Nectar vs Tuft and Needle - Our Mattress Comparison



  • Memory foam feel
  • 365-day trial period

Tuft and Needle


  • Universal comfort
  • Great value

Looking for a mattress in a box, but you’re not sure which one to go with? With so many options out there, we can’t blame you. There are a few companies, though, that seem to pop up in most of your searches, and you’d probably like to know what sets them apart.

These are two of the most popular mattresses you can buy online at the moment. In this comparison, we’re going to try and uncover some of the most important differences and similarities between Tuft and Needle vs Nectar.

We’re also going to talk about why some people would prefer one of these beds over the other, hopefully giving you enough information to decide which on these popular mattresses is right for you. We realize that shopping for a mattress can be a complicated process, so we would be quite happy if we could help you make the right decision.


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Mattress Construction Comparison


The first thing you’ll notice about the Nectar mattress is that it has a solid memory foam feel. It is also a little thicker than a standard bed you’ll find online with an 11’’ profile. This means that it’s going to be a little bit better than the Tuft and Needle when it comes to supporting more massive people.

This is still not our favorite bed for heavy people, and you can take a look at our other comparisons and Buying Guides to see which mattresses are best if you’re a heavier individual. However, since we’re just comparing these two beds now, we think that the Nectar is a better choice than the Tuft and Needle for those on the heavy side. Aside from the previously mentioned thickness, the Nectar is also a bit firmer, which gives it a slight edge in this department.

Tuft and Needle

The main difference between the two beds is reflected in their construction. While the Nectar is all about that memory foam feel, the Tuft and Needle doesn’t contain any memory foam in its structure.

It is made of a thick polyfoam support core combined with Tuft and Needle’s proprietary Adaptive foam in the comfort layer on top. This, of course, results in a completely different feel, with the Tuft and Needle having a more generic foam feel. This isn’t to say that this mattress is not comfortable – it most certainly is. However, if you’re looking for a memory foam bed, you should look at our other buying guides.

Most people find the Tuft and Needle to be a comfortable mattress, although a bit underwhelming in terms of feel, as it is basically a slab of polyurethane foam with some intelligent engineering in the top layer.

Mattress Firmness Comparison


If you like memory foam, the chances are that you’re going to prefer the Nectar vs Tuft and Needle. This is because of that deep, viscous, pure memory foam feel where you sink into the bed after a few seconds, and it cocoons and envelops you, creating a comfortable pressure-free spot for your body to lay on. On the firmness scale, it is somewhere between medium and medium-firm.

Some people are huge fans of memory foam, saying that it helps them get more restful sleep and makes them feel secure. On the other hand, some say that it makes it difficult for them to switch positions due to the sinkage, and therefore they don’t like it. Everything comes down to personal preference, so if you like memory foam, you’re more likely to want to get the Nectar.

Tuft and Needle

Both of these beds are a tiny bit firmer than an actual medium mattress, but the Tuft and Needle is closer to it than the Nectar, meaning that it’s just a little softer. However, the thing to remember is that both of these beds will soften as you use them, so it’s better to have a bed that starts a bit on the firm side if you want to have that medium experience.

Both mattresses work for all sleeping positions, including back, stomach, side, and combination. However, Tuft and Needle is going to be better for combination sleepers in particular because it’s easier to rotate between positions. Also, if you want the slightly softer bed, go with the Tuft and Needle. The reason for this might be that you’re a strict side sleeper, as they typically have a much better experience with softer beds.

Sleep Experience

We discussed the construction and firmness of the mattresses, and we’ve determined that the Nectar has that classic memory foam feel, while the Tuft and Needle has more of a bounce foam feel that will be preferred by combo sleepers.

Aside from these categories, we’re going to deal with some other important factors when it comes to choosing Nectar vs Tuft and Needle. These include responsiveness, cooling, motion transfer, and other factors, so read on to get the clearest picture of what sets these two mattresses apart from one another.

Motion Transfer and Edge Support

If you’re sleeping with a partner, these are two categories that you’re going to want to consider before getting a new mattress for couples. Motion transfer refers to the ability of the mattress to isolate your partner’s movements to their side of the bed. This is going to be the difference between having a restful night and waking up each time your partner switches positions. Edge support refers to how close to the edge of the bed you can sleep without feeling like you’re going to fall off.

