Leesa vs Purple - Our Mattress Comparison



  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Great contouring



  • Temperature regulation
  • No sagging

The mattress shopping can take quite a lot from you. First, there is the decision to invest in a better sleeping surface, then it comes all that research regarding which type of bed base you want for yourself, and in the end, after the choice narrows, you find it difficult to make up your which one, between the purple mattress vs leesa, should be the absolute winner.

In order to help you with that, we decided to compare two of the mattresses you tend to hesitate about. Here, we are talking about Leesa vs Purple mattress – two of the most popular queen surfaces that are in the same price range, with lots of benefits, but also some features that make you constantly reanalyzing your choice.

If you are sure that one of these should become a part of your household, read the lines below, and make a pros and cons list for both of them. After that, you will be able to pick the right one easily.

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Mattress Construction Comparison


They say that the best things come wrapped in a small package. This top choice mattress that will arrive wrapped up in a box at your doorstep will turn out to be the great memory foam product that’s made of three premium foam layers based on a new technology with a microcell structure.

At the bottom, there is a 6-inch support base from dense core foam that will make a good grounding for all body types and all sleeping positions. Next in the line is the recovery foam layer that has a job to relieve the body from pressure and to follow its contours. And at the top, you can find premium comfort foam ply that allows increased airflow while making sure you still have an adequate support system.

This structure will make you feel like floating on a perfectly fluffy cloud without worrying you can fall through. And thanks to the top layer, side sleepers are guaranteed to experience improved pressure relief.


Here is something completely opposite to standard memory foam mattress – Purple Hyper-Elastic Polymer Smart-Comfort Grid. It’s a sleeping surface that actually has two layers of foam. The first one is softer and more responsive, and the second one is a bit firmer, with a mission of providing additional support.

The third part mattress is created from is a Purple smart-comfort grid that will give you a comfortable feeling of belonging. The manufacturer is claiming that this technology is the only one that will embrace your hips and shoulders with such softness that you will never again wake up with a sore feeling in those parts.

And while most mattress covers are just too tight and tend to create a bouncy effect, although the product is super soft, the Purple top fabric is extremely flexible so it will adapt to your body curves, as well as to your sleeping position instantly.

Mattress Firmness Comparison


The Lessa mattress will provide you with the universal comfort feel, given its ability to adjust to your body no matter how tall you are, how much you weigh, or in which position you prefer sleeping. Thanks to the bottom layer, you will have great support each night, regardless if you sleep alone or with a partner.

Their unique combination of foam layers that will create a possibility for an outstanding performance is offering cooling bounce experience that goes along with firm core support and contouring pressure relief. It’s pretty much everything you need if you are looking for a standard high-quality mattress.

Their most popular mattress is even better, since it’s engineered in a way that will ensure you have superior backing for your shoulders and hips. It will provide you with medium-firm feel that many people consider the best one for healthy rest.


You will get the ultimate sleeping experience with Purple mattresses thanks to their ability to equally distribute pressure and provide you with proper spine support. The manufacturer says that whether you need a place to relax or a nice and cozy surface for recovery, this can be your perfect match.

The significant number of people that own this mattress reported after some time that there was an obvious improvement regarding their spinal alignment. Also, there are confirmations that this particular bed relieves them from some back pain and body pressure.

We are talking about another medium-firm feel mattress that is suitable for people who weigh around 200 pounds, or the lighter individuals who like sleeping on firmer surfaces. It’s the kind of mattress that won’t sink under you and wobble while you try to find your sitting or lying position. It will make you feel like sleeping on a soft and cozy cloud of foam that keeps you tight.

Sleep Experience

Before deciding which mattress you want to purchase pay some attention to your body, and try to figure out what is it saying to you. Are you mostly back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or side sleeper? Do you wake up at the same position you laid down, or you spent a restless night? Do you tend to have neck or back pain? Do your knees and shoulders feel all wounded when you wake up? Do you sleep alone or with someone? 

Answers to all these questions will help you understand what is that you need regarding the mattress type.

Motion Transfer and Edge Support

The Leesa memory foam mattress can offer you a consistent body conforming feel. It has good motion transfer isolation, so you won’t be woken up while your partner is tossing and turning during the night. The dense and multilayered construction will restrict the mattress bouncing as a result of a movement. When it comes to the edge support, Lessa is no better, nor worse from the rest of the universal mixed foam sleeping surfaces.

