Nectar vs Purple - Our Mattress Comparison



  • Slightly firmer mattress
  • Great budget option



  • Excellent airflow
  • Very responsive

Up until a few years ago, most people who wanted memory foam mattresses didn’t hesitate to purchase the Nectar sleeping surface, given they are known for their affordable prices and satisfactory level of quality. However, since the Purple mattresses showed up on the market, there is a certain amount of insecurity present when it comes to making a decision about which one to buy. Many people started comparing these two, although the Purple one is for sure in a higher price range, and it’s not memory foam per se because there are some great benefits this brand can offer to their customers as well. 

When buying a mattress, you need to be thorough regarding the research. If you are thinking about ordering one of these two, we are here to help. In order to be certain you made the right decision, you should go through all the important features a mattress is defined by – its construction, the feel, motion isolation, edge support, temperature regulation, responsiveness, etc. Those are crucial aspect since they will affect your sleeping habits for sure. 

So let the Nectar VS Purple battle begins!

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Mattress Construction Comparison


The Nectar mattress is a sum of five layers, including the top cover. It goes under the all memory foam mattress category. At the bottom, there is a 6-inch breathable foundation that’s bringing the support and contouring on a higher level, providing you with a stable bed base. Then it comes the transitional high core memory foam adaptive coating that’s introducing essential bouncy feeling. 

The third comfort layer is thin gel memory foam, 3-inches thick, that allows the sleeper to sink a bit in cozy bed surroundings while experiencing a satisfactory amount of pressure relief. It’s also the part that distributes the bodyweight properly. Above is quilted gel memory foam thanks to which the air circulation will be quite good, and then it comes cooling, bed bug resistant cover that has an ability to provide with additional help regarding the breathability of the mattress and eliminate the heat your body created while sleeping.


The thing Purple mattress is known for is its Smart Comfort Grid layer, designed in a way that will relieve all the pressure points, especially on your hips and shoulders while sleeping. It’s made from a hyperelastic polymer which will constantly keep adapting to your body shape as you move around, and conforming you no matter in which position you like to spend the night.

Next in line is transitional 4-inch coating created from high-density polyfoam. It has a mission of providing comfort to your body and being in the middle of a firm foundation and soft grid. The Purple mattress doesn’t go under the memory foam category, but it has two layers of it – the previous one, as well as the base that’s also made from high-density polyfoam. It’s 4 inches thick, and it will provide you with a firm and stable sleeping surface. And let’s not forget about mattresses top cover that has a stretchy and soft feel that perfectly adds to the general feeling this product provides.

Mattress Firmness Comparison


Sure, how you feel something is a completely individual and subjective thing, but there are some universal truths regarding the impression this mattress will have on most of the people. The Nectar mattress has a medium-firm feel. It’s under number six on a mattress firmness scale that goes to the maximum of 12 ratings. Whatever position you choose, it will give you a consistent pressure relief feeling. It will contour to your body shape and keep your core aligned. It’s appropriate for those who don’t like the extensive sinking and extremely soft ground to sleep on, that most memory foam surfaces are offering. The side sleepers will be very grateful since there won’t be any uncomfortable feeling in the morning in their shoulders and hips, but on the other hand, some back sleepers may be disappointed by the fact mattress isn’t providing enough support to their spine.


Purple mattress users say this sleeping product has a quite unique feeling. It’s also a mattress with medium firm feeling, but it’s mostly rated as seven on a universal firmness scale. Thanks to the innovative Smart Grid technology, it can conform to each body a great way, especially in the places where the pressure is extended. That means you will have a sensation of floating in a cozy and gentle ground, while your hips and shoulders will be well supported. On a count of sturdy transitional layer, your body won’t go too deep into the mattress, but you will be hugged by its construction in the best way. The spine will stay aligned with the rest of your body the whole night, so you will wake you full rested, without any back or neck pain. This mattress will be good ground for combo sleeper, but especially those who tend to change positions all the time.

Sleep Experience

Most of us don’t think about the fact that the bed we will sleep on for years has to be appropriate in a couple of fields. It’s not just a matter of first impression, the recommendation, or the fact it’s high-quality made. It needs to have proper motion isolation, edge support, bounce effect, etc. You should also think about the materials it’s made of, the off-gassing and smell it may have, as well as the fact that breathability is more important than it seems. We made a comparison of nectar mattress vs purple regarding each of these topics, so you can easily see the differences.

Motion Transfer and Edge Support

Given that Nectar is all foam mattress, it has a great response to motion transfer overall, which is one of the greatest benefits of this mattress type. If you have a partner who tends to sleep restless, with a lot of tossing and turning during the night, this will mean a lot since you won’t be woken up by those movements. Also, the edge support is surprisingly fantastic. Unlike other memory foam mattresses, it will give you steady support in this area, too, without significant sinking.

