Tuft and Needle vs Purple - Our Mattress Comparison

Tuft and Needle


  • Affordable
  • Perfect match for back sleepers



  • All Types of Sleepers
  • Sleeps Cool

Given that Purple and Tuft and Needle are two unique mattress manufacturers, we are going to compare their products in every aspect, in order to conclude which one is a better choice and for sure, worth of your money. The first brand we mentioned is in the market for only five years, but they managed to acquire a large number of customers who believe they managed to bring something new to the table. The other one creates super modern sleeping surfaces made of completely unique, their own adaptive foam.

But however you may be impressed by them all, with what they have done and how courageous they were to go forward with something unseen and fight the well-established competition, you need to be practical and think this through properly. Your decision should be based on the things the mattress can provide for you – adequate feel, motion isolation, edge-support if you need that, and all other aspects that will make sure you have a good night’s rest.

So, Tuft and Needle vs Purple, here we go. Let the battle begin!

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Mattress Construction Comparison

Tuft and Needle

Since the Tuft and Needle founders believed that all materials others were using in the mattress industry were not good enough, they decided to patent their own – T&N adaptive foam. It’s a unique compound each one of their beds is made of, and it represents the most important aspect of their products.

When it comes to the construction of their mattresses, there are only two layers. There is a super supportive 7-inch poly foam base that will provide you with adequate firm ground and a 3-inch adaptive foam layer, which will relieve you from pressure while creating a cozy and soft, safe place for you at the same time.

There is also a third, just as an essential part of the shape of the mattress cover. It brings in the breathability and good airflow thanks to the plush fabric it is made from. It’s quite thin if you compare it to the finish layer of other mattresses.


This one, too, is made of only two parts, but the base is actually created from two separate foam surfaces. At the bottom, there is a 4-inch double-layers comfort foam that will give you responsive comfort and great support. They say it’s very durable and built to last, from high-density foam. On top of that, there is a transitional piece formed from the same material – a 3.5-inch layer that works as a buffer.

On top of the foundation, you can see the specially designed 2-inch Purple Grid layer that has an ability to hug your body completely, but at the same time to keep it steady, on top of the bed, preventing the extensive sinking.

The mattress is covered with SoftFlex fabric that’s mainly made of polyester and viscose, but it also has traces of spandex. It will provide you with a stretchy feel and good bouncy effect. Thanks to the specific design, the mattress has great breathability and constant airflow.

Mattress Firmness Comparison

Tuft and Needle

The manufacturer claims that this mattress is suitable for all types of sleepers – back, side, stomach, and combo. It has a medium-firm feel and therefore is suitable for the majority of people. With bouncy but supportive features, it will provide you with a good ground to sleep on, quite the universal one.

The back sleepers will love this bed because it has the ability to contour your body perfectly and to fill the gaps between your figure and the mattress itself. It has low responsiveness, but it is firm enough to give your spine much-needed alignment.

Stomach sleepers recommended it because they do not feel sore in their chest area in the morning. Their hips will remain on the surface of the mattress, so there is not extensive declension. But side sleepers adore it. One of the brand’s best achievements is pressure relief, so they won’t feel pain in their shoulders after the whole night in this position.


This mattress is also in a medium-firm category, but experts say it is slightly softer than the one signed by Tuft and Needle. You will have a distinctive and unique sensation while lying on top of it, thanks to the Purple Grid – the essence of Purple products. 

Your weight will be equally distributed, and the construction will provide you to feel well supported but not trapped by it. Back sleepers will be quite satisfied since they will experience floaty sensation with a firm ground beneath them. 

Stomach and combo sleepers will like this mattress as well because there is a good balance between consistent support and coziness. But, if you tend to sleep only on your belly, you may experience some discomfort in the morning based on the fact your body did sink a bit. Side sleepers claim the exact thing – there is quite an amount of pressure relief, but not too much to totally eliminate any kind of unpleasant sensation in your body.

Sleep Experience

We all search for something particular out of the surface we sleep on. For some, the mattress’s ability to isolate motion is of crucial meaning, while for others, that’s totally irrelevant. Then, some people need a cooling mattress that can regulate their body temperature well because they are considered to be hot sleepers, and other individuals base their decision on pressure relief and responsiveness of the product. In order to make sure you choose wisely, see the list of features below where we compared purple mattress vs tuft and needle bed honestly. Pay attention to details, and then, in the end, choose the one you believe has most to offer you.