The Purple has decent control over motion transfer, but it’s not impressive. It will cut down on it in a certain way, but not totally. Quite a number of its owners claim it will provide you with nighttime without sleeping disruptions. Their edge support is also average. Although it has good firmness overall, the edges are not so tight. If you sit on the mattress, you will feel significant sinking, which will give you the answer.


Leesa mattresses are created on a base of exclusive high-quality foam that contains a microcell structure. It promotes excellent airflow, which means your bed will be breathable and give you a feeling of resting on the cool sleep surface. If you are a hot sleeper, it may not give you the complete solution regarding the temperature regulation, but for most users, it will work just fine. But in comparison to other all-foam options, Lessa may be the best solution for you. 

The Free Air Flow technology Purple mattresses are so proud of is bringing breathable channels that will successfully neutralize the body temperature. Unlike most of the latex models or memory foam mattresses, you won’t feel trapped with all that heat while lying on top of Purple products. They say the bed surface will neutralize the temperature you are emitting and give you a possibility of comfortably resting during the night.

Sinkage and Bounce

After some extensive testing, it’s been concluded that Lessa mattresses have moderate sinkage. That means that if the person that weighs around 130 pounds stands in the center of the bed, he will sink for about six inches, which is expected an average response. This mattress contains all the benefits that memory foam mattresses bring to the table, but it leaves out the typical drawbacks like extensive sinking. And the Lessa customers claim it has just the right balance of bounce and hug.

The Purple mattress is an incredibly bouncy surface. You will certainly like sleeping on it, instead of sinking in it. That feature is quite rare for the mattress that comes in a box and needs to settle in. It may be a bit uncomfortable for heavy people since they will have a feeling of laying on a much firmer surface that it actually is.

Off-gassing and Smell

Just like with the most memory foam mattresses, you can expect some off-gassing odor, but Lessa’s users claim it will disappear after a couple of days. It will emit the chemical smell at the beginning, but given the Lessa, mattresses are made of quality and healthy materials, the off-gassing period will be shorter than with the other memory foam products. If you open the window, you will alleviate the smell quicker.

The Purple mattresses, however, have no off-gassing at all, and they are free from any kind of harmful chemicals. They are even marked as one of the safest non-toxic mattresses that protect its consumers against dust mites and allergens. Their patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer has an FDA certificate that guarantees safe use, and their foam has been approved by the CertiPUR-US­ Certified program. When unpacked, this bed surface can have a very discreet new mattress smell, but it will fade pretty quickly.


Thanks to the foundational foam layer, Lessa will offer a sufficient amount of support to people of all sizes, and it guarantees the proper firmness feel up to 300 pounds weight. This mattress will answer to the needs of the back, side, and stomach sleepers, so it’s considered to have universal responsiveness. Many of those who prefer sleeping on their back even noticed they are released from the pressure they used to feel in their shoulders and along the spine.

When we are talking about the Purple mattresses, the back sleepers will be very pleased. Their spine will be well-aligned and supported, and their hips won’t sink too much if they turn on their stomachs. If sleeping on the side, however, they might feel certain pressure. It’s no big deal for combo sleepers, but the ones who tend to spend the night in this position strictly should search for a better option.

Mattress Shipping and Trial Period

The Lessa brand offers you a 100-day trial at your home, with full-refund and no-hassle policy, because they say they want to make sure you love your mattress and have a completely safe purchase. But the sleep trial will be voided if the product leaves the original country of purchase. If order, the Lessa mattress will be at your address within three to seven business days from the moment you placed the order. Standard delivery is free, but if you want them to assemble it and remove the old mattress, that will cost you around $150. The item comes compressed and shipped in a box.

The Purple mattress also has a 100-night home trial with a full refund if you don’t like it. It will arrive within two to eight working days, and the shipping is free of charge. The mattress will be compressed and rolled in a beautiful purple package at your home if you live in the U.S or most parts of Canada.


As it turns out, both mattresses will provide you with quite similar features. The Lessa mattress is the one for you if you are a combined sleeper, not an extreme hot sleeper, and you are looking for a soft but supportive medium-firm feel foam bed. It has good responsiveness if you have an average body mass and don’t have problems with mobility. Also, the Lessa mattress cost less than the Purple one.

The Purple sleep surface is quite bouncy. It has good mobility and great breathable cover that will make sure you have optimal bed temperature. Combo sleepers will have everything they need, but if you tend to spend the whole night in one position, especially on one side, it may not be the best solution for you. The heavier people won’t find it comfortable enough since they will sink through the comfortable top layer and mostly feel just the firmness of the poly-foam base.

So, Purple vs Leesa, which one will it be?