Mattress Reviews - Highest Rated Mattress of 2019 Reviewed

So, you’ve decided to get yourself a brand new mattress. An easy thing to do, right? 

If you do some research, however, you’ll find that this process can be quite challenging. There are hundreds of different brands and models out there. In fact, there are more and more emerging every year. In such an environment, it can be quite tricky to find the best mattress for your bedroom. 

Moreover, one also has to take his personal preferences into account. These include things like the type, firmness, and the sleeping position. Buying considerations are also important – warranty, trial, and shipping. Comparing all of these things can take days. 

That’s precisely where we come in. Our best mattress reviews are here to help you out! We’ve extensively researched and carefully analyzed the market’s most popular mattresses. Furthermore, we’ve created a list of crucial factors one needs to consider while shopping for a new bed. Get ready – sleepless nights are a thing of the past!


  • Type:Memory Foam
  • Thickness:11"
  • Firmness:[6] Medium Firm
  • Trial Period:100 nights
  • Warranty:Lifetime
  • Price:Medium


  • Type:Memory Foam
  • Thickness:10"
  • Firmness:[6] Medium Firm
  • Trial Period:120 nights
  • Warranty:Lifetime
  • Price:Medium

Brentwood Home Cypress

  • Type:Hybrid
  • Thickness:13"
  • Firmness:[5] Medium Firm
  • Trial Period:365 nights
  • Warranty:25 years
  • Price:Low


  • Type:All Foam
  • Thickness:12"
  • Firmness:[5] Medium Firm
  • Trial Period:100 nights
  • Warranty:10 years
  • Price:Medium

Perfect Cloud

  • Type:Hybrid
  • Thickness:11"
  • Firmness:[5] Medium Plush
  • Trial Period:30 nights
  • Warranty:10 years
  • Price:Medium

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

  • Type:Hybrid
  • Thickness:13"
  • Firmness:[5] Medium Plush
  • Trial Period:120 nights
  • Warranty:10 years
  • Price:High

Take a Look at Our Top Mattress Categories

Mattresses by Type 

When shopping for a new mattress, the first thing to notice is the number of different types. The type is determined by the materials used in construction – foam, springs, latex, natural, and so on. There are also hybrid mattresses, which combine two or more different materials. 

So, which type is best suited for you? If you, for example, have issues with overheating, you probably want to know what the best type of bed is for hot sleepers. In our mattress reviews, we break down the components to determine who a particular model was designed for.

Mattresses for Health Issues 

In case you have a certain medical condition, you’ll want to know the best firmness and materials for your requirements. Health issues such as back pain, hip pain, and neck pain can lead to restless nights. More serious conditions, such as fibromyalgia or arthritis, can make sleeping downright frustrating. 

Choosing something at random is guaranteed to cause even more discomfort. Fortunately, however, most reputable mattress manufacturers offer models designed specifically to provide pressure relief. In our mattress reviews, we discuss beds that provide relief for various health conditions. You’ll be able to find a model that relieves pain, contours to your body, and keeps the spine in alignment.

Our Methodology 

Our best mattress reviews are based on a combination of personal experience and objective facts. With each review, we tend to inform our readers and let them know what they can expect. We do this from an objective standpoint – biased reviews and misguided information have no place on our website. 

When testing a particular model, we follow a very simple yet crucial process. It consists of analyzing all of the essential features – firmness, cooling, edge support, bounce, motion isolation, and many more. Our reviewers have different body types and sleep preferences. Their unique experiences will help you determine if a particular bed is the right choice for your needs. 

Overall, our bed reviews and articles will give you a well-rounded understanding of each model. In that way, you’ll be able to make a safe, informed choice. Remember, sleep is an integral part of every person’s life – you don’t want to buy the first bed you bump into!

Construction Overview 

First and foremost, we analyze the construction quality. This is arguably the most essential factor to consider when shopping for a new mattress. Build materials determine things like firmness, cooling, comfort, and durability. 