Motion Transfer and Edge Support

As we already mentioned, the Tuft and Needle mattresses are made of T&N adaptive foam, thanks to which they have good motion isolation. In case you are sleeping with a partner, and you are a restless sleeper, you should not be worried, you tossing and turning won’t wake them up. When it comes to edge support, the results are not impressive. You will make the mattress bend under your weight and lose its line, but you shouldn’t expect anything different since it is, after all, a foam product.

The Purple brand is proud to say that they have great motion isolation, which is necessary if you are looking to buy a couple’s mattress. It will provide great ground for sexually active couples, and people who are light sleepers. The surface will absorb most of the movement, but it won’t remain stiff. This product, too, can’t be proud of its edge support. It’s alright, but not excellent. People over 200 pounds will make the bedsides deviate under them for sure.


Although Tuft and Needle mattress is made out of foam, it is an advanced one, so your sleeping ground won’t absorb and then emit all that heat from your body. It will be able to provide you with just the right temperature so you can have a good night’s rest without the need to take your blanket off or jump out of your own skin. But hot sleepers need to know that despite all that, this definitely isn’t the mattress for them.

Purple’s mattress is based on a Free Air Flow technology, which means that it contains great breathability and proper temperature control. If your body tends to emit too much heat, it won’t hold on to it, it will release it and maintain a neutral sleep environment. An extremely hot sleeper probably won’t find it appropriate, but everyone else will, for sure.

Sinkage and Bounce

These two are super important to consider when buying the best mattress because they will let you understand how your body will be supported while lying on it – will it stay on top or will it sink. With Tuft and Needle products, you will experience an average amount of decay. That’s quite common when it comes to bed-in-box mattresses. The bounce is also somewhere in the middle of the scale.

The Purple mattress is extremely bouncy, and that’s the feature you will either love or hate. Couples say that it gives them great ground for fun love games, and it’s all because of the polymer grid it contains. It will give you a chance to sleep on your stomach or a side peacefully since you won’t be feeling any pain or soreness the next morning, but you won’t sink too deep as well.

Off-gassing and Smell

The Tuft and Needle mattresses are CertiPUR-US, and GreenGuard Gold certified, so the off-gassing that exists won’t be harmful, and it will disappear in a couple of days entirely. That’s a normal thing when it comes to all-foam sleeping surfaces, so you probably won’t be surprised by that. The smell you will sense is the one from a new product, so it won’t be unpleasant.

It’s the same with Purple products. Again, since it is a mattress that comes rolled up in a box, there will be some off-gassing, but it’s not something that should bother you. Many customers reported the odor was very discreet and that it fainted very quickly. They are made out of an elastic polymer grid layers that are CertiPUR-US certified.


People who prefer highly responsive mattress won’t be thrilled with Tuft and Needle’s item. They dispose of a certain amount of bounce because of their polyfoam construction, but they are not even close to classic innerspring mattresses. They can go in a middle responsiveness category, which means that you will have a feeling of sleeping both on and in the mattress.

The Purple is a good mattress for any kind of sleeper since it has the ability to follow the lines of their bodies and to adapt. They will provide you with the right amount of comfort and support. Also, these mattresses have excellent responsiveness, thanks to the Smart Comfort Grid design, which made them quite famous. Their customers will have their spines well aligned all the time, no matter what position they are.

Mattress Shipping and Trial Period

It’s quite tricky to decide what mattress is the right for you before trying it, so you will be pleased to hear that Tuft & Needle is offering you a 100-night sleep trial. If you don’t find it acceptable, you can return it for a full refund. The product will come to your doorstep in a box. It can be shipped in all 50 states, and the delivery will be free of charge. The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.

The Purple mattress has the same warranty and 100-night-sleep trial policy as well. It has to be placed on a firm and flat surface in order for the warranty to be valid. You can test its performance for more than three months, and then decide if you made the right choice. The shipping is free to 48 contiguous states.


As you can see, there are quite a lot of similarities between these two – they are both made out of unique material brand founders created, they are pretty much universal since all kinds of sleepers can find them suitable, and they are bed-in-a-box products. They will provide you with a medium-firm feel and good motion isolation as well. So the thing you should do is to focus on those aspects where they are different. Customers overall are very pleased with both of these, and although there is a long trial period, in the majority of cases, they decide to keep it. Hot sleepers and those who like having great edge support should think about them twice, but all the others are probably on the way of making the greatest decisions in their lives, the one that will make bed their favorite place in the house.