Layla Mattress Review for 2021


  • Dimensions: 80″ x 60″ x 10″
  • Weight: 70 pounds
  • Number of Layers: 4
  • Firmness: Two firmness options 
  • Certi-PUR US: Yes
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty


Materials Quality








  • Dual-sided design – two different firmness options 
  • Copper-infused layer for better cooling and support 
  • Cradles the body’s curves and provides pressure relief 
  • Certified against dangerous chemicals (CertiPUR-US)
  • Industry-leading lifetime warranty


  • Mandatory 2-week break-in period
  • Not for overweight sleepers
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Memory foam mattresses have come a long way in the past decade. Once a novelty, they are now the most popular type of mattresses on the market. Many people consider them as the best alternative to traditional innerspring beds. 

These kinds of beds have a lot of advantages. Besides offering necessary pressure relief, they also accommodate different sleeping positions and are a perfect fit for adjustable bases. Moreover, they’re quite easy to care for and have excellent durability. Newest models even offer impressive cooling and temperature regulation. 

By checking out Layla Mattress reviews online, one quickly realizes that this is one of the most popular memory foam mattresses out there. The primary selling point of this model is its dual-sided design. In other words, Layla bed offers two firmness options – you just have to flip it over. 

However, that’s not the only good thing about it. As a copper-infused model, it sleeps cooler than most of its competitors. Furthermore, it excels in terms of motion isolation and edge support. The lifetime warranty sweetens the deal – you won’t have to worry about durability at all. 

In our Layla Mattress review, we’ll take a detailed look at each of this bed’s features. Read on and find out if it’s the right choice for your needs.

Layla Bed Features

The Construction

Layla sleep is sold primarily as a bed in a box. In other words, it arrives at your door compressed and rolled in a box. The model works with most foundations and frames. This also includes adjustable bases, like the one designed specifically for the Layla Mattress. It can be purchased on the manufacturer’s website. 

The model’s construction consists of four separate foam layers. The first of these is the soft layer, situated on the top. As it is infused with copper, it provides outstanding temperature regulation. Besides being an efficient heat conductor, this layer is also anti-microbial and pressure-relieving

The second layer is somewhat thinner and promotes airflow. Manufactured from convoluted support foam, it provides additional pressure relief. Below it is the base layer, which is also the thickest (4.5″). It’s Layla’s primary source of support and forms the bed’s foundation. 

The last layer is similar to the top one. It also uses copper-infused foam and provides comfort and contouring. It is, however, only one inch thick, and therefore offers a different level of firmness once you flip over the mattress. These features make it a perfect choice for neck pain sufferers

Finally, the cover of the Layla Mattress is fully removable and sports an attractive hexagon design. It offers an additional level of cooling due to it being infused with thermo-gel.

The Feel

Both of Layla’s sides provide a standard memory bed feel. They offer solid support and cradle the body’s curves. If you’re using a hard mattress and always wake up with aches, you’ll love the feel of this bed. It provides excellent pressure relief, and it is a great choice for people with arthritis.

Like many other foam mattresses, Layla Sleep is not bouncy. Its response time is relatively quick, especially when compared to cheaper foam beds. The model’s base layer successfully supports the weight of the sleeper. The soft layers, on the other hand, provide a deep and comfortable hug. 

Both sides of this mattress accommodate combination sleepers. However, if you’re a combo sleeper, we advise using the firm side. You’ll find that frequent repositioning is much easier on the firm side. 

Heavier people might have a different experience, though. While it offers excellent pressure relief, this mattress is not the best choice for overweight sleepers. Such individuals should look for more supportive models, such as innerspring beds. 

Overall, the feel of this mattress deserves only words of praise. It is undoubtedly one of the market’s most pressure-relieving foam beds. It’s a versatile model that delivers benefits for a variety of sleep preferences. It is delivered with the soft foam on one side, which we scored at a 4 out of 10 on our scale for mattress firmness. Flipping it over, the other side is firmer and we scored it at a 7 out 10, with 10 being the firmest.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support

What is motion transfer? To put it simply, it’s when the sleeper’s movements reverberate across the bed. For couples, having a mattress with excellent motion isolation is essential. 