When it comes to Purple product, it has good motion isolation as well, but it’s not completely eliminated. The Purple Grid is designed so it can absorb a significant amount of movement but to maintain a fair share of responsiveness. The edge support, however, is not so great, especially if we are talking about people who weigh more than 200 pounds. They will experience the noticeable singing when sitting, but they won’t easily roll-off when lying on it.


Memory foam mattresses are mostly marked by negative evaluations when it comes to cooling and temperature regulation system. They are quite inadequate for hot sleepers. But, Nectar’s gel memory foam improved its airflow, so if you are not a hot sleeper, you will have a pleasant experience during the night for sure. In addition to that, its cover is made out of Tencel fabric, which is known for its breathability and properties that allow the mattress to release the body heat.

The Purple has an open construction in its top layer, which provides the mattress with quite enough breathability. That’s the reason why this sleeping surface will absorb a minimal amount of person’s warmth, and allow a user to spend the exceptionally cool night, without overheating. However, those who tend to emit a lot of heat should find a cooling mattress to sleep on.

Sinkage and Bounce

The Nectar mattress has a good weight distribution across the entire surface, and the sinking is in expected rank, appropriate for the medium-firm feel product. That will prevent the extensive sagging, and keep average weight people in their place. But, a sexually active couple should avoid this mattress since it has minimal bounce as most of the memory foam sleeping surfaces. For them, hybrid mattresses are a much better option or the Purple one.

The Purple mattresses contain noticeable bounce, which is an excellent feature for those who often engage in the lovemaking process. But again, heavier people may sink extensively, and therefore experience not such a satisfactory outcome. If we are talking about the average weight consumers, the Purple mattress will provide a predictable amount of sinkage, the one that will give them a sense of stability and good support, but also a cozy feeling of being wrapped in a gentle fluffy material.

Off-gassing and Smell

The Nectar claims that their products are made from high-quality and safe materials and that the off-gassing which will happen, is not harmful. Just like any other memory foam bed, this too will have that specific smell during the unpacking process, as well for the next couple of days. It’s expected, given that’s the normal thing when it comes to this type of mattress that comes wrapped in a vacuumed bag. However, their customers are not disturbed by this and say you can sense the smell only when you come close to the mattress with your nose.

The Purple mattress isn’t the memory foam one, although it does contain two layers of this material, so there isn’t a typical off-gassing moment. It certainly has some kind of smell when unpacked, but not an unpleasant one. The users claim it has low odor potential, and that very delicate smell you may experience will go away in a day or two.


The supportive lower layer of the Nectar mattress keeps sleepers from sinking in too deep. Because of that, the bed will respond quite good to each body shape and reduce the back pain. The back sleepers will be satisfied, mainly because of the great support to the lumbar area. Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, won’t be pleased because they will sink a bit into the mattress. The side sleepers and combo sleepers are probably the targeted audiences for this product since it will release the pressure from their hips and shoulders greatly and provide them a good night’s rest.

Most of its users concluded that the Purple mattress is the best option for combo sleepers because they will have the right amount of support and comfort at the same time. The back sleepers and those who sleep on a side will have adequate pressure relief, and the Smart Grid will provide them with proper spinal alignment. Only stomach sleepers won’t be pleased since they might sink into the bed, which will bring to neck or back pain.

Mattress Shipping and Trial Period

You will be happy to hear that Nectar is offering a 365-night sleep trial, which will allow you to rethink your decision during the entire year. And, they guarantee you a full money refund if you decide to return it. The product will come at your doorstep just a couple of days after you place a purchase. The blue cover it’s wrapped is waterproof and protective, but you should remove it when the mattress gets indoors.

The other manufacturer has a 100-day trial policy. If we are honest, it’s also quite enough amount of time to see if you like the product of not, if it suits you or you want to return it. During that time, you can replace it for another product or ask for a full refund. They will also give you a 10-years warranty, which means they will replace or repair the mattress that has defects as long as the warranty is valid. The item comes wrapped in a purple bag in five business days after you pay for it. Make sure to read carefully this purple vs nectar mattress comparison guide, so you can make an informed decision before purchasing one.


These two sleeping surfaces don’t have much in common, so it was quite a challenge comparing them fully. They both have some exceptional and reliable sides, as well as some flaws. Nectar has fantastic edge support, the unbelievable year-long free trial period, and it’s a good quality memory foam with much better breathability than most of the others from that category. The purple one has excellent motion isolation, a revolutionary Smart Grid layer that offers great support and comfort at the same time, and it’s quite bouncy. In the purple vs nectar trial, there is definitely no looser. It’s up to you to decide which one might suit you best, which will be able to fulfill most of your needs.