform is made of, your sleeping surface may or may not move around and slide from the edges. If you have a problem with this issue, try the solution we suggested that implies creating some fraction. That should keep it in its place.


As you already know, a sliding mattress doesn’t seem like a big deal at first. You may laugh about it, make some jokes, play around with some ideas that would keep it in its place, but after some time you will start feeling so frustrated and desperate because it seems like nothing works, and you really don’t have resources for a new bed foundation or a new mattress.

We suggest you stop freaking out about it and try some of these solutions. Most of them are quite affordable, they won’t take too much of your time, and they really work when it comes to this moving-mattress issue.