Layla Mattress certainly delivers in terms of motion isolation. This is not a surprise – most memory foam beds do. Moving and jumping on this model produces only a minimal amount of transfer. As you can already guess, this turns Layla into an excellent choice for couples. You won’t have to worry about the partner’s movements – your sleep will remain undisturbed. 

When it comes to edge support, this mattress offers reliable performance. Most foam models provide solid edge support, but that varies from one model to another. Layla Sleep holds up quite well, especially when compared to cheaper products. 

The model compresses quite a bit when you’re sitting on its edge. However, you never feel like you’re going to fall off. Moreover, you’ll never roll down when you’re lying close to the edge. 

Good edge support is undoubtedly an important consideration for sexually active couples. When sharing the bed, you’re close to the edge, and you don’t want to roll off in the middle of the night. With this mattress, that’s not something to worry about.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is always a tricky subject. A lot goes into how cold or hot you perceive a mattress to be. For example, sheets play a significant role. The same can be said for pajamas – the more you have on, the hotter you will sleep. Room temperature is just as essential. 

Nevertheless, Layla Mattress performs very well in terms of temperature regulation. It will do its best to keep you fresh during the night. The main reason behind this is the copper infusion we mentioned earlier. It pulls the heat away from the body and allows undisturbed sleep. 

However, Layla’s copper-infused layer is not the only part that regulates heat. The model’s soft layer (2”) is made out of convoluted Air-Flow support foam. As such, it provides additional cooling. 

The cover of this mattress also works towards keeping the sleeper cool. Made out of a polyester blend, it is infused with special thermo-gel. Not only it feels soft and comfortable, but it also promotes airflow and keeps the heat at bay. 

Overall, this model has plenty of technology to whisk away heat. In terms of temperature regulation, it’s undoubtedly one of the best options currently on the market.

Cleaning & Safety

As we said, the cover of the Layla Mattress is fully removable. However, it’s dry clean only. To avoid a mess, we advise against removing the cover in case of an accident. You’re better off spot-cleaning the area with mild soap and warm water. It’s also worth mentioning that replacement covers are available on the manufacturer’s website. 

When buying a new bed, you need to make sure that no harmful substances were used in its manufacture. Fortunately, all foam layers of this bed are safe and CertiPUR-US certified. You won’t have to worry about things like heavy metals, flame retardants, or ozone depleters.

Other Considerations

As a reputable online mattress company, Layla offers completely free shipping. You will receive this mattress rolled up and compressed in a box. Once unpacked, the model needs one to two days to decompress and air out. For that matter, try to unpack it as soon as you can. 

Besides free shipping, another benefit of buying Layla Bed is the 120-night trial period. This gives you more than enough time to test it out. 

In case you don’t find this model adequate, you can simply return it. As expected, the company will provide you with a full refund. However, the mattress will have to stay with you for at least two weeks. This is because it takes some time for the foam to adjust to your body’s curves. 

The best additional benefit is undoubtedly the lifetime warranty. It is especially impressive when compared to standard 10-year warranty deals offered by most other companies. This lifetime warranty covers, among other things, various manufacturing defects. 

Finally, Layla Mattress is made in the USA. If you want an American-made bed, you won’t go wrong by purchasing this one.

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Layla mattress features a dual-sided design, offering different firmness levels on each of its sides. To experience a different feel, one only has to turn the mattress over. This versatility is Layla’s best feature, turning it into a worthwhile investment. 

Moreover, it’s an excellent choice for side sleepers. Incorporating various cooling technologies, it also keeps the heat at bay throughout the night. In terms of temperature regulation, it’s undoubtedly one of the best all-foam beds on the market. 

Once we combine these qualities with the lifetime warranty, we can easily see why this mattress is so wildly popular. It offers exceptional value for the money – you won’t regret purchasing it.