Is Sleeping on the Floor Good for Your Health?

sleeping on the floor

Yes, sleeping on the floor is actually a thing that many people are interested in trying on. It’s a trend that came to the USA, and the community of its supporters is growing within every day. Just like some of our ancestors, we can get rid of our super cozy and comfortable mattresses and remain with nothing but firm ground to lie on. The truth is, this isn’t for everyone, so please don’t experiment if you are not completely sure you are ready for it. This decision of yours may seem a bit strange to others, but some experts agreed on the fact that sleeping on the floors can improve our natural posture by aligning the spine perfectly. And some of those who tried it confirmed that claim. But don’t forget that besides some benefits, there are a lot of shortcomings to this lifestyle change and that it is quite extreme.

Benefits of Sleeping on the Floor

This subject is not researched enough, so there is no undeniable proof that any of these things are true. All benefits we mentioned, as well as disadvantages of spending the night on the stiff floor without anything to support your body, are based only on people’s experiences. 

man sleeping on floorIs Sleeping on the Floor Good for Your Back?

Although there isn’t a scientific proof that floor sleeping can release you from back pain, a huge number of people said that’s exactly what happened to them. And when you think about it, it makes sense. A soft mattress doesn’t support your body well, it lets it sink into it and deform the spine line, which leads to pain in the back. So this may be the solution for you, but have in mind that it depends on a lot more things, like what is the cause of your back pain and what position you like to sleep on.

Will it Treat Sciatica?

Sciatica is a condition based on the sciatic nerve that causes pain in our lower back, hips, and legs. Some experts claim that sleeping on a mattress for sciatica can bring some improvement since it is clear that laying of the soft ground is not good for people who are suffering from it. A soft mattress will only bring additional stress to your joints. Even though there is no evidence that sleeping on the floor will make this problem disappear, there are stories that prove certain improvements. Of course, learning how to sleep with sciatica properly will help you to find the best position for this condition while sleeping.

Is Sleeping on the Floor Good for Your Posture?

The fact is, we all know that too soft sleeping ground is not good for us since it won’t provide us with appropriate and stable support, and it will make our body, including our spine, lose their natural alignment. Because of that, firmer mattresses are more recommendable, but again, it is not certain that the floor is the best idea. People who became traditionalists and chose to sleep on the ground say that their posture is much better than before, but that’s just anecdotal. If you have some kind of back pain or problems with posture, you should first talk to the professionals and ask for their opinion.

Disadvantages of Sleeping on the Floor

Will Sleeping on the Floor make Your Back Pain Worse?

It is possible. The thing is when it comes to this question, there are two opposite streams – on one side, people claim the floor sleeping will only help you with your back pain, and the other is sure it will only increase it. It mostly depends on what is the cause of your back problems, and how often do you practice this extreme behavior. But, either way, we cannot close our eyes to the fact that sturdy ground will make our body fight to find a good position and that it can create certain pressure on our most pronounced points.

back pain after sleeping on floorWill you have Allergic Reactions?

There is no reason to deny that there is much more dust and dirt on a house floor than anywhere else. And carpets are known as the best collectors of dust mites and mold. You need to have this in mind, because if you decide to sleep on the floor, and you are allergic to those, you can expect to experience some coughing, sneezing, wheezing, trouble breathing, runny nose, or itchy red eyes.

Can Sleeping on the Floor Expose you to Cold?

Well yes, even if you turn up the heating, the air in the room will be warmer, but the floor will remain colder because the temperature will go up with the air pressure. With that in mind, it would maybe be best to try sleeping on the floor during summer months when you don’t have to worry if you are going to catch a cold because of it.

How to Sleep on the Floor?

Prepare Yourself

Okay, you have relinquished yourself from having a nice and cozy mattress, but there are things you can do in order to make yourself more comfortable while sleeping on the floor. First, make sure to have long-legged pajamas with sleeves that will protect your hips and elbows from bruising. Pick those a bit thicker too, just in case. Also, see if you are better with or without a pillow. If they are too thick, they may cause a significant level difference in your body, which will make you even more uncomfortable. 