Cheap materials are something you should avoid. They can cause the mattress to have more heat retention and also to sag more quickly. Natural materials are always a huge plus. They contain no fire retardants or chemicals and are particularly suitable for children

In our mattress reviews, we go through each model layer by layer. You’ll get to know every important bit about the construction of a particular mattress.

Comfort and Support 

In our opinion, these two go hand in hand. In case a mattress isn’t particularly supportive, it will stop being comfortable after years of use

People often mix support with firmness. These are completely different things, though. Firmness is more of a subjective feel. Support, on the other hand, can be considered as a quality standard. 

When it comes to comfort, one needs to aim for a model that relieves pressure and feels relaxing. Memory foam mattresses are especially good in this regard. Using several layers of foam of varying density, they provide the best sleeping experience possible.


This term refers to how firm or soft a particular model feels. In most cases, firmness is related to the bed’s topmost layers. These are designed to act as a buffer between the sleeper and the base of the mattress. They cushion the sleeper and are often made from latex or memory foam.  

Firmness preferences are a subjective thing. However, in our bed reviews, we try to inform our readers about the relative firmness of a particular model. Purchasing a bed with inadequate firmness can have terrible consequences on one’s health. For that matter, it’s important to inform yourself before making the purchase.

The Feel 

Every mattress feels different. The feel of a bed depends on many different things – its construction, its cooling capabilities, the thickness of its layers, etc. How a mattress “feels” is the ultimate result of its other features, such as support or firmness. If a bed “doesn’t feel right,” sleeping on it will never be fully comfortable. 

In our best mattress reviews, we carefully analyze all the features of every model. In that way, we help our readers ascertain if they should go for a particular bed or not. We try to convey the “feel” of each model by testing it ourselves.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support 

Another factor we take into consideration is the motion transfer. Many of our readers have sleep partners, which makes motion transfer very important. A model with good motion isolation prevents the movements from reverberating across the sleeping surface. If you’re a sensitive sleeper, this factor should be among your top considerations. 

Edge support is equally vital. In most cases, it refers to the encasement around the frame of the bed. This denser foam at the edges prevents one from rolling off the bed. Moreover, it prevents the mattress from compressing too much when you’re sitting on its edges.


If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll want to buy a model with good cooling. An important thing to mention here is that a “cool” mattress isn’t always the one using active cooling technology. In many cases, it means that it just doesn’t retain heat. And that’s usually enough to prevent high temperatures from rising during the night. 

To combat heat retention, many manufacturers use gel-infused layers. In each mattress review, we pay special attention to these kinds of layers. We also take into account other temperature-regulating features, such as breathable covers or the overall airflow. We’re aware of the importance of cool sleep.


Most of us explore our sexual appetites in the bed. Believe it or not, the quality of the mattress can greatly affect one’s sex life. This is why it’s essential to consider if your new mattress is adequate for sex

The best models for sex provide a good bounce. Unlike on motion-absorbing models, changing positions on bouncy mattresses is effortless. Bedtime activities are much less enjoyable on models that give you the “sinking” feeling. 

Generally, the models with the best bounce are innerspring and hybrid beds. Memory foam is on the opposite side – it hugs the body and makes moving a little bit more challenging.

Pressure Relief 

Next up is pressure relief. This factor is particularly important to individuals who sleep on their sides. It can also be of great help to people with shoulder pain. 

A bed should never put too much pressure on one’s hips, neck, and shoulders. Models whose top layers are made of memory foam provide immediate pressure relief. They also keep the spine in alignment. 

In our online mattress reviews, we pay special attention to pressure relief. Most people sleep on their sides, which is precisely why this is so important. We’ll help you find the bed that will allow your shoulders and hips to compress in the mattress.


Breathability is closely related to cooling. It’s yet another term that describes how good a mattress is at keeping the heat at bay. If you’re often waking up sweaty and uncomfortable during the night, you need a breathable bed. 

