What is a Hybrid Mattress?

You have heard about hybrid mattresses, but you don’t really know what they are exactly? That’s okay, we are here to explain it all clearly. So the next time when you decide that it’s time to embark yourself on a quest for a new bed surface, you will know what this mattress type entails precisely, what its benefits are and what things are considered to be its disadvantages. 

So what is a hybrid mattress? The main thing you should know right away is that hybrid mattress was created with an idea of putting together all the best things from innerspring and memory foam mattresses in one.

Hybrid Mattress Definition

By definition, anything hybrid is a juncture of two different things. Hybrid mattress per se is a combination of coil-based foundation and memory foam layers. This is the most common hybrid type, but instead of foam, there can be latex or gel ply, as well as another option. 

This sleeping surface was made as an answer to the customer’s complaints of all foam and traditional innerspring products since neither one of them managed to meet all their expectations and needs. Actually, the hybrid product contains a bit more foam in the top layer than classic innerspring mattresses, which will provide you a super comfortable laying ground. Also, it is all flat on the top, without those recognizable little indents all coil beds are known for.

The hybrid surface is a perfect combination of compressed support and pressure relief that comes with the foam product and the ideal measure of bounce provided by coils.

What is it Made of?

We are talking about a multilayered bed that usually has a thin 1-inch base made of foam for stability, sturdiness, and padding. Then, there is a support core that is seven to eight inches tall, and that part is based on pocket-wrapped coils that will provide you with ideal spinal support. Above this main part, there is a soft and comfortable layer your body will enjoy being surrounded with. It’s created from some kind of cushioning materials like memory foam (the most common solution), the cool-inducting gel or latex. This part usually has three to four inches. On top of it all, there is sometimes an additional 1-inch pillow top that’s attached to the comfort layer in order to bring in some more coziness.

The hybrid surface has the coils that are the same size as innerspring mattresses. So they will give you the much-loved bounciness you enjoyed in this traditional mattress, but with some extra contouring and gentle support that comes from comfort layers. It’s quite good to know that hybrid mattresses are mostly cheaper than all memory foam ones, but a significant number of people claim that they perform better than those previously mentioned. That’s because the coils can offer more consistent backing that can help our bodies stay aligned throughout the whole night.

Hibrid vs. Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are currently the most popular ones. They have a couple of layers of foam with different capabilities, and their main purpose is to provide you with a soft, comfortable and fluffy sleeping surface that will mold to the shape of your own body. Their biggest flaw is the fact that mostly they don’t have proper temperature regulation and that they emit the heat that your body realizes during the night. Also, most unsatisfied customers claim that all foam mattresses won’t give you enough support and that they experienced some amount of sinking.

On the other side, there is a hybrid item that can give you the much wanted cushiony feel, but with a better support system thanks to the coil-based foundation. You will also have a good bounce on them if that’s the thing you prefer, but the temperature neutrality is also a potential troubled aspect.

Innerspring vs. Hybrid Mattress

People have unique needs when it comes to their mattress. Classic innerspring products are proven to be very durable and to have a sound support system, but they tend to have a low level of pressure relief, which means that you can wake up feeling all sore in some areas like your hips or shoulders if you slept on your side. But on a pros list, there is the fact that innerspring mattresses are allowing excellent airflow, which is something hot sleepers are always looking for.

The hybrid is created with that same coil base, but the top layers are made mostly of memory foam that will provide you with a more comfortable sensation. So there is a better chance you won’t have the problem with pressure points. Also, they are made in a way that will give you a bed with reduced motion transfer. 

Latex vs. Hybrid Mattress

Latex mattresses are made of latex only, and they are designed in a way that will give you support as well as good pressure relief. Experts say that they are adequate for all types of sleepers. Thanks to the open-cell structure, they usually have excellent breathability, and there is quite good motion transfer. The durability is not the issue you will need to worry about since they can last even longer than innerspring ones.

Hybrid mattresses are usually less expensive than popular latex sleeping surfaces, and they are lighter than the ones we mentioned first. That’s because latex products have a very dense structure, and they are hard to move around. Also, you won’t have to think about off-gassing with classic innerspring, that’s for sure. 

Is a Hybrid Mattress the Right Choice for You?

This is something only you can answer. The thing is, if you are looking for that traditional feeling of laying on huge numbers of coils that will bounce your body whenever you turn or move, this might be the right choice for you. But there are a lot of aspects you need to cover in order to be sure you made the right decision.

Think about the position you like to sleep on most of the time, how important the motion transfer is to you, do you need temperature regulation or you are okay without it, etc. The research shows that we spend around one-third of our lives on our mattress, so it is definitely important to pick the right one.

Pros and Cons

The best hybrid mattresses will offer you some great benefits, but there are also some things you can find as shortcomings of this mattress type. Here are the pros and cons list you can take as relevant and guiding if you are considering buying this sleeping surface.


  • They are way better when it comes to contouring to your body than innerspring mattresses
  • The unique feel is one of their main characteristics
  • They will give you good motion isolation
  • Quick response time is one more thing you can look forward to
  • Quite a good temperature regulation and airflow, better than the one all-foam mattress can provide


  • They are more expensive than most of the others in the same quality range
  • Heavy in weight, they are challenging to move around by one person


One thing is for sure – a hybrid mattress represents all the best things from two worlds. On one side, it took the reliable and famous innerspring coil system a huge number of people simply adore, and on the other, it made the mattress more appealing because of the soft and comfortable layers foam products are known for. So they definitely have a lot to offer. If you never tried sleeping on hybrid, and you want to, make sure to buy the one that comes with a long trial period and an excellent warranty. That should make it easier for you to decide.