Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress Review for 2021


  • Dimensions: 80’’ x 60’’
  • Weight: 89 pounds 
  • Firmness: [6] Medium Firm
  • Number of layers: 3
  • CertiPUR-US certified: Yes
  • Warranty: 10 years


Materials Quality








  • Convenient delivery and easy setup
  • Works with most types of bed frames
  • Minimal off-gassing, thanks to BioFoam and ActivCharcoal
  • Great pressure relief and minimal motion transfer
  • Cheaper than most products in the same quality range


  • Bottom layer composed of high-density foam, so the mattress cannot be flipped periodically
  • It might take a couple of days for the mattress to fully decompress once unpacked
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Ever since launching their first line of bedding products in 2004, the people at Zinus have been consistently coming up with innovations meant to provide their customers with the best possible price to quality ratio.

What makes Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam mattresses stand out from their competitors in the same price range is the manufacturer’s uncompromising commitment to their customers’ health and comfort.

This commitment is best evidenced in their use of proprietary BioFoam, which minimizes the amount of petrol-based chemicals in their mattresses, relying instead on natural seed oils. Coupled with the Green Tea Extract, which is added to the Ultima Comfort mattresses in order to neutralize unpleasant odors in a natural way, this ensures perfect comfort at a reasonable price, while keeping the customers’ health as the highest priority.

Apart from the model we have provided the specifications for (Queen size, 12 inches), there are six more sizes and three more styles for you to choose from, which should be enough to accommodate even the pickiest buyers.

To help you decide if you might be interested in purchasing this mattress, we have summarized some of its main features, pros and cons below.

Zinus Ultima Comfort Mattress Features

The Construction

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam mattress consists of three separate layers of foam, except for the 6 inches thick model, which doesn’t include the middle layer. The foam is encased in a beautiful knitted Jacquard cover, which provides cooling as well as softness.

The topmost layer holds 3 inches of BioFoam, containing ActivCharcoal and Green Tea Extract, meant to ensure a healthy and odor-free sleeping environment. While also conforming to your body to offer the most optimal weight distribution, just like the middle layer does, its main purpose is to ensure minimal off-gassing and heat retention.

The middle section consists of 3 inches of Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam which adapts to your contours and ensures adequate support regardless of your weight or preferred sleeping positions. It also this layer that is responsible for the enviable degree of motion isolation that zinus ultima comfort memory foam 8 inch mattress can boast.

Finally, the base of this bed is 6 inches of High-density Base Support Foam, which is, just like the other layers, CertiPUR-US certified. Taking the brunt of the weight and providing a stable foundation for the upper layers requires this section to be significantly firmer than the others, making this memory foam mattress unsuitable for occasional flipping.

The Feel

While the subjective sense of comfort will contribute to describing how this mattress feels, what’s even more important are the long term effects of the support it provides.

The upper layers of foam create a cradling embrace meant to support any sleeping position that appeals to you, while the mattress’ base ensures that all of the weight is adequately distributed. In combination, this allows for proper body alignment without any of the discomfort inherent to firmer mattresses.

While the foam quickly recovers from pressure, it is by no means bouncy, which ensures enviable motion isolation and is perfect for couples.

Since the fact that foam adapts closely to your contours means that more of your body is in direct contact with the bed, ventilation and heat transfer are often among the main aspects that have to be taken into account when discussing memory foam mattresses. Most reviewers have found Zinus Ultima Comfort memory foam mattress to be superb in this regard, allowing for deep and uninterrupted sleep.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support

Since motion transfer is one of the more important considerations that have to be made when choosing a new mattress, we’ll take a moment to elaborate on the term, despite it being somewhat self-explanatory.

Namely, motion transfer refers to the degree at which the mattress conveys or isolates the reverberations caused by movement. The further these reverberations spread, the higher the motion transfer.

While this property does have its bearing on how comfortable and supportive a bed is likely to be for someone sleeping alone in it, its significance is even more pronounced when it comes to couples sharing a bed.

If you are a restless sleeper, your movements during the night might be disturbing your partner and interrupting their sleep. When acutely felt, the need to stay still out of consideration for their comfort can drastically reduce your chances of relaxing and actually falling to sleep, creating a vicious cycle, sometimes only interrupted by the coming of the dawn.

With its three layers of memory foam, this mattress offers an enviable level of motion isolation, ensuring that every movement remains contained close to its point of origin.

Since it is delivered rolled up, this mattress may not be as impressive in terms of edge support, but still offers more than enough of it for you not to have to worry about falling off of it during the night or when you try to sit on its edge.

Temperature Regulation

While the embracing hug of the memory foam feels great on your joints and muscles which are not required to offer even the minimal support during sleep, it also used to make it somewhat difficult for the skin to breathe and to adequately disperse heat.

Luckily, the days when these problems were left unaddressed are long behind us, and today, even much cheaper mattresses than this one offer at least some kind of a solution.

Starting from the knitted cover, i.e. the part closest to your skin, all the way to the middle layer of foam, this mattress has been constructed so that it allows for completely free airflow, which, in turn, contributes to any excessive heat being easily dissipated into the environment.

Apart from ensuring a healthier sleep, this also helps those who are having a hard time falling asleep by eliminating one of the major sources of discomfort – excessive heat. Naturally, the bedding you choose will also play its part in heat distribution, but even a suboptimal choice won’t be able to negate the comfort that the mattress provides.

Cleaning & Safety

Like most foam mattresses, this one should either be cleaned through various dry-cleaning methods or by softly dabbing it with a moist cloth or sponge – also known as spot cleaning. If you do choose the latter method, take care not to allow any excess water to drip on the mattress, and soak it up immediately if it should do so.

While the cover is removable, the manufacturer advises against removing it as:

  • It is not washable anyway
  • Doing so might compromise the integrity of the mattress

As far as safety goes,Ultima Comfort is made of CertiPUR-US certified foam. This means that it has been tested by an independent, not-for-profit body, which has determined that the foam doesn’t contain substances like formaldehyde, heavy metals, flame retardants or ozone-depleting substances.

Additionally, the use of proprietary BioFoam in the upper layer contributes to a drastic reduction in the amount of petrol-based chemicals used, replacing them with natural plant oils.

Other Considerations

The Smart Shipping process that Zinus practices means that your mattress is going to come to your address tightly compressed into a duffle bag-sized package that you will need to unpack yourself.

Since the mattress fits most types of conventional bed frames, the unpacking process is fairly straightforward, and simply involves you placing the mattress on the frame and removing the protective sheet encasing it.

It needs to be mentioned that, while the BioFoam used in the construction of the mattress does significantly reduce the off-gassing effect, you are likely to feel an odor coming off of the mattress for a few hours after unpacking, but it will dissipate after a while.

This method of packaging also necessitates a period of decompression, required for the mattress to fully recover its original shape. Fortunately, this period shouldn’t last longer than a couple of days, during which the mattress can be normally used.

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With its combination of aerated BioFoam, three-layer design, and use of natural materials in place of synthetic ones whenever possible, this mattress provides not only for an extremely comfortable sleeping experience, but also does away with most health concerns sometimes associated with mattresses of this type.

Even though it is only moderately priced, this kind of health-consciousness matches and even surpasses that of some of its more expensive counterparts and makes it an ideal choice even for people with weaker disposition.

Finally, if you are still not sure that this is the right choice for you, remember that Zinus extends a 100-nights trial period, which you can use to make the final judgment.