Then, you have to prepare for this mentally. You have to know that you won’t feel great after one night, that’s for sure. It may need some time to adjust, and your body may be sour and stiff at first, but after some time, the results may kick in. Also, you may find it hard to fall asleep, so make sure to do this experiment in a period when your everyday life won’t be too much affected by the lack of a good night’s rest.

Create the Right Sleeping Surface

You don’t have to sleep on the ground itself at first, use some kind of bedding, the one that will be adequate for the transitional phase, like thin sleeping mats, futon mattresses, sleeping bed pads, blankets, etc. just so you can adjust to this change of scenery. You want to find something that will not be as comfortable as a bed, but not too stiff as a rock as well. On the first night pay additional attention to those places that are most uncomfortable, and tomorrow try to make it better with some extra layers.

sleeping position while sleeping on the floorChoose Sleeping Position

The position you like to sleep in is one of the crucial things that will determine if this was a good or bad idea. Although there are huge benefits of sleeping on your side, trying to spend the night like that, on the floor will be extremely challenging. That’s because the whole of your weight will come down to just a couple of your body spots where you will experience massive pressure due to the firm ground beneath you. You will face true discomfort, possible bruising, and pain. You can try making it better by placing a blanket or a pillow under your waist or between your knees, which will keep your body aligned.

Stomach sleepers mostly enjoy a firmer sleeping surface, but the floor might be too much to handle. In order to prevent your neck and your back from hurting in the morning, you can use a pillow and place it under your chest so you can keep your spine in a normal position. 

Most floor sleepers find laying on the back most comfortable. That way, your body weight will be evenly distributed, and the pressure will be less at all those critical points. Despite that, you can experience some pain in the lower back, as well as sleep apnea and snoring. The first problem you can solve by placing a pillow under your knees, but others demand using a pillow or rolled towel under your head.

Sleeping on the Floor While Pregnant

It’s not unusual for a pregnant woman to sleep on the floor, because they claim that’s when they feel most comfortable. Given that there are no reasons why they should not do that, and it’s not proven, it can be harmful in any way to be free to try it. You can do whatever makes you feel good, but have in mind that if you have a big stomach, you may find it difficult to stand back up from the floor or to lay down at first.

Also, you would probably like to know that it is safe for your babies to sleep on the floor too, and for you to co-sleep with them, which is not recommended in a bed because of the risk of a child’s suffocation and SIDS. The soft items like pillows and blankets can block the baby’s airways. It’s even proven that in cultures that support this kind of sleep arrangement, the rates of possible SIDS are significantly lower. 

pregnant woman sleep on the floor

Who Shouldn’t Sleep on the floor?

Older people should definitely avoid sleeping on the floor because their bones are weaker and more fragile. They can experience great discomfort, possible fracture, and it’s most likely they will be too cold. With age, we also tend to lose fatty tissue. Also, people who are usually cold all the time should avoid this for sure. The reason may lie in the fact they have anemia, hypothyroidism, or diabetes, so it’s better for them to hold onto their comfortable and warm beds. And in the third group are individuals with limited mobility. You should experiment with sleeping on the ground if you have difficulty moving properly.


You may find it strange, but floor sleeping isn’t something new, invented yesterday. In today’s world, there are many cultures that find it normal and desirable to spend the night on the ground you are walking on. Even though the reasons for that may be different, and some claim that it will improve your posture of relieving you from back pain, in the end, it is, and should stay, the matter of personal choice and preferences. If you love to sleep on the floor you should consider buying a floor mattress. The important thing is that if you are healthy, you won’t be in any kind of danger if you try in. Other than being all sore, maybe bruised and in discomfort. But if you have some kind of difficulty and medical problems you should definitely consult with your doctor before you decide to renounce your mattress.


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