Besides gel-infused layers we’ve mentioned, many models come with breathable covers. Moreover, some models use aerated foam or have support cores that promote airflow. Such mattresses prevent their users from overheating while sleeping. 

In our top mattress reviews, we provide our assessment as to whether you’ll sleep cool on each model. We base this on our experience of sleeping on it and our evaluation of the materials.

Sleeping Positions Assessment 

When buying a new bed, one also has to take his preferred sleeping position into account. Not every mattress is good for each sleeping position – some are made specifically for back sleepers. Well-cushioned models, for example, are particularly good for side sleepers. They provide the necessary pressure relief for one’s hips and shoulders. 

Is the bed good for stomach sleeping? Back sleeping? What about the side sleeping? Is it suitable for combo sleepers? In our mattress ratings, we always consider the sleeping positions. We’ll help you determine what level of support and pressure relief you can expect from each mattress.


One thing that makes buying a new bed so tricky is the number of available brands. There are dozens of them out there, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Some are well-known; some are budget-friendly; while some offer exceptional warranty deals

For that matter, we are committed to learning as much as possible about each brand. Is it easy to return a bed if you find it inadequate? Are their warranty deals legit? Do they provide good trial periods? What about customer support? We put the power into the consumer’s hands by getting to the truth behind the claims.


Pricing is essential to all buyers. However, there are many more things to consider, as we’ve shown above. If your ideal mattress costs three times over your budget, you have to seriously consider whether to go for it or not. 

Many brands offer excellent mattresses – there’s no doubt about that. However, they’re typically much pricier than their online rivals, while offering the same quality and performance. For that matter, we take value-for-the-money very seriously. 

Our reviewers will help you learn how much will you get for the money you’ll give. This may look subjective, but we’re able to ascertain the value based on design and construction.


Warranty is another crucial consideration. Most warranty deals cover an extended period of time – typically ten years from the date of purchase. During this period, the manufacturer guarantees a couple of things. First of all, they ensure that the mattress will retain its usability. They also promise that it won’t have any manufacturing flaws and that it won’t lose structure over time. 

Good warranty deals cover sagging and indentations in the first few years. Even better warranties cover the same things for a longer period. If a particular brand offers less than ten years of coverage, it’s a pretty good indication of the durability one can expect.

Trial Period and Refunds 

Today’s bed-in-a-box companies give buyers some time to test the products. In other words, you can simply return the mattress if you find it inadequate to your needs. This can be done within a specific timeframe, typically between 30 and 120 nights. Reputable, well-known brands return 100% of spent money

We’re fully aware of the importance of refunds and trial periods. Buying a new mattress is no small thing – it’s a serious investment. You don’t want your money to go to waste. In our bed reviews, we pay attention to the customer service of every brand.

How We Grade Mattresses

The models we rate as “Good” are of acceptable quality. Their issues are only marginal.

These mattresses are of excellent quality. They have great value and are worth investing in.

As the name suggests, these beds are near-perfect. They offer outstanding quality and value for the money.

Models graded as “Exceptional” have no flaws. Their features are outstanding, and they provide the best possible sleeping experience.


Finding the perfect mattress for your needs takes some time. At the end of the day, the “best” or “worst” bed is decided only by the individual, and nobody else. However, there’s a bigger chance to end up satisfied if you do a bit of research before buying. 

Our mattress ratings and reviews are here to help you with that. We’ve rounded up the market’s most popular models and analyzed their features in detail. As shown above, we take each of the important factors into account. When reading about a particular mattress on our website, you’ll find everything about its comfort, support, cooling, edge support, and all other important things. 

Always remember that sleep is an integral part of every person’s life. If you can’t get a good night’s sleep, you’re bound to feel tired and drowsy the next day. We hope that these reviews will help you find an ideal product for your bedroom!