As far as motion transfer is concerned, Nectar has four inches of memory foam on top, which does an excellent job of isolating motion. This means we would give Nectar the advantage in this category. As far as edge support, we’d say that both mattresses do a good enough job, primarily because all-foam beds are not typically known for having outstanding edge support. 


Excellent temperature regulation isn’t typically considered to be a feature of all-foam beds. However, given that both of these are a bit firmer than usual, they do a pretty decent job of keeping you fresh throughout the night. Softer beds that let you sink in generally have problems with heat, but neither of these beds suffers from this issue to a great extent. 

The Nectar will wrap around you a bit, which could create some problems with heat dissipation, but it also does a better-than-expected job of promoting airflow through its top layer. Due to the quilted memory foam cover and breathable channels in its support core, it does an excellent job of keeping heat away from your body. The Adaptive foam in the Tuft and Needle also has some graphite gel-infused, promoting its cooling properties.

Sinkage and Bounce

The core support layers of these beds offer an excellent level of motion absorption, which not only helps with motion transfer but also gives the mattresses just the right balance of sink and bounce. 

With multiple levels of memory foam, the Nectar does allow the sleeper to sink in a bit more compared to the Tuft and Needle, which is going to be great for some people. Others, who prefer to always stay on top of the mattress at all times will most likely get more enjoyment out of the Adaptive foam provided by the Tuft and Needle mattress. 

The people at Tuft and Needle did an excellent job of creating a mattress that can provide many of the benefits of memory foam while getting rid of some of its downsides such as excessive sinkage. On the other hand, the memory foam in the Nectar offers excellent pressure relief especially for side sleepers with its top cushioning layer.

Off-gassing and Smell

Off-gassing is how we refer to the odor that is usually emitted from a new bed-in-a-box mattress. This process happens as the bed takes its final shape after unboxing and has to do with VOCs – Volatile Organic Chemicals leaking out of the foam of the mattress into the surrounding air. Some of the chemicals emitted in the process are organic while others are artificial and things like perfluorocarbons, benzene, and formaldehyde can be included. 

Thankfully, the best mattress companies do an outstanding job of containing the level of off-gassing from their mattresses, and since both of these beds are CertiPUR-US certified, they are perfectly safe for you and your family. 

Even though there might be an unpleasant smell coming from the mattress for a couple of days after unboxing, there should be no potential harm to your health. That said, it doesn’t hurt to leave the bed in a well-ventilated area and sleep elsewhere for a night or two.


There are two types of responsiveness we can talk about when it comes to these two mattresses. Each of the beds excels in its own version of responsiveness, and it’s up to you to decide what you’re looking for. 

Firstly, the memory foam Nectar has an exceptional level of response in its top memory foam layer, meaning that the foam responds to your body shape and conforms to it giving you that cocooned feeling that can only be achieved with the use of memory foam. If that’s the type of responsiveness you’re looking for, the Nectar is the bed for you. 

On the other hand, the Tuft and Needle offers a level of bouncy responsiveness in its latex-like Adaptive foam layer. This means the bed will respond to your movements making it easier to bounce into a different sleeping position during the night.

Mattress Shipping and Trial Period

If you need a bed today, Tuft and Needle is available at some brick and mortar stores, which means you could get one there and take it home. That said, most people buy these beds online since you don’t pay anything extra for shipping, and you only need to wait a few days for it to be brought right to your doorstep.

Once they do show up at your house, your trial period starts. This is an entirely risk-free trial that you can use to thoroughly asses whether the bed is right for you. The main difference between the two companies in this regard is that Tuft and Needle offers a 100-night trial, while Nectar provides a full year.


What it ultimately comes down to between these beds, as it so often does, is what you personally prefer in a bed. Do you want neutral soft foam, or do you want memory foam? If you said the former, you’re probably going to want to go with the Tuft and Needle, whereas if you said the latter, you’re going to prefer the Nectar. That’s all there is to it.

We hope this nectar mattress vs tuft and needle bed comparison has been helpful to get all the tiny details, pros, and cons of each of the mattresses to help you make the most informed decision possible. If you did find it helpful, make sure to check out our other comparisons and reviews because we take a lot of pride in what we do here, and we’re happy to help you find the best sleep-related products for your family.