How to Sell Used Mattresses?

how to sell used matresses

After you have decided to purchase the new mattress for your bed, only one thing was left to think about – what about your old mattress, the one that served you up until now? One of the solutions, if it’s not in bad shape, is to sell it as used goods. Even though that may seem like an easy peasy task, you will get surprised – there are several steps you need to take in order to do it properly. That’s why we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to sell your used mattress.

Determine price

According to market rules, a used mattress can be sold for 20 to 30 percent of its original price. That means that you will be able to get 200 to 300 dollars for the sleeping surface you purchased for 1000 dollars. But that’s only the general rule, you cannot expect to sell every used mattress for the same amount. Many factors will affect its value. 

First and foremost – its condition and years it’s been used. It is well known that experts recommend changing the surface you sleep on after five to seven years, if you use it consistently, every night. That’s because with time it changes its construction and it starts to deteriorate, so it doesn’t have the same effect on your body and can cause certain health or sleeping problems. It is clear that the mattress that’s still in good shape because you decided to replace it after only two or three years will reach a higher price than the one with bumps and dents you’ve been laying on for ten years.

You need to be very honest with yourself and assess its real condition objectively. Is it like new, in excellent, good, or only acceptable state? Or is it pretty much destroyed? Is it deformed with indentations, and how deep are they? Are there cracks on its surface, are coils and wires peaking from the sidewalls, are there cuts, burns, scrapes, weird smell? The potential buyer is probably not a stupid person, so don’t try to fool anyone.

Also, it’s not the same if you used this mattress sporadically or all the time. If it’s the sleeping surface from your guest room, it’s probably in much better shape than the one you are currently sleeping on, so you will be able to set the higher price for it. Even if you slept on it every night, but you had a mattress topper or a protector on it, the same rule applies because those things certainly saved its structure to some extent.

Research resale laws and regulations

It is important to know that each state in the United States has its own laws regarding mattress resale. So you should check out what are the rules in the state you live in order to do everything properly. There are some general requirements that are obligated in most states, so we are going to address them.

Cleaning and sanitizing – Usually, one of the rules when it comes to mattress resale is that you need to clean and disinfect it before you send it into the hands of another person. 

Re-covering – This can be tricky. Some states demand from you to put a new cover on your mattress before it’s being sold, but in others, a different rule is applied. They forbid you to re-cover the used mattress so you cannot hide any possible stains, burns, and other damages.

Tagging – In some states, there are tagging laws that dictate you to use color-coded tags in order to mark if the mattress has been cleaned and sanitized. This, in general, is a rule that affects only business, not individuals who are selling used mattresses, but anyways, you should check it out.

Write an advertisement

There are no strict guidelines about how to write the ad for your mattress, but there are several things you need to mention in order to satisfy people’s need to know all the essential details. Make sure to be honest and objective, and to describe the mattress’s condition properly. Also, you need to take several pictures of it, from different angles, and to make sure all the irregularities and damage are visible. The text of an ad should include the mattress size, its height, the number of years it’s been used, the materials it’s made of and the structure of it (number of layers), the fabric cover is made of, the information whether it was your primary sleeping surface or a guest bed, or if you used any sorts of protectors and mattress pads. Also, it would be good to name the price.

Choose a selling venue

You have several options regarding selling venues. The first one is to sell your item to the brick-and-mortar retailer. But it may be a bit difficult to find one that’s ready to buy a used mattress because they usually prefer offering new models to their customers. Besides that, the price they will offer you will probably be pretty low.

Another option is to place your ad on your social media pages, some forums, or community-based websites (not all of them will allow it, but you can always check with the admin). Also, if you prefer doing things the old-school way, you can place an ad in the local newspaper, or on bulletin boards in your area. You never know, you may get a phone call in a day or two.

And the third option is turning to online marketplace sites like Amazon. Those sites usually allow mattress owners to post ads for their used sleeping surfaces, and to sell them directly to other people as individuals. But you will be responsible for pretty much everything, including shipping and delivery details.

Now, here are a few things you should know about before deciding which way you want to advertise your mattress:

  • If you use marketplace sites to sell used mattresses, and it happens that the purchaser doesn’t pay the full amount, you can reach the site’s personnel who will solve this problem for you.
  • You need to know when to advertise your used mattress. The best months are November, December, May, June, and July, according to experts, because you will have the biggest chance in those time frames to sell your mattress. January and August are months when mattress brands usually present their new models, and all the attention will go towards them.
  • No matter if your warranty is still valid, you cannot transfer it to another owner. It’s a general rule, and you need to explain that to the potential buyer, just so there is no misunderstanding about this issue later.
  • It is illegal and subjected to punishment selling used mattress that has bed bugs, or presenting it as if it’s a new mattress.
  • It may happen that a potential buyer wants to come to a visit to check out the mattress in person. Some people are suspicious, or they have been burned by sellers, and they want to personally make sure everything is as it is written in the ad.


We hope these guidelines were helpful, and that you will be ready now to face all the challenges and tasks that selling a used mattress brings in. We need to remind you once more to check the laws and regulations in your state, you really don’t want to find yourself in a legal problem, and to be as objective and honest as you can when determining the mattress price, and presenting your sleeping surface to potential buyers. We wish you all the luck!