Does Sex Help You Sleep Better at Night?

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Okay, this is a question most of us wondered about at some point in our lives. Also, most of us already know the answer based on personal experience. But if you are not sure if there is a connection between sleep and sex, let us inform you that they are affecting one another for sure and that much research was conducted in order to test that claim.

Besides the fact that having sex will reduce your stress level, burn some calories, bring in the serotonin rush, and push your brainpower on a higher place, it is proven that it can also help you fall asleep. The new data shows that intercourse right before bedtime will increase the chance of immediately falling and staying in a realm of dreams.

So if you desperately need to sleep, sex should be your number one choice. There is no need to practice yoga anymore, to meditate, drink herbal tea, to create specific conditions in your bedroom in terms of light, temperature, and noise. Simple couple playtime will be enough for you to doze off right after you are done, and wake up the next morning well-rested.

Does Having sex can Give You Better Sleep?

There is a study conducted at Australian University that addressed this topic, and it based the research on a quite large survey sample. According to answers of 460 adults who were between 18 and 70 years of age, sex is a thing that can lead to better sleep. More than a half, precisely 64 percent, confirmed that having intercourse provided them with good rest, but not any kind of sex, just the one that ended with an orgasm. Also, around 50 percent of them said they don’t need to have a partner in order to achieve that. Simple masturbation that leads to pleasure culmination can do the job just fine.

But the thing is – not only you will fall asleep faster after sex, but this experience will also improve the quality of our night’s rest. The fact that some hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, and vasopressin are being released during intercourse will help you feel more relaxed, calm, happier, and overall good. Those things won’t make you feel sleepy, but they will create a good base for you to be able to fall asleep.

Why Does Sex Make You Tired?

The first question is – does sex make you tired, like for a fact, or that is just a short time impression. The answer is yes, it truly does. Having this particular activity will raise your pulse to the point where it’s racing, and that will make you feel all exhausted. It’s just like that fatigue you can experience after having a tough cardio training. But on the other side, it can be your body’s way of responding to change in chemicals that are being released during the intercourse, and after you manage to orgasm. So if you feel sleepy after sex, this is the reason why.

Now, if you wonder why do men fall asleep after sex, why they don’t have the need to cuddle but instead go straight to dreamland, the reason is very simple, and it’s based on biology. So it’s not because they are selfish and that they do not care. When men ejaculate the hormone called prolactin will increase significantly, and they immediately start feeling sleepy, as they could nap. That’s because the prolactin levels are naturally very high when we are asleep. So forgive them if they just turn their back on you and doze off, or if they aren’t ready right away for round two. They will need some time to recuperate.

How Sex Promotes Good Sleep?

The sleep-sex relation goes both ways. Sex affects your sleeping routines, and the fact that you are or are not having enough or sleep has a major impact on your sex life. Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest reasons people stop having sex regularly. It’s simple – you are too tired to even think about having intercourse, let alone to actually initiate it. More than one study showed that women who sleep long enough would be in the mood for sex the next day. Their libido will be just on point, whether they are young, middle-aged, or older. Just make sure to have the best bed for sex at this point, you will want to channel this new-found desire properly and in the appropriate surroundings.
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If you don’t have the right amount of sleep each night, and your sex life is quite lame, here are some tips on how to change the scenario and become a rock star in both areas.

  • Hormonal balance

The link between brain chemistry and sleep is very strong, there is no doubt about that. So if you notice that despite the fact you are mostly very tired, you don’t have a sexual desire inside of you at all, your hormones are probably imbalanced. You should try getting more sleep in order to recover your libido. Sleep deprivation makes estrogen and testosterone drop very low in a short period of time. The high-quality rest will probably make you want to establish a physical connection with your partner. The couple sleeping positions and the proximity to the partner’s body could help too.

  • Improve sleep hygiene

You need to learn how to fix a sleeping schedule, how to form good sleeping routines, how to prepare yourself for bedtime, etc. As we already said, the right amount of sleep leads to great and satisfactory sex life. So start by avoiding using electronic devices in the bedroom, make the room pleasantly, a bit dark and with optimal temperature, and if you think you will enjoy it, play some calming music, preferably the one without any lyrics.

  • Stop arguing

If you feel tired and most certainly are sleep deprived, you will probably be grumpy, edgy and ready to fight your partner about anything. You will see every little detail as a reason to start a discussion, although you probably won’t be aware of it. So it’s very unlikely you two will end up in a lovemaking encounter. To prevent this, try channelling your frustrations another way, like through sex. Instead of picking a fight with your partner, seduce him and pursue that orgasm.

  • Sync sex schedules

If you sync your sleep, and therefore sex schedules, there is a huge chance your sex life will improve dramatically. That means that you should go to bed at the same time every night. If you stay up late working or watching your favourite TV show, and your partner goes to bed earlier, you probably won’t meet up in a loving hug.
Eliminate sleep disturbances

It is proven that when you are sleep deprived, you will have a harder time getting and staying asleep. So it is a necessity to try eliminating everything that disrupts your sleep every now and then. If, for example, you snore or have sleep apnea, do the research and try something that can stop you from experiencing these things. For starters, sleep on your side and not on your back. Or, if your sleeping surface is inadequate and low quality, purchase the one that will answer all your needs. But don’t forget that it is important to have a good mattress for sex also, you will love it if it has a great bounce.


What is post-coital insomnia?

Although a huge percentage of people feel tired and exhausted after having sex, which leads to getting asleep almost immediately, there are also those who have a completely different experience. They will be hyped by sex, and unable to get the much needed night’s rest. The difference is based on how sensitive we are and how our nervous systems are set up. But one of the reasons for that might be the fact that you didn’t climax at the end of it. If you were deprived of that post-orgasm hormonal rush, it’s most likely you won’t be ready to call it a day.

What is sexsomnia?

Sexsomnia, or sleep sex, is a sexual activity that includes a person who is asleep during intercourse. It is a sleep disorder, and people who are engaged in it may seem like they are awake, but they are not, and tomorrow they probably won’t remember having and intercourse at all. Sexsomnia can happen randomly, or at the same time when you are sleepwalking and sleep talking.

Is it normal to be too tired for sex all the time?

Of course that it’s normal, especially if your schedule is a madhouse and you have so many things on your plate every day. But if you noticed that you have been too tired to engage in intercourse with your partner for months, and you don’t really feel that sexual arousal even after you had enough sleep, you might have chronic fatigue syndrome. This condition will slow you down and make you feeling too exhausted by the end of the day to even get ready for bed, let alone have sex. You should see your doctor and consult, but in the meantime, remember that you can have sex at any time, even in the morning when you are most rested.


We are all different individuals, and therefore we experience everything differently. So if you noticed that your sleep and sex habits are a bit distinctive, know that it is okay, as long as you find a way of managing to have regular intercourse and good night’s rest. But if you find it hard to understand the connection between these two and you want to improve one or both of these aspects, read the text above and see if it helps you. The bottom line is – if you have a problem getting and staying asleep, don’t use medications and don’t stress about it, just turn to your partner and start a love game. It is very likely that having sex will do the work and set you off to the land of dreams.