Purple Mattress Review for 2021


  • Dimensions: 80″ x 60″ x 9.5″
  • Weight: 80 pounds
  • Number of Layers: 3
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Certi-PUR US: Yes
  • Warranty: 10 years


Materials Quality








  • Good motion isolation
  • Affordable price
  • Great for combo sleepers
  • Excellent temperature regulation and breathability
  • No off-gassing
  • Non-toxic materials


  • Not the best option for side sleepers
  • Too firm for heavier people
  • Poor edge support
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Although Purple mattresses aren’t that long on the market, they showed up in 2015, the brand gained a huge trust from numerous people who were bold enough to try the product that had no references in the past. The reason they made their path so successful lies within the unique technology the brand applied on their sleeping surfaces. We are talking about the Hyper-Elastic Polymer that gave these mattresses quite a different feel in comparison to all others.

The story of this mattress company started with two brothers, Terry and Tony Pearce, both engineers, developing this new strong but soft and comfortable material that has the ability to redistribute the bodyweight properly, and give you proper support while lying down. The experimental project turned out to be a great success, and now, they are quite familiar and reputable among the mattress manufacturers community.

In order to enable you to find out more about this brand, we prepared a complete Purple mattress review. If you keep reading, you will find out more about its construction, the materials the product is made of, its features like temperature regulation, edge support, safety, warranty, etc. which will help you decide if this sleeping surface is the one you desperately need.

Purple Mattress Features

The Construction

The Purple mattresses are not considered to be foam bed products, but they do have two layers of it. The 4-inch base is made out of high-density polyfoam, which has a task to make sleeping surface stable and reliable. After that comes the transitional 3.5-inch layer formed from the same material, that works as a buffer between the foundation and the Purple Grid. It will keep sleepers on top of the bed and prevent them from sinking into the mattress. Statistics show Purple’s middle layer is thicker and denser from those placed in most of the all-foam bed surfaces that belongs in the same category. 

The top 2-inch comfort layer is made of unique brand’s material – Purple Grid, which will create the feeling of sleeping on a soft, but yet stable ground that won’t bend too much under our weight. Thanks to this specific design, Purple mattress has a constant airflow that keeps the bed temperature optimal and comfortable for a great night’s rest. In the end, the mattress is covered with the brand’s specially made SoftFlex fabric based on polyester and viscose, with a trace of lycra spandex. It has a very pleasant cozy, but stretchy feel.

The Feel

Many Purple users say you will have a feeling of lying on top of a cloud but with no fear of falling through when using this product. It can offer you a distinctive experience, so much different from those provided by other quality mattresses. This one can give your spine a proper alignment, and targeted contouring to your shoulders and hips. The mattress has a strong medium-firm feel, so it should present with great support and pressure relief no matter in which position you tend to sleep. 

Most of the back sleepers will be very pleased since they won’t experience any back or neck pain after sleeping on it, as well as the stomach sleepers who will notice their hips won’t sink but will stay all the way up feeling well supported. But as it comes to side sleepers, especially those extreme ones who can spend the whole night in this one position, this may not be the best solution. It turns out the bed doesn’t have the ability to relieve tension from shoulders and hips in total, and therefore some discomfort may be present in the morning. 

So, to conclude, your search for a great mattress for back pain is over, this is it, but you should have in mind that it can be an adequate mattress for neck pain as well, as long as you don’t sleep on one side all the time.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support

If you are looking for the best bed for sex, this may be the right choice for you. It will provide a good place for active couples since it has excellent motion isolation. The surface tends to absorb most of the movement, but it doesn’t eliminate it completely. On the other side, its bouncy effect is something many people view favorably regarding these love activities. Also, you won’t be woken up by a partner if he or she is searching for the right position during the night. Tossing and turning will be quite unnoticeable. But if you have a habit of jumping in and out of bed, that’s a whole different story. 

The edge support, however, isn’t something the manufacturer can brag about. If you are sitting on the side of the bed, you will feel the significant sinking, especially if you weigh more than 200 pounds. The spots where you normally sit may start sagging after a while, given the foam layers will deteriorate. The truth is, hybrid and innerspring mattresses will give you the better and more stable support on the edges if that’s something you care for the most.

Temperature Regulation

The Free Air Flow technology Purple mattress is based on means it has many breathable channels that will neutralize high body temperature, so it won’t hold onto the heat you tend to emit during the night. If you compare this mattress to the one made out of latex or memory foam, you will understand how significant benefit this is, especially if you like sleeping in a cool and pleasant surface. The Purple mattress has an open construction that allows air to circulate, and therefore create a breathable ground for your night’s rest. The only thing is that the extremely hot sleepers may not find it suitable enough.

Cleaning & Safety

The Purple mattresses are considered to be one of the safest on the market since they don’t contain any toxic or harmful materials. Their unique and patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer has an FDA certification that guarantees its safe use, and the foam is aligned with CertiPUR-US­ Certified program. When you unpack the mattress that comes wrapped up in a box, you won’t smell any odor or off-gassing, which is quite rare. 

When it comes to keeping the mattress clean, there is a removable cover made mostly of polyester you can put in a washing machine in a gentle program. It’s recommendable to use only cold water and regular detergent when washing it, just to be sure it won’t shrink, and then dry it in a cool air cycle. But you shouldn’t make it a habit lying on top of the cover only. There are Purple Sheets the manufacturer is suggesting you use. They are breathable and very stretchy, so you will have a full Purple bed experience you were hoping for.

Other Considerations


Purple offers a 10-year warranty that begins on the day of the purchase. The manufacturer says that as long as it’s valid, they will repair or replace the product that has some defects, but the mattress must be placed on a non-spring, flat, and firm surface. The queen-sized and bigger mattresses, in addition, have to contain a five-legged foundation as well. Not abiding these rules will void the warranty. The mattress cover isn’t included in this deal, it has its own two-year warranty, but it won’t cover the problem with stains or burn marks. The company also has a 100-night-sleep trial policy with a claim it can be returned for a full refund or for some other product at any time during that period.


Given that this mattress brand isn’t present for a long period of time on the market, it’s quite ungrateful to talk about their product’s durability and average lifespan. There simply wasn’t enough time to access this topic the right way. But, it certainly is made out of high-quality materials and with a good firm structure. The Purple Grid especially is proven to be very durable material compared to the polyfoam or classic memory foam. When it comes to it other layers, we already concluded the edge support isn’t impressive, which implies that sitting in the same place for a long time can lead to certain material degradation and sagging.

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It’s hard to be a new runner, especially in a field full of great, reputable companies that are known for their high standards and perfectly well products. So we applaud the Purple brand for being brave enough to step in and claim its spot. They were smart enough to present themselves with a new and unique technology their mattresses are based on, which turned out to be a success. Their sleeping surfaces will provide you with great and much needed support, with excellent motion isolation and cool breathability. If you are thinking about giving it a shot, we support you because they made us quite interested as well.