Perfect Cloud Mattress Review for 2021


  • Dimensions: 19″ x 19″ x 61.5″ 
  • Weight: 83.6 pounds 
  • Number of Layers: 4
  • Firmness: Medium 
  • Certi-PUR US: Yes
  • Warranty: 10 years


Materials Quality








  • Attractive, eye-catching design 
  • Best of both worlds – foam for comfort & coils for support 
  • Gel-infused foam layer prevents overheating
  • Certified against heavy metals and other dangerous substances 
  • 10-year warranty & 30-day sleep trial


  • The plastic smell hangs for a couple of days  
  • Could be too firm to some people
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Hybrid energy, hybrid cars, and hybrid bicycles – these are the most common associations that come to mind upon hearing the word “hybrid.” In most cases, a hybrid product is one that combines two or more different materials. So, what’s a hybrid mattress? Is it the right choice for your sleeping needs?

Most hybrid mattresses combine memory foam with spring coils. By doing so, they provide the sleeper with both comfort and support. They’re among the latest products in sleep technology and are gaining in popularity. Most reputable mattress companies now also manufacture and sell their variants of hybrid beds. 

One such company is the Perfect Cloud. Their hybrid mattress combines a spring construction with plush memory foam. Designed and tested to provide undisturbed sleep, it’s one of the company’s best offerings so far. Should you buy this hybrid mattress? Will it suit your particular requirements? 

In our Perfect Cloud Mattress review, we’ll closely analyze each feature of this model. By doing so, we’ll try to determine its overall value for the money. We’ll take a closer look at its construction, feel, cooling, edge support, motion transfer, and safety. Read on and find out if it’s an adequate option for your bedroom.

Perfect Cloud Mattress Features

The Construction

Like we said, Perfect Cloud Mattress is a hybrid model. As such, it combines different materials to provide the best sleeping experience. In this bed’s case, these materials are memory foam and spring coils

Seven hundred ninety-two spring coils form the model’s base. 16-gauge and wrapped individually, they are exceptionally sturdy and durable. The coils provide necessary support but also prevent motion transfer. 

Multiple layers of memory foam, on the other hand, provide plush comfort. There are three separate foam layers here, varying in thickness and density. The second layer is the most important – it’s infused with cooling gel. It provides necessary ventilation and keeps the heat at bay throughout the night. 

Finally, the model’s cover also helps with heat dissipation. Using premium textiles, it has a luxurious look and makes the whole mattress look very attractive. As a whole, this mattress is undoubtedly one of the better-looking hybrid models on the market.

The Feel

The manufacturer says that this mattress offers a “weightless sleep experience.” This isn’t far from the truth. The model’s individually wrapped coils provide the necessary support. The precise layering of various foam densities, on the other hand, provides comfort. The combination of these materials gives the mattress a medium-firm feel. We scored it as 6 on our mattress firmness scale.

In simple terms, this model offers the best of both worlds. A standard innerspring mattress can sometimes feel too firm. An all-foam model, on the other hand, can be too plush. As a hybrid bed, the Perfect Cloud Mattress incorporates the advantages of both materials. By doing so, it easily accommodates all sleep styles and body weights

Another thing that makes sleeping on this bed so enjoyable is that it stays cold. We’ll take a look at its cooling capabilities later on.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support

As it uses individually wrapped coils, this model performs very well in terms of motion isolation. The pressure exerted by the sleeper affects only a couple of coils. For that matter, the movements never reverberate across the bed’s surface

As it maintains minimal motion transfer, this bed is ideal for couples. If you have a sleep partner, you’ll still feel like you’re the only one on the bed. This is especially convenient for couples who frequently change positions throughout the night. 

The edge support of this model is comparable to other similar mattresses. Sitting on the edge causes some sinkage, but you can still tie your shoes. You won’t have to worry about rolling off the bed in the middle of the night. If your partner uses a large area of the bed, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the edge support of Perfect Cloud. All these features make this mattress great for sex.

Temperature Regulation

Heating up during the night can be quite frustrating. Not only is it very uncomfortable, but it can also make sleep difficult. Fortunately, most mattress manufacturers equip their products with cooling capabilities. 

One of those companies is Perfect Cloud, too. Their hybrid bed comes with a 2.5″ layer of gel-infused foam. As you can already guess, the purpose of this layer is to ventilate the sleeper.

It successfully keeps the heat at bay and allows undisturbed sleep. The mattress is perfect for stomach sleepers. You’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated and rested. 


Other Considerations

When shopping for a new mattress, one also has to consider safety. Lesser-known companies sell cheap mattresses that contain toxic substances in their construction. Fortunately, the model we’re analyzing is Certi-PUR-US certified. In other words, it contains no flame retardants, heavy metals, phthalates, and similar substances. 

Furthermore, this model is backed by a 10-year warranty. This is an industry-standard and something that provides peace of mind. There is also a 30-day trial. This gives the buyer enough time to determine if the mattress suits his or her needs. In case it doesn’t, you can return it and be refunded.

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By checking out Perfect Cloud Mattress reviews online, you’ll find that most people agree that this hybrid bed is worth the money. In our opinion, the model undoubtedly checks all the necessary boxes. Combining pocketed coils with memory foam, it provides both comfort and support. 

However, that’s not the only good thing about it. It also keeps the sleeper cool with its gel-infused layer. It contains no harmful toxins and features solid motion isolation and edge support. Once we combine these characteristics with a reasonable price, we get a hybrid bed whose popularity is certainly justified.