Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

We get that this might not be fair, but you should know that it’s scientifically proven that women need more sleep than men. So you guys should really let them have it. The recent study conducted at one sleep research center showed that woman’s body aches for 20 minutes more of resting time during the night than man’s, on average, and that deprivation of sleep in women can increase the risk of heart diseases or type two diabetes.

It may not seem like that much, but this extra time women spend sleeping will make a huge difference – they will be truly ready for the new round of daily routines and obligations, there will be fewer chances they feel angry, and they will be less susceptible to distress. The reason for that lies in hormones mostly, in the role they have in different genders. Women have lower levels of testosterone, naturally, and that is linked to fatigue and low energy state. So the answer to the question – do women need more sleep than men is definitely yes. Here is why.

Women have busier schedules

If you wonder why women need more sleep, here are a couple of reasons. Most women have much more daily obligations than men. We are talking about those ladies who are working full time, who have kids to raise, parents to take care of, a household to maintain, meals to prepare, etc. The multi-tasking they are exposed to everyday can be exhausting, so it’s normal they need more time to rest properly. Even if they have supportive partners who are helpful, at the end of the day, most of these tasks will again end up on women’s shoulders.

Women go through hormonal changes

Whether we are talking about puberty, pregnancy, menopause or regular monthly cycles, women’s life is disrupted and shaken by hormonal movement quite often. These changes can have a major effect on women in the physical and mental sense. For example, estrogen levels can be very low before period, during breastfeeding, or in menopause, and that can cause extremely low energy levels in a woman, and quite often sleepiness. Because of these shifts and sudden changes in hormones, ladies also tend to be more anxious and depressed than men. So women need to sleep more, that’s for sure.

Women don’t get enough rest

This is another thing that did not come as a surprise. We already mentioned how ladies are usually having a much busier schedule than their male partners, which automatically leads to a conclusion they have less time to relax and rest. Having children, for instance, often means you will not be able to sleep through the entire night. You will get up to feed the little ones or to make them fall asleep again after they woke up crying, and you certainly won’t be able to rest during the day. You will have to go to work, to the shopping, you will need to take care of the kids, cook, to tide up the house, etc.

Women find it hard to sleep when they are pregnant

At the early stages of pregnancy (especially with first child), women are often quite anxious. They don’t know what’s happening to their body exactly, they are wondering about all those things that may go wrong, they usually start making lists and plans baby-related, and because of all that, they find it hard to simply relax and sleep. After a couple of months, problems like the position of the fetus or excess weight are preventing them from having proper rest. They are also hard to find the right position to sleep, they can suffer from backache, have trouble with reflux and heartburn, etc. 

Women are more often obese

It’s so not fair, but men don’t have such a hard time losing their weight as women do. It is proved that women are more often fighting the battle with being overweight, and they are more likely to be sleep deprived because of that. There is a link between insomnia and obesity, and it can be extremely hard to get out of that vicious circle. The fact is, if you don’t get enough sleep, stress hormone cortisol will be easily released. And because of that, it’s more likely you will have a bigger appetite and bigger chances of getting fat.

Women are wired differently

We all know that the brain, in general, is insufficiently explored territory, but the brain of a woman can and should definitely be placed on a higher level of research. The great difference between men’s and women’s minds is that connections in ladies’ heads are set up and optimized to do intuitive and analytical thinking. And it seems like that process is a never-ending one. Women are constantly multi-tasking and looking for a way to solve some problems in advance, so they are finding it quite difficult to just turn off and relax right before bed. That’s another reason why they are so hard to get and stay asleep.


This is actually quite simple to explain. The more you use your brain during the day, the more you need to rest during the night. And women are the gender that actually uses their brain capacity more. Therefore, they need more time to rest. If your next question is how much sleep do women need, there are no surprises. Somewhere between seven and eight hours should be enough, except there are some extraordinary circumstances.